Book Rec: Wicked Fox by Kat Cho

If you liked... Goblin, aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
I absolutely loved Kat Cho’s new young adult novel, Wicked Fox (titled Gumiho: Wicked Fox internationally) and especially recommend it for K-drama lovers.

Premise: Miyoung is an eighteen-year old gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who feeds off human energy. In the process of saving the life of a human boy, Jihoon, Miyoung loses her fox bead and must find a way to put it back before it’s too late.

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My (Spoiler-Free) Review

I loved the way Wicked Fox blends Korean folklore with a modern-day Seoul setting and coming-of-age experiences. There are shaman and goblins, as well as school bullies, difficult relationships with parents, and delicious descriptions of food. Miyoung struggles with the morality of her existence as a gumiho, but she’s also a relatable teenage girl who learns to open up to friendship for the first time. There are plenty of lovable supporting characters, and Junu is my favorite. If you loved the drama Goblin, aka Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, then you’ll probably love Junu, too!

Here’s a K-drama related tidbit Kat Cho shared on Instagram (see original post):

I was definitely inspired by K-dramas while writing so here are a few I watched while writing: SCHOOL 2013, GOBLIN, OH MY GHOSTESS, ORANGE MARMALADE, STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON.

I loved the humor and bromance in Goblin (the reaper’s storyline was my favorite), Oh My Ghostess had me laughing so hard, and Park Hyung-sik was amazing as the CEO who needs to be saved by Do Bong Soon.

Wicked Fox is the first book of a duology, and you can bet I am eagerly awaiting the sequel. If you purchase Wicked Fox before July 1, 2019, you can submit your receipt for character cards. Complete info at Purchase on Amazon

Thanks so much to Penguin Teen for the advance review copy.

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