Fall in Love (2019): Episode 13 Recap

Jia Nan brings Feng Ping to the movie premiere. A new gossip article about Feng Ping spreads. Lu Qiao comes across vital information through unsavory methods. Jun Hao makes an unpleasant discovery.

While cleaning, the housekeeper tries to peek at the documents Feng Ping is reading. Fed up, Feng Ping’s bracelet flashes and the vase shatters. Jia nan comes downstairs and says it’s not a big deal, and the housekeeper frantically says she didn’t touch it and doesn’t know how it shattered.

A Jiu gives Jia Nan the invitation to the movie premiere from Xia Yao—she called to say she’s wearing a white dress, and asks if he’s going. Jia Nan glances at Feng Ping, and she wishes them box office success and walks away. Jia Nan looks at the invitation and says suddenly he doesn’t want to go. A Jiu remarks that during filming, he was absorbed in it and enjoyed it, and now he has no interest? Jia Nan replies that even if he goes, he would only be used for publicity anyways. A Jiu replies, didn’t he used to love being surrounded by gossip? Jia Nan brushes it off as being adaptable. He tells A Jiu to tell Xia Yao to find someone else to go with her.

Jia Nan asks Feng Ping to go to the movie premiere with him, saying that since he has a fiancee he can’t accompany another woman on the red carpet. Even if Feng Ping doesn’t mind, he minds and in many areas he’s very old school. She agrees to go but declines his offer to help pick out an outfit.

As Jia Nan admires his outfit in the mirror, he tells A Jiu he’s worried about Feng Ping’s outfit. Although A Jiu doesn’t know much about fashion trends, he’s noticed that Feng Ping’s clothing has no logo but are high quality and seem tailor made.

Xia Yao is being photographed at the event but as soon as Jia Nan and Feng Ping arrive, they all leave to flock to him instead. Jia Nan tells the photographers that Feng Ping is his fiancee.

Feng Ping watches as Jia Nan is being interviewed. Xia Yao approaches and remarks on how far Feng Ping’s come, and now that she’s with Jia Nan she has the opportunity to wear such a fancy dress. Feng Ping notes that the loose thread on Xia Yao’s dress will cause an issue when returning to Peter. Xia Yao asks how she knows the dress is Peter’s.

As they enter the press room, Xia Yao steps on Feng Ping’s dress to create an embarrassing moment for her, but Jia Nan catches her so it becomes a romantic moment caught by the photographers instead. (I’m loving that braid in her hair.)

Lu Qiao comes to Jia Nan’s house. The housekeeper is still unnerved by the vase shattering. She says she didn’t see what reports Feng Ping was reading but since neither of them are home Lu Qiao can look for herself. In Feng Ping’s drawer, Lu Qiao finds a report on Yue Sheng’s company and wonders why she has this. She takes photographs of it. Hearing the car returning, she rushes down and says she came over to see her aunt. 

Xia Yao sees an article praising Feng Ping for making a stunning appearance at the movie premiere and speculates that Feng Ping bought this article. Spitefully, she says that since Feng Ping wants news she’ll give her news.

Feng Ping notices her things have been moved and checks the security camera footage, discovering that Lu Qiao saw the report. (To be honest, why did Feng Ping even leave an important report in Jia Nan’s home.)

Jia Nan sits nervously at a company meeting. His dad is pleased that they’ve discovered that Yue Sheng’s company is suffering from mishandling of funds and compliments Jia Nan. They’re going to take advantage of this to acquire the company. Jia Nan clarifies that Lu Qiao is the one who made this discovery, bringing her to his attention. 

After the meeting, the chairman asks to speak to Jia Nan alone and shows him the latest gossip article. It looks like Xia Yao sent a reporter a photo of Feng Ping with Jun Hao’s father at the banquet.

Feng Ping arrives at BC Group looking for Lu Qiao. Meanwhile, Lu Qiao overhears employees gossiping about Feng Ping and admonishes them for paying attention to false rumors. (But obviously it’s Jia Nan she’s intent on protecting.)

The chairman tells Jia Nan to quickly cut off ties with Feng Ping, but he defends her and explains that Feng Ping has a good relationship with the Fang family, not that it matters to the chairman.

Lu Qiao denies that she entered Feng Ping’s room, but Feng Ping shows her the video evidence. Lu Qiao says Feng Ping can’t tell Jia Nan about this, can she? She accuses Feng Ping of approaching Jia Nan for the acquisition. Feng Ping surmises Lu Qiao used the information to submit a report to her superiors without revealing the source, to look good at work and prevent anyone from knowing she stole the information. Lu Qiao says that one day a low-born woman like her will show her true colors, and Feng Ping replies that she’s surprised Lu Qiao would say something about her birth. She says one’s background doesn’t matter.

The chairman’s right-hand man reports to him about Lu Qiao entering the company. The chairman says the reason he sent Lu Qiao away ten years ago was to prevent her from having any relationship with his sons. The right-hand man says that there wasn’t really a connection between Hao Yun’s incident and Lu Qiao. Due to her performance on this project, the chairman determines she has talent and says they’ll re-evaluate her after the acquisition is completed.

Hao Yun brings Lu Qiao the milk tea that she had posted on WeChat about waiting in line for and not being able to obtain. He asks her if she’s free for dinner tonight, but she says she’s meeting friends to go shopping. (This is SO nice of Hao Yun. Lu Qiao doesn’t deserve him!!)

Out for dinner, Jia Nan and Feng Ping overhear another table discussing the gossip about Feng Ping. When Feng Ping goes to the restroom, Jia Nan is unable to hold his anger in any longer and gets into a fight with them.

Feng Ping asks Jia Nan if his hand hurts. She offers to call off the engagement if it’s causing him trouble, but he declines and says he can’t stand people talking about her negatively, especially when it’s because of her engagement to him. She replies that in one regard they’re the same; no matter what anyone says about them, they don’t care. She asks him if he wants to have dinner the next night, and he eagerly accepts.

After Feng Ping leaves, Jia Nan calls A Jiu and asks him if he found out who leaked the gossip to the media. A Jiu replies that he should just ignore it and let it blow over, but Jia Nan says that he’s concerned it’ll cause his father to be biased against Feng Ping.

Hao Yun asks Lu Qiao how she found out the issue with Gary, and Lu Qiao makes something up. As she turns to leave, Hao Yun tells her to have a good time shopping. She looks surprised, clearly forgetting the lie she made up earlier.

Yue Sheng receives several messages in a row from Ming Xuan, asking him if he’s going to explain and saying how angry she is that he didn’t explain it to her beforehand. Yue Sheng thinks in his mind that he’s sorry and should have rejected her from the start; now he doesn’t know how to face her. He also sees the gossip article about Feng Ping.

Jun Hao receives an alert about his credit card being used for large sums and realizes a card is missing from his wallet. He thinks back to giving Qiu Tian his jacket. Qiu Tian had realizes his wallet was in the pocket and swiped one of his cards. He calls his office and has them look up Qiu Tian, but it turns out she’s not an employee. Jun Hao asks them to contact the personnel office to see if she’s a new employee who isn’t in the system yet. Then he calls the wardrobe department and asks if the dress (that Qiu Tian had borrowed) was returned. They tell him that it wasn’t returned but a uniform was reported missing. Poor Jun Hao got scammed!

My Thoughts
It seems far-fetched for Jun Hao to just randomly ask an employee to attend the banquet with him. He doesn’t have anyone else he could ask? Qiu Tian is intriguing and I love that she’s not ashamed of wanting to eat. I’m sad for Hao Yun; I want him to be happy but Lu Qiao lied to him after he brought her the milk tea she wanted to try! He deserves better.

Although I don’t necessarily *love* Jia Nan and Feng Ping as a couple, I acknowledge that Jia Nan is a great male lead. He cares about Feng Ping, is respectful of her, defends her to his father and strangers, and apologizes for the fight.

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