Fall in Love (2019): Episode 10 Recap

Jia Nan continues to try to get out of his father’s assignment. Ecstatic that their relationship is progressing, Ming Xuan invites Yue Sheng to her graduation party. Meanwhile, Lu Qiao finds the perfect opportunity to use what she’s found against Feng Ping.

Lu Qiao seeks out Gary and introduces herself. She informs him that Tang Jia Nan has taken over the acquisition project and they will prepare a new proposal. Gary asks why Jia Nan isn’t the one to speak with him directly, and Lu Qiao explains that it would be inconvenient if Jia Nan met with him and word spread to Yue Sheng. Gary replies that Yue Sheng isn’t the only one who has a say in the company. She flatters him with compliments and says Jia Nan sent her to discuss the acquisition, but first she has a few questions. 

During her background check, she discovered there was nothing on Yue Sheng’s relationship history and found it odd. Gary laughs, asking if at BC Group the acquisition price depends on the number of past girlfriends. He says she must be asking because of Tang Ming Xuan, and Lu Qiao takes advantage of his (wrong) guess as her excuse. 

Gary says Yue Sheng had a girlfriend three years ago when they were starting the company. She didn’t seem to be good at socializing, and soon after she left him. Gary speculates it was because of money. Lu Qiao asks, now that Yue Sheng is successful, did she ever come back to find him? Gary says he has no idea.

At Yep! Studio, Er Yang signs the contract with Director Gu and Feng Ping. He tells Feng Ping she’s not only his muse but also his good luck charm.

In the car, Director Gu says now that they’ve successfully invested in Er Yang’s company, their next objective is Yue Sheng’s company. The background check is on the verge of being completed, but from what they’ve received so far it appears there’s an issue with Gary regarding the finances. When he has the evidence, he’ll report back to her. (This scene makes it pretty clear that he reports to her.)

Gary reviews some documents as another company employee watches. The other employee says, he’s followed Gary’s orders but the gap is getting wider and he’s concerned. Gary sends him out, and thinking back to what Lu Qiao said about Yue Sheng’s relationship history, looks up Bei Chen Group and sees the article about Jia Nan’s engagement.

Recognizing Feng Ping in the photo, Gary confronts Yue Sheng about his former girlfriend becoming Jia Nan’s fiancee. He also brings up Yue Sheng pursuing Ming Xuan, but Yue Sheng denies it. Gary is confused by Yue Sheng being so adamantly opposed to Bei Chen Group’s proposal, but his actions suggest he doesn’t have anything against the Tang family. He says he saw Yue Sheng kissing Ming Xuan and asks for an explanation. Yue Sheng is visibly surprised to hear this, as he probably doesn’t remember.

Inconveniently for Yue Sheng, Ming Xuan enters the office at that moment. Gary tells her her timing is great as they were just talking about her. Ming Xuan introduces herself as Yue Sheng’s girlfriend and Gary is overwhelmed with glee.

After Gary leaves, Ming Xuan says she just wanted to see Yue Sheng. She tells him she’ll wait in his office until he finishes his work. She sits down and keeps sneaking peeks at Yue Sheng. In his mind, Yue Sheng wonders how he’ll explain that he drank too much the previous night, causing this misunderstanding. She inches closer to him until abandoning subtly altogether and sits right in front of him. Finally, Yue Sheng suggests they go eat.

She holds on to his arm as they leave, and open the door to find Gary standing there (like a creep). He smiles smugly at them.

At the restaurant, Yue Sheng burns his hand on the grill and she examines it in concern and blows on it. She feeds him a piece of meat, and although he looks around embarrassedly, he accepts. Ming Xuan tells him she’s finished school and he has to come to her graduation ceremony in a few days. Yue Sheng says he’ll see, since he’ll be busy with the company, but she says he has to come and she’ll send him an invitation.

Jia Nan looks for his dad at the Tang house, still trying to get out of the acquisition project. He practices what he’s going to say, but Hao Yun walks in and advises him not to say those words to their dad and get yelled at. He tells Jia Nan to work hard and focus on the project.

Jia Nan sees Ming Xuan walking around, humming happily, and asks Hao Yun if she’s taken the wrong medicine. Hao Yun says she’s been like this all the time lately. Jia Nan raises his voice and makes a comment about Yue Sheng’s company, luring Ming Xuan over. 

She walks over and asks what they’re discussing. Her two brothers ask her what her relationship with Yue Sheng is and don’t bother lying to them. She says the two of them are officially together and Jia Nan and Hao Yun exchange surprised glances.

While cleaning, the housekeeper deliberately leaves Feng Ping’s shower wet. Later, Feng Ping lets out a shriek and the housekeeper smiles smugly as A Jiu rushes up. A Jiu carries Feng Ping out and they run into Jia Nan. A Jiu looks around uncomfortably and exchanges glances with Feng Ping before deciding to hand Feng Ping over to Jia Nan. (This moment is so funny. 😂) Feng Ping explains that she slipped during her shower.

Jia Nan brings her to his shower machine, introducing it as the greatest invention of the 21st century. (I hadn’t realized before that this shower is his creation.) He looks at the awful bruise on her foot and asks how it happened, seeing as his shower floors are all slip-proof.

Jia Nan yells at A Jiu for ‘seeing everything’ and tells him he should’ve called him. When Feng Ping calls for him, he runs over quickly.

When Jia Nan mentions this is the first time his shower has successfully made it to the last step, she asks if he’s using her as a guinea pig. He picks her up to carry her back to her room, and they smile at each other happily. He examines her foot and calls for the housekeeper to bring medicine over. The housekeeper pretends to be concerned about Feng Ping. Jia Nan asks her to have the shower floors looked at and replaced if needed.

At the Tang house, Hao Yun looks around and asks the helper if she’s preparing for Ming Xuan’s graduation party. He observes that it looks small, and the helper explains that Ming Xuan said it’d be a small gathering with family and a few close friends.

Ming Xuan gives Yue Sheng the invitation to her graduation party. He opens it and notices that it’s being held at her house. When she says it’ll be her brothers and a few close friends, he looks uncomfortable. She reassures him that her father won’t be there. Yue Sheng says he’ll try his best to make it.

The chairman slams a document on the desk and yells angrily at Jia Nan for trying to get out of the acquisition project. He tells Jia Nan not to waste his time and to get out.

Jia Nan runs into Lu Qiao, who says she’s surprised to see him in the morning. He’s about to leave when Hao Yun walks over, also remarking it’s out of the ordinary to see him this early. Hao Yun reminds him that tonight is Ming Xuan’s graduation party. Jia Nan did forget, and says he hasn’t gotten her a present yet and leaves. Hao Yun walks over to Lu Qiao and asks her to go to the party together after work.

Lu Qiao looks at the photo of Yue Sheng and Feng Ping in her office and orders a flower bouquet, smiling smugly.

Ming Xuan tries on several dresses before selecting one. As she’s getting ready, Lu Qiao comes to give her a gift but Ming Xuan barely gives her a glance and tells her to take it downstairs. Lu Qiao starts to walk away, but stops and turns back to Ming Xuan, asking if her friend Coco is attending today. She says she saw a photo of Coco on WeChat wearing the exact same dress and tells her it’d be awkward if they wore the same outfit. Grateful for Lu Qiao telling her in time to change, Ming Xuan accepts the gift. Lu Qiao asks who else is coming to the party, and Ming Xuan lists her friends and happily says her boyfriend is attending as well.

Hearing a car arrive, Ming Xuan runs to the door eagerly but turns to leave when seeing it’s just Jia Nan and Feng Ping. She notices Feng Ping’s injured foot and asks about it. Hao Yun and Lu Qiao walk over as well, and Jia Nan introduces Feng Ping to Hao Yun. Hao Yun says if she’s in pain, they have a lot of medicines Jia Nan can give her.

Hao Yun says it’s about time to go in, but Ming Xuan stays, happily waiting for Yue Sheng. 

Yue Sheng sits in his car outside the Tang house, thinking that coming to the party will worsen the misunderstanding between him and Ming Xuan.

Everyone’s already sitting at the dining table when Yue Sheng finally arrives, and Ming Xuan formally introduces him as her boyfriend. Both her brothers stand up to greet him, and Ming Xuan scolds Jia Nan for not sounding welcoming.

Later, Ming Xuan and Yue Sheng dance. Jia Nan asks Feng Ping if she wants to join, but Feng Ping says she can’t because of her injured foot. Lu Qiao walks over to ask Jia Nan to dance, and Hao Yun walks in the room and watches somewhat sadly.

The helper walks in with flowers that someone has sent Ming Xuan. It’s a large, lovely bouquet, and initially Ming Xuan is ecstatic, thinking that Yue Sheng sent it. He says it wasn’t him. As everyone watches, Ming Xuan opens the card and finds the photo of Yue Sheng and Feng Ping, and the smile falls from her face.

Lu Qiao looks smug as Jia Nan walks over to see what Ming Xuan is looking at. She hands him the photo and asks what the meaning of it is.

My Thoughts
Lu Qiao is awful, and so is her aunt. The shower incident could have resulted in worse consequences, and I’m glad A Jiu is around to keep an eye on things. Ming Xuan has grown on me because she’s naive and harmless. The photo is a surprising thing to suddenly see at your own party, but it’s obvious that it’s not recent. It’s really not that devastating…

It’s intriguing that Director Gu seems to report to Feng Ping, not the other way around, and adds to her mysteriousness. Why does she have her eye set on Yue Sheng’s company?

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