Fall in Love (2019): Episode 1 Recap

Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) is a Chinese drama airing from June 11 to July 11 with 30 episodes total. It’s available on Youku’s YouTube channel, and it appears that English subtitles are currently being added (but there’s a note that they are automatically generated).

The only info I could find about this drama was vague. The female lead, Feng Ping (Camille Hua), is a mysterious young woman who works multiple jobs and her identity is unclear. The male lead, Tang Jia Nan (Wang Rui Chang), is the carefree second son of a wealthy family who seems to be ladies man. So far there are about seven supporting characters, and it’s the male characters that are more intriguing so far.

The only members of the cast I recognized were the male lead Wang Rui Chang, who played the second male lead in Eternal Love (which I dropped) and Luo Zheng, who was a trainee in the first season of iQiYi’s boy group competition show, Idol Producer.

I noticed that the actress who plays the female lead is 29 while everyone else is in their early 20s—I actually wish everyone else was older as it’d make the story more realistic and mature. But it’s too soon to decide how I feel about this drama yet. Onto the recap!

Episode 1 Recap

Tang Jia Nan (Wang Rui Chang) films an action scene and after watching the footage, asks the director if they can film it again. He asks for take after take, frustrating the director. The producer(?) comforts the director by noting that at least Jia Nan isn’t the male lead. When Jia Nan is finally satisfied, he chats with the director, remarking that he has to work hard, otherwise he’ll have to be the successor to Bei Chen Company. After he walks away, the producer reminds the director to be grateful that Jia Nan helped fund the film.

Feng Ping (Camille Hua) delivers a costume to the changing room, and is searching for a ring she dropped near the clothing racks when Jia Nan and an actress, Xia Yao, enter the make-up room. Xia Yao makes some moves on Jia Nan, but he casually deflects. Xiao Yao says she heard he was adamant that she be given the female lead role, so she concludes he must like her, but he says she’s misunderstood. They knock over the racks during a contrived moment when Jia Nan dances with Xia Yao. Discovering Feng Ping in the room, Xia Yao is suspicious that she will report their conversation to the gossip sites.

Feng Ping politely explains that she’s Er Yang’s assistant and was just looking for the ring she dropped, but Xia Yao questions her rudely and even dumps out the contents of her bag. After they both leave, Jia Nan sees the ring on the floor.

Xia Yao follows Feng Ping and continues to accuse her, while Feng Ping reiterates calmly that she’s not interested in their conversation. Jia Nan finds Feng Ping and returns the ring to her.

Fall In Love 2019 Episode 1

While Jia Nan and Xia Yao are having dinner, Xia Yao sees a gossip article about her and Jia Nan and starts ranting about Feng Ping. It just so happens that Feng Ping is working for the chef and brings out their dish. Xia Yao accuses her of leaking the photos, but Feng Ping has no idea what she’s talking about.

Just as Xia Yao asks to see the manager, he arrives. When the manager says Feng Ping hasn’t done anything to warrant getting fired, Xia Yao asks to speak to his boss and threatens to have them both fired. He introduces himself: he’s Fang Jun Hao (Luo Zheng), this is his hotel and his father is the chairman. He asks her to leave. She pulls the ‘don’t you know who I am card’ and Jia Nan quickly ushers her out of the restaurant. Jun Hao looks at Feng Ping and she laughs, so it seems like they’re friends.

Jia Nan tells Xia Yao the gossip’s not a big deal, but she still leaves angrily. Jia Nan calls his assistant, A Jiu, who deliberately waits 10 seconds before picking up. Annoyed, Jia Nan says that when he asked A Jiu to leak the story, he didn’t mean for the story to be Xia Yao making moves on him. A Jiu replies that he just wanted to help show a better side of him. 

Jiu Nan hangs up but A Jiu sends him a photo that causes him to rush over immediately. It’s his sister, Ming Xuan, having dinner with an AI company CEO, An Yue Sheng. Jia Nan has A Jiu research his background, especially his relationship history. Back at Jia Nan’s home, A Jiu reports that there’s no gossip surrounding Yue Sheng and his last relationship was three years ago.

Jia Nan arrives at Er Yang’s fashion show and asks an assistant where his seat is when he doesn’t see his name in the front row. She says Er Yang instructed her to place him backstage since he’s here for the models not the clothing. Jia Nan realizes it’s Feng Ping again, and says he thought she was working at the restaurant now. She replies, can’t she have more than one job?

Later, Feng Ping goes up to fix a light, and Jia Nan follows her while taking a call from his older brother. His brother says if it weren’t for the gossip article, he wouldn’t have known Jia Nan had invested in a film. Jia Nan tells his brother not to worry, this article has the film on everyone’s radar now. Then he trips on some power cords, causing the lights to explode. Feng Ping’s bracelet sparks and she screams before slipping on the edge. Jia Nan saves her and when he asks if she’s okay, she doesn’t reply. She just walks away, but the ring slips off her finger and into Jia Nan’s hand.

Jia Nan calls Xia Yao to invite her to an event. He asks her to meet him at Er Yang’s (Peng Wan Li) studio to pick a dress. When Jia Nan arrives, he tells her to go ahead, while he goes to Er Yang’s office and tries to get Feng Ping’s phone number. Jia Nan says he’s never begged Er Yang for anything, and Er Yang’s assistant walks in and realizing she’s interrupted a moment, immediately excuses herself. (LOL.)

The assistant runs into Feng Ping and tells her they have a difficult client. Feng Ping offers to help, only to find that it’s Xia Yao. Xia Yao throws a fit trying to get Feng Ping fired, acting like a classic mean girl, but Er Yang refuses. Jia Nan doesn’t speak up for her either, so she storms out. Completely ignoring Jia Nan, Feng Ping takes a call and leaves.

Jia Nan follows Feng Ping to the restaurant, where she’s meeting Fang Jun Hao. He smugly lures Jun Hao away by telling the waitress that Jun Hao’s car is blocking his. Walking up to her table, Jia Nan tries to surprise her but she greets him before he even shows his face. He asks her out to dinner but she says she’s busy on all the days he suggests. She tells him if he’d like to have dinner with her, it’ll be $800 an hour. Shocked, Jia Nan asks if that applies to Jun Hao as well.

Jun Hao walks up to the table and replies, yes, and she’s worth it. Jia Nan leaves quickly, and Feng Ping and Jun Hao smirk. Jun Hao warns her about the gossip that surrounds Jia Nan, and she replies that he’s the one bothering her. Then she tells him there’s something he needs to know, handing him a magazine with a photo of An Yue Sheng in it.

My Thoughts
I’m so curious about Feng Ping—she’s just as mysterious as the vague drama blurb suggested. Why does she work multiple jobs, how does she know Jun Hao and Yue Sheng, and what’s the meaning behind the ring? (Also, why does it keep slipping off her finger so easily?!)

My first impression of Jia Nan is pretty meh; he’s using Xia Yao and sits by idly when she bullies Feng Ping three(!) times. Xia Yao is such a cliched mean girl, and I hope she either becomes irrelevant or matures, because I definitely don’t want to watch 30 episodes with a mean girl character.

The assistant, Yue Sheng, Jun Hao, and Er Yang are all interesting though. I’m not sold on this drama yet, but I’m intrigued.

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