Fall in Love (2019): Episode 11 Recap

Jia Nan and Ming Xuan are upset after the revelation, and Lu Qiao takes advantage of the opportunity to plant seeds of doubt.

(I’m relieved that this is a short recap for once; there’s very little of Feng Ping in this episode and not as much dialogue as past episodes.)

Episode 11 Recap

Jia Nan replies that he doesn’t know what the photo means. Ming Xuan throws her glass of wine at a surprised Yue Sheng and asks what his relationship with Feng Ping is, but he just apologizes and leaves. Ming Xuan turns to Feng Ping and throws the flowers at her before running out.

Jia Nan asks if there’s anything Feng Ping wants to tell him. She replies, does he want to know why the photo exists or why it would show up here? She’s surprised that he cares, and didn’t think their relationship had reached the point where they’d explain their pasts to each other. Jia Nan says he needs to give Ming Xuan an explanation, so Feng Ping tells him the photo is from three years ago and she doesn’t know why it’s shown up here. 

Feng Ping leaves and runs into Yue Sheng, who gives her a sympathetic smile and asks if she’s become unwelcome as well. Glancing at her injured foot, he offers her a ride home. As she’s about to get into the car, Jia Nan calls her name and brings her some medicine for her foot. Lu Qiao comes out to tell Jia Nan to go speak to Ming Xuan. He watches Feng Ping leave with Yue Sheng, as Lu Qiao wonders out loud what their relationship is.

Hao Yun paces outside Ming Xuan as she sobs inside. Jia Nan comes and tries to speak to Ming Xuan but she tells him to go away. Hao Yun asks Jia Nan about the photo. He replies that it’s difficult to explain and says he’s going home.

Feng Ping asks Yue Sheng to take her to Shiguang Hotel. He speculates that the Tang family investigated her and found the photo. She’s skeptical, and he says he’s just trying to figure it out. (It does seem unlikely that any member of the Tang family would do that to Ming Xuan.)

Jia Nan returns home and asks the housekeeper if Feng Ping is back yet, but she isn’t. He goes and yells at A Jiu for keeping the information about Feng Ping and Yue Sheng from him, and tells him about someone sending the photo to Ming Xuan at the party. Surprised, A Qiu looks under his rug and confirms that the photo is still there. Jia Nan threatens to hire someone else to investigate, and A Jiu replies that if he couldn’t find anything, no one else will either.

Jia Nan says he wants to know why Feng Ping and Yue Sheng broke up and what their relationship is now, but he doesn’t want Feng Ping to know he cares about this. Thinking back, Jia Nan remembers that Yue Sheng was present when Feng Ping accepted his proposal and thought that night was odd. A Jiu asks if he’s worried that Feng Ping is seeing/dating both of them at the same, but Jia Nan is adamant that she’s not that type of person. A Jiu rolls his eyes and rolls over to go to sleep.

In the morning, Jia Nan asks the housekeeper if Feng Ping came home last night. She says Feng Ping didn’t and asks if they got into a fight. He says he doesn’t have an appetite and leaves, and she smiles smugly.

Feng Ping wakes up, startled to see Jun Hao sitting right in front of her. He says he came into her room to find something and didn’t expect her to be there. He asks if she got into a fight with Jia Nan.

Lu Qiao brings Hao Yun the newest report. She plants a seed of suspicion by noting that it’s strange how Feng Ping and Yue Sheng approached Jia Nan and Ming Xuan at the same time.

In his room, Jia Nan thinks back to what Yue Sheng said the first time they met, about his girlfriend disappearing three years ago. 

Meanwhile, Yue Sheng thinks back to when the photograph was taken. At the pasta restaurant, the waiter tells him if he finishes the ten plates of spaghetti, they can eat there for free for a month. Feng Ping remarks that if he eats that much, his stomach will explode but he does it. The photograph is taken to commemorate his success.

At Shiguang Hotel, Jia Nan gets in the elevator and is joined by Yue Sheng. Jun Hao sees them and heads to the security to watch the show. He has the elevator stopped for three minutes, the audio turned on, and popcorn brought to him.

In the elevator, Jia Nan and Yue Sheng bicker, and Jun Hao listens and laughs. He has the elevator turned back on and runs out to wait for them on Feng Ping’s floor. He asks if they’re here to see Feng Ping and tells them that unfortunately she’s not there. He shoves them into the elevator.

Ming Xuan drinks alone and looks at her phone, hoping that Yue Sheng will call her. Jia Nan is also drinking in his living room when Ming Xuan stumbles in drunkenly. Ming Xuan asks if Feng Ping explained things to him, and he replies that she hasn’t returned yet. They drink together and fall asleep. 

The next morning, the housekeeper is happily clearing out all of Feng Ping’s things. She’s dragging the box out when Jia Nan walks over and asks what she’s doing. She says last night he instructed her to throw out Feng Ping’s things. Regretting it now, Jia Nan tells her to put everything back in its place. Ming Xuan walks in and yells at him for going back on his word. Her loud voice makes both their heads hurt. 

Jia Nan says he can’t just throw out all Feng Ping’s things without her permission. Ming Xuan says, didn’t he buy her all her things? But Jia Nan says he never spent a cent on her—the only gift he gave her he made with his own hands. Ming Xuan yells at Jia Nan for not being able to let go of Feng Ping. She says Feng Ping better not be with Yue Sheng, and is about to run off to find him when Jia Nan pulls her back. She agrees not to go looking for Yue Sheng if he doesn’t go looking for Feng Ping. Jia Nan grudgingly agrees.

In his lab, Jia Nan’s experiment goes awry and A Jiu rushes in with a fire extinguisher. A Jiu remarks that if Jia Nan hopes Feng Ping will return, he’ll ask Feng Ping to come back for him. Jia Nan declines, so A Jiu offers to bring Feng Ping’s belongings to her to prevent an awkward encounter between the two of them. Jia Nan refuses this as well and says he’s going to the office.

Hao Yun’s assistant spots Jia Nan entering the office and informs Hao Yun. Hao Yun calls Lu Qiao, and they both show up just as Jia Nan enters his office. Lu Qiao tells Jia Nan to sort this matter out before the chairman finds out. Hao Yun remarks that there’s something strange about this matter, and Lu Qiao asks if Feng Ping has something to do with the acquisition of Yue Sheng’s company. Hao Yun says they have to consider all possibilities, and suggests investigating thoroughly before proceeding with the acquisition. Jia Nan asks how exactly should he investigate, and Lu Qiao says she knows someone who should know something: Gary.

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