Fall in Love (2019): Episode 29 Recap

The penultimate episode of Fall in Love is quite dramatic. Lu Qiao continues to convince Hao Yun that Feng Ping can help him walk again, and turns to drastic measures. Feng Ping and Yue Sheng reflect over their past honestly.

(In case you missed my previous note, this drama lost its charm for me and became the kind of drama I felt like skimming through so I have not recapped episodes 16-28. I’ll post the episode 30 recap tomorrow & then an overall review!)

Episode 29 Recap

Hao Yun angrily refuses to believe Jia Nan’s explanation that Feng Ping using her powers could harm them both. Last time, Hao Yun argues, she used her powers to save him and they’re both fine, but Jia Nan reminds his brother that he suffered memory loss and it took time for Feng Ping to recover. Scoffing, Hao Yun concludes that Jia Nan is more concerned about Feng Ping. Even if there’s only the slimmest chance, Hao Yun wants to give it a try.

Jia Nan swears that he’ll find a way to help Hao Yun. Hao Yun angrily asks how long that’ll take, ten or twenty years? Jia Nan asks his brother to believe in him, but Hao Yun tells him to get out.

Hao Yun goes outside and sees a bug stuck on its back, unable to get right-side up, and he helps it. Lu Qiao walks over and asks if Jia Nan was able to convince Feng Ping. When he doesn’t reply, Lu Qiao accuses Feng Ping of being selfish. Hao Yun explains that it’s not as simple as they thought, and he can’t risk Feng Ping’s life. He wonders if it’s time to consider collaborating with Shenghong Capital. 

Jia Nan comes back to retrieve his phone and seeing them outside, walks toward them but pauses when he hears what Lu Qiao is saying. Lu Qiao replies to Hao Yun in a scathing tone that this sort of research and development can be extremely slow. She asks if he wants to sit in a wheelchair for twenty years and says he’s dumb for believing them, that as Jia Nan’s fiancee, Feng Ping will be BC Group’s female head. Suddenly she looks up to see Jia Nan standing there.

Jia Nan speaks to Lu Qiao alone, saying she not only made assumptions about Feng Ping but also tried to drive a wedge between him and his brother. He asks what she’s trying to do, and she says she’s trying to do the best for his brother. Jia Nan reminds her that his brother’s feelings for her are very deep and everything she says influences him. He doesn’t want her to keep putting these wrong ideas in his head. Jia Nan says there is no evidence that Feng Ping’s ability can help Hao Yun and Lu Qiao is playing with their lives. Jia Nan tells her if she keeps saying these things to Hao Yun, he will force her out of BC Group.

Returning to his lab, Jia Nan is alarmed to find his work missing. He calls A Jiu, who says he brought the leg to Airi because the researchers determined that his work was similar to theirs.

Jia Nan heads over to meet A Jiu and Feng Ping. A Jiu tells him that because his thinking is unique/not professional, it’s actually helped the Airi researchers think differently. Unfortunately, a researcher comes out to report that they’ve failed again and could use a computer expert’s assistance. Feng Ping says she knows one: Qiu Tian.

Qiu Tian says she’s solved the issue, and A Jiu gives her a skeptical look. The others go inside, leaving the two of them in the hallway alone. She questions him about his expression playfully and laughs as he walks away unhappily. (Now that I think about it, these two would be a great match.)

Lu Qiao thinks about what Jia Nan said to her and then thinks, we’ll see if you can use your life to protect Feng Ping. (???? What does this mean?) The next day, Lu Qiao convinces Hao Yun’s driver to let her pick him up. Jia Nan receives a call from his brother, but it’s Lu Qiao telling him that Hao Yun is running experiments on himself but she stopped him. She asks Jia Nan to come over immediately.

Jia Nan arrives at the abandoned warehouse and finds his brother there.

Feng Ping meets with Yue Sheng, who asks her why she didn’t tell him these things. She says if she had, he would’ve been too cautious around her and that’s not the kind of relationship she wanted. He asks if she doesn’t encounter this issue with Jia Nan, and Feng Ping remarks that after being with Jia Nan, he has never made her angry. She asks him not to be angry at her anymore, and he replies that he can’t be angry at her anymore because thinking back, there had been signs of her ability but he ignored them. He admits that he has to take responsibility for being part of the reason they broke up. He had never asked her what she wanted. 

As they’re leaving the cafe, they hug goodbye and Ming Xuan witnesses it. She approaches them and asks if something happened like in an idol drama that caused her to fall into his embrace, and they reply that they were just hugging. Ming Xuan storms off, and Yue Sheng follows her and tells her that he wanted to say goodbye to the past before starting a new relationship. 

Feng Ping receives a message from Jia Nan and heads over to meet him. She walks into the warehouse but it’s Lu Qiao waiting behind her with a taser. (Things have taken a disturbing turn…)

When Feng Ping regains consciousness, Lu Qiao pretends to hit her, causing Feng Ping to break all the windows with her ability. Jia Nan wakes up as well. Lu Qiao says she’s brought them all here to help Hao Yun and when Feng Ping says they’re working on it, Lu Qiao says she can’t wait for the research/development. Feng Ping says her ability could just make Hao Yun’s condition worse. Lu Qiao is so deluded at this point—since she had seen Feng Ping save Jia Nan, she should know that Feng Ping had a team of doctors and technological equipment… she doesn’t have magical healing powers…

Lu Qiao yells at Jia Nan that Hao Yun lost his leg saving him, but the person who was punished was her. She was sent out of the country alone for 10 years. All she did was like him, but he had all those scandals and was never interested in her. She says she knows it’s difficult for him to choose between Hao Yun and Feng Ping, so she’ll help him make the choice. She asks Feng Ping if she breaks Jia Nan’s leg, would she save him? Lu Qiao picks up a bat and approaches Jia Nan and as she’s about to strike his leg, Feng Ping agrees to save Hao Yun. 

Lu Qiao says she’s changed her mind. She wants to know if Feng Ping would still love Jia Nan if he becomes handicapped. Feng Ping yells at Lu Qiao to hit her instead, because how will Lu Qiao be able to stay in the Tang home after hurting Jia Nan. Lu Qiao swings the bat at Feng Ping but stops at the last moment, a tear falling down her face and she remarks that Feng ping must really love Jia Nan.

Instead, she swings the bat at other objects in the warehouse angrily before A Jiu arrives and knocks her out. A Jiu unties Jia Nan and then they go help Feng Ping.

Jun Hao arrives at the Airi lab to see how Feng Ping is. She and Jia Nan walk out just fine, and Jun Hao makes a face when Jia Nan kisses her before leaving to check on her brother. (LOL.) She asks Jun Hao about Lu Qiao.

Lu Qiao is in the hospital, her aunt by her side saying it’s her fault for saying those things to her.

Hao Yun wakes up in the hospital with his grandmother by her side. He cries as she comforts him. Jia Nan arrives at the hospital to see his brother. Hao Yun is already sleeping but his grandmother is happy to see him.

In the middle of the night, A Jiu hears a sound in Jia Nan’s home and runs downstairs. Feng Ping also hears it and asks Jia Nan if he hears it. Jia Nan wonders if it’s a thief and Feng Ping replies, it’s okay, A Jiu is there. Jia Nan goes down to check it out, too, and runs into A Jiu, who signals at him to be quiet.

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