Special Book of the Month YA Offer!

Sorry for the lack of drama reviews/recaps recently! I’m still watching My Girlfriend is an Alien and considering Walk Into Your Memory and Nine Kilometers of Love. If you have a recommendation for a drama I should be watching, let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, I have a special offer for those in the U.S.!

Get your first Book of the Month YA box for just $5 (including shipping) with the code YALIT!

This offer is only available until September 30th so sign up now!

You can choose any one of the books pictured and my recommendations are Frankly in Love and Permanent Record!

Frankly in Love is a YA contemporary novel about a Korean-American high school senior and his struggles to date when his parents only want him to date a Korean. It explores identity, belonging, and complicated family relationships really well!

Permanent Record is also a contemporary novel, and has biracial main characters and a chance encounter in a bodega. I loved Choi’s first novel, Emergency Contact, and this one tackles love and social media, fame, and student loan debt. I have a copy of this that I am so excited to read.

I read The Girl the Sea Gave Back and while I didn’t personally love it, it’s a YA fantasy standalone with Viking influences. I loved the clans, the traditions, and the fierce loyalty and the female main character, Tova, was fantastic! I just thought the male main character fell a little flat. Overall, a fun and quick read!

I just started The Ten Thousand Doors of January and so far the writing is really beautiful! This is a historical fantasy novel, and according to the author isn’t actually YA but does have crossover appeal. The Stars and the Blackness Between Them is the only one I am unfamiliar with but I have seen some rave reviews for it!

Here’s the sign-up link again: Get your first BOTM YA box for $5 with the code YALIT.

Note: I am a BOTM YA affiliate and will receive a commission if you purchase with my link.

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