Go Go Squid! First Impressions & Episode 1 Recap

Based on the novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao, Go Go Squid! is about a Computer Science grad student and a driven esports professional. It just began airing and will be 41 episodes in total, concluding on July 31. You can watch it with English subtitles on Viki.

Go Go Squid! stars Li Xian and Yang Zi, with a special appearance by Hu Yi Tian of A Love So Beautiful fame. Li Xian previously caught my eye playing a Special Forces member in last year’s Only Side by Side with You, so I’m really excited to see him in a leading role. As for Yang Zi, I found her character in Ode to Joy so annoying, and then her character in Ashes of Love too simple and naive. From what I’ve seen from trailers and the first episode, her character in Go Go Squid! is also that sort of character, but I remain optimistic.

This first episode introduces a lot of characters, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

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Fall in Love (2019): Episode 8 Recap

Jia Nan works hard to pass Feng Ping’s ‘test’. Feng Ping makes a decision that not everyone is pleased by, and Ming Xuan makes it her mission to educate Feng Ping on manners and style. Jia Nan’s father makes a major announcement at the board meeting.

Writing these recaps reminds me how eventful these episodes are, and I’m most excited that a new character makes their first appearance.

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Fall in Love (2019): Episode 7 Recap

Xia Mo tells reporters about Feng Ping’s multiple jobs, resulting in negative comments about her online. Jia Nan’s father arrives suddenly to deal with his son personally. Despite his engagement, Lu Qiao hasn’t given up on Jia Nan so he comes up with another plan.

(Sorry, this recap is fairly long! There’s a lot of dialogue and I included most of it in case the English subtitles on YouTube are unclear.)

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Favorite Chinese Drama OST Songs

There are a lot of beautiful and heartbreaking, and fun and catchy Chinese drama soundtrack songs, and these are my all-time favorites. I’m more likely to find an OST song memorable if I also loved the drama itself. It’s hearing them again and again, tied to the themes of the dramas, that really secures their place in my heart.

I’ve chosen to include live performances of these songs instead of MVs because they’re so beautiful.

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