Fall in Love (2019): Episode 2 Recap

I was going to do two episodes per recap but I think the posts will be too long. Also, I regret to inform you that I have fallen for the second male lead. *facepalm*

Feng Ping encounters Jia Nan yet again and finds herself face-to-face with someone from her past. A Jiu decides to go to Yue Sheng’s hometown to uncover his secrets.

Episode 2 Recap

An Yue Sheng declines an offer to buy his AI company and reschedules a meeting. His business partner Gary chases him down to ask why he’s not going to the meeting. Yue Sheng says he doesn’t know who’s starting these rumors that the company is looking for a buyer, but there’s no point to these meetings. The company is like his child and he won’t be selling. After he walks off, Gary finds out Yue Sheng is meeting Tang Ming Xuan.

Calling Yue Sheng ‘senior’ (like older classmate), Tang Ming Xuan asks him to be her date to a charity dinner. He initially declines, but when she says she just won’t go either, he gives in.

Meanwhile, Jia Nan looks sullen and A Jiu asks him if he’s been rejected, and Jia Nan asks him how he knew. A Jiu assumes it was Xia Yao, but Jia Nan explains that Feng Ping said dinner with her was $800 an hour. It’s not like he can’t afford it, A Jiu replies, but Feng Ping says it’s the principle of it. A Jiu remarks that the girls after him are after his money anyways, at least this girl is straightforward.

Jia Nan brings Xia Yao to the charity event, where they see Feng Ping arrive with Jun Hao’s father. When Jun Hao’s father leaves to speak with colleagues, Jia Nan approaches Feng Ping and asks her if Jun Hao knows she’s also seeing his father. They’re interrupted by Ming Xuan, who approaches to introduce her Yue Sheng to her brother.

Yue Sheng and Feng Ping are surprised to see each other, exchanging a long look. Jia Nan questions Yue Sheng about whether he has a girlfriend, and he says he does. Glancing at Feng Ping, he explains she disappeared three years ago when he was beginning his company, and she probably couldn’t handle the difficult times. Feng Ping excuses herself and Yue Sheng watches her walk away before saying he’s going to the restroom.

Jia Nan tells Ming Xuan she shouldn’t have brought Yue Sheng to this event, but she replies that he’s one to talk with all the gossip constantly following him.

Feng Ping stands on the staircase sadly and Yue Sheng approaches, saying it turns out she’s alive. He said she could have told him if she had found someone better but she says he’s misunderstood. He replies that he had thought of all the possibilities of what could have happened, but he sees now that he let his imagination get the best of him since she’s alive and well. When she tries to explain, he cuts her off and assumes she’s attached herself to Jia Nan now.

As Feng Ping tries to get ahold of herself in the restroom, Xia Yao walks in and they bicker again. Xia Yao threatens to make her look bad one of these days, and angrily walks off. While picking up her coat, Xia Yao takes Xia Yao’s as well and throws it away outside.

While driving Ming Xuan home, Yue Sheng is preoccupied with the conversation he had with Feng Ping and misses the exit.

Feng Ping discovers that her coat has been taken by Xia Yao. The coat check girl’s manager arrives and is rude to Feng Ping, saying that Xia Yao is one of their valued guests and implies that Feng Ping is lying. Feng Ping leaves and walks out into the pouring rain. A stray dog scares her and her bracelet sparks again. She cries in the middle of the street, and Jia Nan drives up. When he gets to Feng Ping’s side, she passes out. 

Feng Ping wakes up and is confused when Jun Hao walks in. He tells her Jia Nan dropped her off and photographers even saw them. A flashback shows that Jia Nan brought her to the hotel and ran into Jun Hao in the lobby. He asks what happened, but she says it was nothing. She asks him to help her book a flight to her hometown because she misses her parents. He offers to go with her, but she says he’s just trying to be lazy and escape his job. He asks her what to do about the news story, because it’ll be dangerous if her older brother sees it. Feng Ping says it’s not a clear photo anyways but he says he’s worried about himself, not her, so she tells him to find someone to get the story taken down.

A Jiu approaches a sleeping Jia Nan, and when Jia Nan opens his eyes he’s surprised and falls off the bed. A Jiu shows him the news story, annoyed that a story was reported that he didn’t send in. Jia Nan reassures him, and then asks him if he’s found out anything about Yue Sheng’s past girlfriend. A Jiu says he’s going to head to Yue Sheng’s hometown to find out from the source.

Two of Jia Nan’s pursuers see the news story and go to his house. Jia Nan hides upstairs but they decide to stay and wait for him. He calls A Jiu to save him, but A Jiu says he’s already at the airport. Jia Nan decides to go with A Jiu and has A Jiu buy all the remaining seats. As he tries to sneak out of his house, the girls see him. They question him about the other girl and try to show him the news story but it’s already been taken down. Jia Nan says he’s going out of town for a business trip and agrees to let them go to the airport with him. He tells them they’re welcome to come with him if they can buy a ticket.

At Yue Sheng’s hometown, A Jiu says there are no taxis here so he’s called an unlicensed taxi to pick them up and take them to the hotel, which is four hours away. When the car arrives, Jia Nan is repelled by how dirty and beat-up it is. A Jiu puts his bag and phone in the car but Jia Nan pulls him out and tells him to buy him food. The police come to round up the unlicensed taxis, and the driver tries to pull Jia Nan into the car but Jia Nan refuses. He drives away, and only afterwards does Jia Nan realize his phone has been run over.

A Jiu returns and Jia Nan tells him to call the driver, but A Jiu replies that his phone was in the car.

My Thoughts
First of all, isn’t Xia Yao annoyed that Jia Nan ditches her for Feng Ping at the charity event?! But more importantly, Feng Ping and Yue Sheng!! I’m so curious, why did she disappear for three years and where’d she go? In the first episode, I assumed the bracelet sparking during the fashion show incident was a coincidence but it seems I was wrong since it flashes again during the rainy street scene. Is there some kind of fantasy/sci-fi aspect to this drama?!

Also, Feng Ping mentions an older brother. Who is her older brother and why does Jun Hao fear him? How do Jun Hao and Feng Ping know each other? He doesn’t seem to secretly be in love with her, so that’s a relief. I really like him as her friend.

I’ve fallen for the second male lead and it’s because Yue Sheng is smart and motivated while Jia Nan just messes around and doesn’t seem to have any responsibilities. Also, Wang You Jun, who plays Yue Sheng, is so cute and I’ll be keeping an eye on the actor’s future work.

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