Fall in Love (2019): Episode 12 Recap

Jia Nan tries to learn more about Feng Ping’s past relationship with Yue Sheng. Jun Hao meets an intriguing young woman. Gary pressures Yue Sheng about securing funding.

This is a long recap again—brace yourself!

Episode 12 Recap

Jia Nan and Lu Qiao meet with Gary. Jia Nan mentions that he heard Gary and Yue Sheng met in college. When Gary confirms that they met their sophomore year and became good friends, Jia Nan says then he must know what happened with Yue Sheng and his previous girlfriend. Lu Qiao looks at them uncomfortably.

Lu Qiao explains that they’re worried about Ming Xuan, but Jia Nan says he’s not worried about that. He wants to understand Yue Sheng’s previous girlfriend. Gary starts to say that Lu Qiao has already asked him about this but Lu Qiao cuts him off, saying she’s worried that Yue Sheng relationship will affect the acquisition.

Jia Nan continues to ask why Yue Sheng and his girlfriend broke up. Gary explains that at the time, they were seeking a large amount of funding and Yue Sheng repeatedly met with an influential female investor. He speculates that Yue Sheng’s girlfriend left him without a word because of this. This investor didn’t even fund them, and ultimately it was Gary’s connection that came through for them. Pondering, Gary says was surprised that someone as proud and noble as Yue Sheng would resort to those methods. Jia Nan asks if he’s saying that Yue Sheng is the kind of person who will sacrifice his relationship for his career. Gary is quick to deny it, explaining that it was a desperate situation back then. He believes that Yue Sheng genuinely likes Ming Xuan, but doesn’t dare speculate if his liking her has anything to do with her family name. Jia Nan thinks in his head that he’s misunderstood Feng Ping.

Gary asks about the acquisition but Jia Nan’s not paying attention. Lu Qiao nudges him, and he tells Gary they are working on a new draft of the acquisition agreement to present them. Their meeting concludes and Gary leaves.

Lu Qiao sees a photographer aiming his camera at them, and purposely leans in and puts her hands on his shoulder. The next morning, A Jiu sees the gossip article and walks into Jia Nan’s room, where Jia Nan is trying to come up with an excuse to seek out Feng Ping. Jia Nan tells A Jiu if he’s here to discuss Feng Ping, he doesn’t want to hear it. A Jiu shows him the photos and Jia Nan smiles. He’s off to go find Feng Ping.

Feng Ping hears a knock on her door and goes to open it, but she’s disappointed to sees it’s Jun Hao. She scolds him for not using his key card and making her get up when her foot is still injured. He says there’s a hotel banquet his father is making him attend, and he needs her to be his date. She declines and tells him to hire a date online. 

Jun Hao runs into Jia Nan at the elevators and stops him. Jia Nan asks if he has nothing better to do every day than block people from seeing Feng Ping. Jun Hao asks how Feng Ping injured her foot. When Jia Nan says it was just an accidental slip in the shower, Jun Hao replies, don’t tell me your housekeeper can’t even keep floors from being slippery. (Jun Hao’s not wrong!) Jun Hao questions Jia Nan about why Feng Ping moved back and shows him the gossip article. Jia Nan explains that it was a business meeting, but Jun Hao doesn’t care and tells him he’d better not hurt Feng Ping.

Jia Nan knocks on Feng Ping’s door, and she smiles. Walking into the living room, he asks her if she’s seen the news. She says he’s not here just to explain this, is he, because she doesn’t care. He says, the article says she’s been kicked out of his home, but she replies, it’s not true so why would she care. He continues to ask when she’s moving back, and she asks if he really wants her to move back that badly. Jia Nan says people will talk and he doesn’t want to give them something to talk about. Jia Nan is frustrated that she doesn’t care. He just wants her to move back soon, so she agrees to moving back the next day.

Dressed as a hotel employee, the short-haired girl from the motorcycle is stumbling down the hallway in her heels. Jun Hao stops her, asking why she’s not wearing her nametag. She replies that her shift just ended, and he asks her to be his date tonight. (LOL.) She laughs and turns to leave, but when he grabs her arm, she shoves him to the wall. Jun Hao asks if she knows who he is and explains that he runs this hotel. She lets him go and warns him about harassing her. When Jun Hao says she misunderstood, he just needs a date for a banquet, it piques her interest. They negotiate how much he’ll pay her, and she agrees.

At the banquet, the girl is eagerly eating all the food as others gossip about her. Jun Hao sees her from across the room and tells she can’t just be stuffing her face here. He tells her that he brought her as his date so her behavior reflects him.

Jun Hao’s father walks in, and the girl tells him she saw the old guy who walked in looking at her like a creep. When Jun Hao’s father walks over and asks who she is, she introduces herself as Qiu Tian. He tells her he’s Jun Hao’s father and she pastes a smile on her face. She gets hiccups from eating too quickly and excuses herself to the restroom.

Jun Hao waits for her outside the restroom, asking how long she’s going to hide from him. Finally he says he’s not paying her if she doesn’t come out. That gets her to come out, and she apologizes for what she said about him.

Jun Hao walks her out, and noticing that she’s cold, he puts his jacket on her. In the car, he hands her the payment and offers to take her home. He explains that it’s difficult to call a taxi in this area so she agrees but instead of giving her address, she asks him to take her back to the Shiguang Hotel since she has an early shift. 

Jia Nan tells A Jiu about his friend ‘Mark’ whose wife doesn’t care about gossip about him. He asks A Jiu if his wife truly cares or doesn’t care about the gossip, and A Jiu replies that he should ask Feng Ping since she doesn’t care either. A Jiu sees right through him, knowing he wants to talk about Feng Ping. A Jiu concludes that if she says she doesn’t care, she doesn’t care. The simplest explanation is that Jia Nan’s not important enough in her heart for her to care about. A Jiu suggests he just ask her directly but Jia Nan says he needs to maintain his perfect appearance in front of her. Suddenly, Jia Nan comes up with an idea. He’ll ask An Yue Sheng.

Jia Nan waits for Yue Sheng at a cafe. Confused, Yue Sheng asks why he’s the one there. Jia Nan had given his sister’s name when she set up the meeting. The waitress asks to take their order but neither of them acknowledges her, too intent on staring each other down. Jia Nan asks when the photograph was taken, claiming that he’s here to demand an explanation for Ming Xuan. Yue Sheng suggests he ask his fiancee, so if there’s nothing else he needs to get back to the office. Jia Nan says at the banquet, Yue Sheng had said his girlfriend had left him because he was poor, but based on his understanding of Feng Ping, she’s not that kind of person. Yue Sheng says he must not know her that well, and asks if he’s even met her parents. He warns Jia Nan to beware that she doesn’t disappear on him one day.

Jia Nan asks Yue Sheng if he’s certain that his breakup with Feng Ping three years ago had nothing to do with the female investor. Angered, Yue Sheng stands and asks if Feng Ping said that. Seeing his reaction, Jia Nan wonders out loud if he’s guessed correctly. Yue Sheng leaves angrily, wondering if the Feng Ping Jia Nan described is the same one he knew…

Gary walks into Yue Sheng’s office and asks how his meeting with Jia Nan went. Yue Sheng asks how he knew he met with Jia Nan. Gary says the circles are small, so word spreads quickly. When Yue Sheng says they didn’t discuss business, Gary replies that the urgent matter of funding hasn’t been resolved, and they can’t delay any longer. Yue Sheng says he prefers Shenghong Capital’s proposal. In that case, Gary replies, Yue Sheng can buy all his shares and then he can do whatever he wants with the company. Yue Sheng says Gary knows he doesn’t have the money to buy his shares right now. Gary suggests that Yue Sheng borrow the $200 million from Ming Xuan and Yue Sheng is shocked he would say that.

Yue Sheng calls Director Gu to discuss the proposal. Director Gu tells Feng Ping that Yue Sheng is interested but his business partner Gary is the issue. He passes Feng Ping a report on Gary and explains that Gary is in serious debt. He thinks this is a good opportunity, and she says she needs to think it over.

Jia Nan walks into the hotel to pick up Feng Ping.

Hao Yun brings Ming Xuan a bowl of soup, telling her she needs to eat. He opens the door and Ming Xuan throws a pillow at him—but then their father appears. He scolds Ming Xuan for getting involved in this acquisition, and is displeased that a girl of unknown background who is somehow also related to Yue Sheng has gotten close to Jia Nan. Their father says they will need to investigate this, and Ming Xuan pipes up to agree that they need to investigate Feng Ping. When she continues to refuse to eat, then her father says they won’t acquire the company or investigate, and that convinces her to eat.

Returning to Jia Nan’s home, Feng Ping notices her things aren’t where she left them. Jia Nan’s replies that maybe the housekeeper cleaned up while she was gone. Feng Ping doesn’t believe him at all, and after he leaves, she thinks back when she caught the housekeeper snooping around in her things. She told the housekeeper to stay out of her room from then on, and the housekeeper scoffs. Angry, Feng ping causes the lights near the housekeeper to explode.

Hao Yun calls Jia Nan to inform him about their father investigating Feng Ping, and Jia Nan says that’s fine, he had A Jiu investigate her for a month. Hao Yun is surprised to hear this, and asks what A Jiu found. Jia Nan says it’s because A Jiu didn’t discover anything that he proposed. Jia Nan tells to A Jiu and tells him that his father hired someone to investigate Feng Ping, and if he finds out something A Jiu didn’t, he’s firing A Jiu.

The housekeeper calls Lu Qiao to report that Jia Nan brought Feng Ping back to the house. Lu Qiao is surprised at this turn of events.

My Thoughts
It’s kind of cute how Feng Ping wants Jia Nan to come look for her, and Jia Nan really wants Feng Ping to be bothered by the article about him and Lu Qiao. I’m excited to see Jun Hao get his own storyline and curious to see if the chairman will discover anything about Feng Ping through his investigation.

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