Fall in Love (2019): Episode 14 Recap

Feng Ping orchestrates a way to clear up the negative gossip circulating about her. Ming Xuan seeks out Yue Sheng, only to be disappointed. Jun Hao finds himself in an unfortunate situation.

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Jun Hao goes to the security room to request the footage from when he met Qiu Tian in the hallway. While he waits, Feng Ping calls him to reserve a four-person table and invite him and his father to dinner that night.

Jia Nan arrives at the restaurant and is surprised to see Feng Ping seated with Jun Hao and his father. The vibe at the table is initially pretty awkward. Jun Hao remarks that Feng Ping hasn’t ordered this dish in a long time, and she replies that she knows it won’t be as good as his mother’s. Jun Hao shares that growing up, Feng Ping loved his mother’s dishes and came over every weekend for dinner.

When Jia Nan excuses himself to use the restroom, Jun Hao turns to Feng Ping and says she must know that there are at least five photographers here tonight. She nods and Jun Hao’s father remarks, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. When the news (of their dinner) comes out the next morning, it’ll discredit the rumors about Feng Ping. Jun Hao’s father smiles knowingly at Feng Ping. Jun Hao says she deliberately ordered this dish tonight so he’d talk about how their families are longtime family friends. Jun Hao’s father admits that he was biased against Jia Nan before but now sees that he’s not bad.

A Jiu receives some messages from his sources and sees the photo of the four at dinner.

Feng Ping tells Jia Nan about her family knowing the Fang family for years. He asks about her parents, and she tells him they died in a car accident when she was young. He tells her his mom passed away when he was young, too, from depression. He thanks her for inviting him to dinner and winks at her knowingly. He’s about to reach for her hand but she reaches up to adjust her hair. Then he tries again but plays it off as trying to swat away mosquitoes. He tries to put his hand around her shoulders this time, just as his phone starts vibrating. They look at each other awkwardly. 

It’s Hao Yun calling him, asking him to come home to see Ming Yuan. Jia Nan asks Feng Ping if she still has feelings for Yue Sheng, and she replies that it’s in the past and now she just wishes him happiness.

At the Tang home, Jia Nan tries to comfort an upset Ming Yuan and Hao Yun looks on. Ming Xuan is angry that Jia Nan has brought Feng Ping back to his house. Jia Nan replies that Feng Ping said it was in the past, and he himself had so much gossip surrounding him that Feng Ping never minded. Jia nan reminds her that what’s important is that the person he likes now is her. She’s still worried that they’re still in touch and secretly meeting. Jia Nan tells her either she waits for him to apologize and they reconcile, letting bygones be bygones, or she can refuse to accept his apology and break up.

Their dad shows up and asks Ming Xuan if she’s eaten before asking Jia Nan to come speak to him. The chairman asks what they’re going to do about Gary’s matter. Jia Nan suggests that they cancel the acquisition and slowly find a suitable company. His father tells him that they can use Gary’s problems as leverage to lower the acquisition price since Yue Sheng has no bargaining chips left. Jia Nan feels bad about profiting from someone’s misfortune, being that they’re a large company. His father reminds him that the business world is a battlefield. Ming Xuan overhears and runs off to tell Yue Sheng.

Feng Ping thinks about Director Gu telling her basically the same thing that Jia Nan’s father told him.

Feng Ping seeks out Yue Sheng at his office. She says her friend saw Gary gambling with large sums and heard he frequented the place. Yue Sheng asks angrily if ‘her friend’ is Jia Nan, and that Jia Nan asked her to come for the acquisition.

And of course that’s when Ming Xuan barges into the office. She angrily asks Yue Sheng why Feng Ping is there and runs out of the office. Feng Ping turns to Yue Sheng and asks why he isn’t chasing after her.

Yue Sheng goes to ask for the company’s financial records, but the employee (who we previously saw with Gary) says he just spilled water on the computer.

Gary is watching a horse race at some kind of lounge when the employee calls him to report that Yue Sheng wants to see the financial records. He looks stressed.

Ming Xuan goes to Jia Nan’s office crying, telling Jia Nan and Lu Qiao she went to Yue Sheng’s office and saw Feng Ping there. Jia Nan suggests that it’s a misunderstanding, and Ming Xuan yells at him for defending Feng Ping and tells him to keep an eye on his fiancee. She storms out, and then Jia Nan leaves, too.

Jun Hao is playing a game on his phone in his office when his long-winded employee comes in to report that the video footage he asked for was erased by a hacker. This hacker didn’t do anything else except erase the footage he asked for.

Later, Jun Hao walks into the lobby and an employee hands him an envelope. Inside is his credit card and a note saying ‘I’ll return the money’. Jun Hao spots a video camera and calls security to pull the video footage. Unfortunately, this video footage was just erased as well.

A Jiu walks in to see Jia Nan writing up a chart, and Jia Nan explains that he’s comparing his and Yue Sheng’s various attributes. A Jiu remarks that he can’t tell from this chart that Jia Nan is more outstanding. Jia Nan says it’s clearly in black and white, and A Jiu replies that he knows Jia Nan. 🤣 A Jiu concludes that Jia Nan’s only advantage over Yue Sheng is his father, since Yue Sheng started his company from nothing. Jia Nan exclaims, he must at least be cuter, but A Jiu replies, if we’re measuring like that then we could say that your leg hairs are longer than his. Jia Nan asks whose side he’s on.

A Jiu says if he really cares he should ask Feng Ping directly, but Jia Nan says he cares but doesn’t want her to know he cares. Hearing the door, Jia Nan hides the whiteboard saying they can’t let her see it.

Jia Nan tells Feng Ping he’ll have A Jiu send some soup up for her. A Jiu gives him a look and asks why he doesn’t bring it up himself, and Jia Nan says he’s maintaining aloofness.

Jun Hao stops at a light when a group on motorcycles pull him beside him. Recognizing Qiu Tian among them, he rolls down his window and calls her name. Surprised to see him, she has the driver of the motorcycle she’s on the back of speed away. 

Jun Hao pursues them, stopping them at a street closing. As Qiu Tian watches, the other motorcyclists confront him, pushing him and taking his phone when he threatens to call the police. Finally, Qiu Tian stops them and offers to help drive Jun Hao home since his foot is injured.

In the car, Qiu Tian says she’ll return his money but asks him not to report her to the police because then she won’t be able to pay him back. Jun Hao says if he were going to report her, he would’ve done so already. He asks why she’s hanging out with those guys, saying her parents will worry about her.

Annoyed, Qiu Tian stops the car and asks him to get out and drive himself. Unfortunately, he steps and falls into a puddle and Qiu Tian laughs. Just then, Qiu Tian receives a message from someone urgently asking for her help. She yells an apology at him and drives away, leaving muddy Jun Hao on the side of the road.

Jia Nan is in his room when he hears the housekeeper downstairs loudly telling someone they can’t enter. He walks downstairs to see the housekeeper trying to block Feng Ping and Jun Hao, and the housekeeper tells Jia Nan that Feng Ping is trying to secretly bring in this dirty man. Jia Nan circles Jun Hao and realizes it’s Jun Hao, laughing gleefully at his condition. He tells A Jiu to take Jun Hao upstairs to take a shower.

Jia Nan asks Feng Ping what happened and she says he called asking her to pick him up and she found him like that. Jia Nan offers the possibility that Jun Hao met a girl online, they hit it off, and he met her and got played/scammed. (The auto-translated subs said ‘fairy jump’ which is too literal of a translation. The phrase used refers to when a pretty woman uses her looks to trick someone, usually for money. This is my rough explanation.) Just thinking about it excites him, so he’ll have to get all the details from Jun Hao later.

My Thoughts
It’s unfortunate that Jun Hao was bullied by those motorcycle guys but I do like the end result: him all muddy showing up at Jia Nan’s home. I loved the dinner scene because Feng Ping wants to clear up the negative gossip that clearly bothers Jia Nan, and she also opens up about her life for the first time. The scene where he tries to hold her hand is so funny.

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