Fall in Love (2019): Episode 15 Recap

Jun Hao and Qiu Tian meet again. Lu Qiao continues to do whatever it takes for the acquisition project. Yue Sheng looks into Gary, while Ming Xuan seeks out Feng Ping again.

I’ve actually watched through episode 29 (just waiting for that final episode!) and I’ve decided not to continue with these recaps. I’ll be writing up a recap of the last two episodes and a review. While this drama started out mysterious and promising, I don’t love the direction it took in the latter half and find the villainous characters to be insufferable.

Episode 15 Recap

After making Jia Nan swear not to tell anyone and making Feng Ping swear not to tell his father, Jun Hao tells the story from the beginning. He invited an employee to the banquet and later discovered his credit card was stolen, but she returned it… By the time he’s done, Jun Hao is fairly drunk.. Summarizing that she stole his card, erased the video, and stole his car, Jia Nan asks, just how beautiful was this girl?

The shower machine catches Jun Hao’s eye so Jia Nan introduces it to him. Jun Hao drunkenly determines if Jia Nan refines the machine and improves its technology, there would definitely be a market for it.

At the breakfast table in the morning, Jun Hao eyes Jia Nan warily and deliberately enters a childish tug-of-war for the pepper shaker as both Feng Ping and A Jiu watch.

The housekeeper reports to Lu Qiao that Jun Hao stayed over at Jia Nan’s house last night. She wonders who Feng Ping really is.

Jia Nan’s father asks his right man if he’s really come up empty in the investigation into Feng Ping. His right hand man reports that he’s only found the recent articles about her relationship with the Fang family and the engagement.

Qiu Tian drops off her friend Xiao Fei at the hospital, but before she’s able to drive away a police car pulls up because it’s a no-stopping zone. The police officer asks to see her driver’s license. Qiu Tian says she forgot to bring her wallet. The police officer scans the car and he says he has to bring her in.

Jun Hao is sitting in his office, distracted by memories of Qiu Tian. He receives a phone call from the police and smiling, says he’ll head over immediately.

The police officer warns Jun Hao not to lend his car out carelessly and lets Qiu Tian go with him. Jun Hao tells her to get in the car, and remarks that he didn’t think he’d be seeing her again so soon. She replies that she was just on her way to returning the car. He starts saying ‘I believe you…’ but continues to finish the sentence as ‘if I believed you that would be strange’.

Director Gu hands Feng Ping Airi’s week six report, saying that they need a breakthrough before the next board meeting. Feng Ping replies that the Airi project is vital so she’s been pushing him to complete the acquisition of Yue Sheng’s company, because its core technology will help accelerate Airi’s research and development. Director Gu asks if she’s seen his latest evaluation report; he’s worried it won’t be good for them if Bei Chen Group discovers Gary’s situation. Feng Ping replies that they already know, but she doesn’t think they’ll lower their price too much because their goal is to bring the product to market, so they wouldn’t want this negative news to leak. Despite having the leverage to offer a lower price, Feng Ping still wants to give Yue Sheng a fair offer.

On his way out, Director Gu runs into Jun Hao and mentions that he doesn’t understand why Feng Ping insists on offering a higher price for Yue Sheng’s company when they have leverage. Smiling knowingly, Jun Hao tells him to proceed with her wishes because she must have her reasons.

Jun Hao brings Qiu Tian to his office. She explains that she had some important matters and had to borrow his car, and apologizes. She also tells him she’ll be repaying for using his credit card. Jun Hao asks if she has a regular job (clarifying that he means reliable, not savory vs unsavory) and offers her a job at the hotel. He knows she’s a hacker and tricks her into admitting she erased the security video. He sets up a job for her in the internet/network department, and although she leaves without verbally agreeing, it seems like they have a deal.

Jia Nan’s father asks him about the status of the new acquisition proposal and warns him not to waste time in case someone else beats them to it. Lu Qiao suggests they try to buy Gary’s shares first, but Jia Nan says Gary’s not dumb, why would he sell his shares to her unless she used what she knows against him. Jia Nan’s father reminds them that they need to be low-key about the Gary situation. If word gets out about his bad habits, it will be disadvantageous for them (just as Feng Ping as theorized). Jia Nan concludes from his father’s words that they need to lower the acquisition price but cannot let word get out about the leverage they have. Jia Nan’s father is pleased that his son’s business comprehension are not bad. Jia Nan tries once again to push the project back to his brother but Lu Qiao interrupts and says they will handle it.

Walking out together, Lu Qiao asks Jia Nan why he pretends to be confused and keeps trying to get out of the project when he sees problems with a sharp mind. She tells him this is a rare opportunity and not to let his father down. He asks how she discovered Gary’s gambling and remarks on how much she’s changed. She wraps her arm around his and says since this is his first project she’ll do whatever it takes to help him succeed. Untangling his arm, Jia Nan tells her she has a bright future ahead in her work; there’s nothing she can’t achieve. As he walks away, Lu Qiao thinks in her head that her goal isn’t just work—there’s also him.

Gary’s watching a horse race on his phone, unhappy that he’s lost his bet again, when Lu Qiao arrives. She asks if he’s considered selling his shares. Gary asks if this is her idea or the Tang family’s, and she replies that regardless, in the end the money is coming from the Tang family. Gary asks why they want to buy his shares. Lu Qiao reveals that they know he needs money. Surprised, Gary asks how they know, and Lu Qiao says Feng Ping investigated him. She suggests that Yue Sheng will investigate and use it as an excuse to kick him out of the company, and at that point the value of his shares will shrink. Gary says Shenghong Capital also sought him out to discuss this, and if really sells his shares, he’ll let them fight it out. Gary storms out angrily, enraged that Yue Sheng would have his ex-girlfriend investigate him.

Gary’s colleague calls him to report that Yue Sheng has brought in some people from an accounting firm and Gary says he’ll head in.

Gary barges into Yue Sheng’s office and rips up the accounting firm’s papers. He angrily asks Yue Sheng why he’s secretly doing this (behind his back). Yue Sheng replies, who is really the one hiding things from the other? What a coincidence that when he wants to check the accounts, their computer becomes water-damaged. Gary threatens him, that if word of this gets out, the company is done for. Angered, Yue Sheng gets up and says he hoped that Gary wouldn’t cause such a huge problem. Gary says someone’s already offered to buy his shares, and reminds him they’re on the same boat. As Gary walks away, Yue Sheng warns him not to sell his shares without his permission.

At Jia Nan’s house, Feng Ping observes that Jia Nan is working hard. Seeing that the documents are for Yue Sheng’s company, she says she’ll go. He asks if it bothers her because it’s Yue Sheng’s company, but she replies that it’s not that, it’s that these are Bei Chen Group’s business secrets. He says he hasn’t kept any secrets from her but she says everyone has secrets.

They’re interrupted by Ming Xuan walking in angrily, asking Feng Ping why she’s still secretly meeting with her boyfriend. Jia Nan says that the way she’s asking is too childish, and Ming Xuan asks isn’t he worried.

Jia Nan says he’s not worried at all, and leaves but hides right around the corner listening in. Feng Ping reassures Ming Xuan that her relationship with Yue Sheng is stable now and not to worry about the past. She reminds her that mature men have a lot of things to consider and don’t always prioritize their relationships. She tells Ming Xuan she has to make a choice; they can let emotions affect their decisions, or choose a more comfortable way of interacting. Ming Xuan says as long as he’s happy, she’ll do anything. Feng Ping tells her not to sacrifice herself; they should both give/be invested in the relationship. Mollified, Ming Xuan apologizes and Jia Nan walks back in. Ming Xuan says there was probably a dummy listening in to their conversation. 

After Ming Xuan leaves, Jia Nan and Feng Ping sit outside. Jia Nan remarks that she was able to help Ming Xuan understand, where he and his brother had tried previously and failed. He asks if she was speaking from her own realizations. He feels like she must’ve experienced a lot of things.

Feng Ping tells him about her experiences working at a store and arguing with a customer and being yelled at angrily by her boss in an office job. She explains that she was like Ming Xuan once, and wanted the person she loved to put her first but he worked all the time and didn’t have time to eat or travel with her. He said if they didn’t have money, they can’t do anything. She thought he didn’t love her enough but later realized she was wrong. She mentions that once she was kicked out by her landlord, but Jia Nan doesn’t believe her when she could have gone to Shiguang Hotel anytime, but Feng Ping says since she made a decision to live on her own she wouldn’t leave herself a safety net. Jia Nan says his father has threatened to kick him out, and he’s wondered how long he’d survive on his own. Feng Ping says she can give him some advice on how to survive. They toast their glasses of wine happily.

My Thoughts
I can’t believe that Gary feels absolutely no remorse about how his gambling addiction has negatively impacted the company. (Then again, there was a character with a gambling addiction in To Be With You and her actions were terrible, too.) He believes Lu Qiao’s words so easily. I have to hand it to Lu Qiao, she knows how to manipulate people.

The highlights of this episode were Jun Hao at Jia Nan’s home, and then at the end when Feng Ping speaks to Ming Xuan. I like that they’re able to have a calm heart-to-heart, and Feng Ping shares some things she’s learned from experience. Becoming in-laws won’t be awkward after all! It’s nice to see another glimpse of Feng Ping’s past there at the end when she flashes back to a couple of her previous jobs.

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