Fall in Love (2019): Episode 3 Recap

Jia Nan and Feng Ping run into each other in her hometown, and have a sweet moment at the beach. A glimpse of Feng Ping’s past is revealed, but only opens up more questions.

I’ll give this drama credit for being so mysterious. The more I learn, the more I have no idea where the story is going.

Episode 3 Recap

Sitting on a bus, Jia Nan’s stomach growls and A Jiu reminds him that they have limited funds. Jia Nan watches longingly as someone on the bus eats instant noodles, and asks A Jiu if they can at least afford instant noodles. Then he drinks an entire bottle of water, and A Jiu smirks knowingly. Moments later, Jia Nan gets up to ask the driver to stop because he needs to pee, but the driver says stopping is not allowed on this road.

The road is bumpy and he falls into the lap of none other than Feng Ping. He asks what she’s doing here and she replies, why does she need to tell him? He tries again to get the bus driver to stop to no avail.

On his way back to his seat, Jia Nan tells Feng Ping he’s never run into someone this many times in so few days and deduces out loud that she must be following him. But the road continues to be bumpy and he falls into her lap again. They have a ~moment~. This time though, other passengers notice and accuse him of trying to take advantage of her. When he falls onto her for the third time, Jia Nan almost gets into a fight with another passenger but A Jiu helps prevent it.

When Jia Nan falls into the lap of an older woman, the driver gets fed up and drops them off at the side of the road. A Jiu tells Jia Nan they’d better start walking to make it there before it gets dark.

When they finally get to town they struggle to find a hotel they can afford. A Jiu suggests they try a cheaper option, and although Jia Nan initially gripes that it’s too shabby, A Jiu grabs his arm to lead him there. At the front desk, Jia Nan tries to convince the lady he’s not a scammer, saying he’ll have the payment transferred to her as soon as he gets in touch with his butler/housekeeper but she says they stopped believing scams like this last year. He storms off after she calls his clothes cheap, saying that they’re guests and guests should be treated like gods. (Wow, the spoiled brat in him jumped out.) A Jiu calms him down and says he’ll handle it.

They’re able to get a room with bunk beds and two instant noodles, which they eat happily. Then Jia Nan makes A Jiu massage his back as he thinks back to his encounters with Feng Ping. (The front desk lady overhears the sounds and thinks they’re a couple.) Jia Nan thinks out loud, could there be coincidences to this extent? He concludes that she must like him. Exasperated, A Jiu climbs up to his bunk to go to sleep.

Meanwhile, Feng Ping walks up to the gate of a giant house. (This girl is NOT poor.)

A Jiu snores, tosses and turns, and farts in his sleep, keeping Jia Nan up all night. Fed up, he gets up and leaves.

Feng Ping has a nightmare about a car accident. There’s a man presumedly dead at the wheel and a woman in the backseat who she’s unable to pull out. The bracelet on her wrist sparks. The car explodes as she screams helplessly. There’s a close-up of the ring on her hand.

Feng Ping jolts awake and looks around the room, noticing that all the glass in the room has shattered. (What?!)

Jia Nan walks along the beach and builds a sand castle. Feng Ping is also taking a walk on the beach (in a pretty white dress), reminiscing about memories with Yue Sheng. Yue Sheng had told her that when he becomes rich, he’ll buy her a huge house, a castle, so she can plant lots of flowers. He’ll build a maze inside, but she replies, what’s so great about a castle, such a big house for so few people is too cold. He remarks that it almost sounds like she’s lived in one, and she replies, perhaps she has lived in one. (We saw her house, did she keep secrets from him?) He asks, then what kind of house do you want, and she says, one that has him in it. (So sweet!)

Jia Nan spots her from the behind, and when Feng Ping turns around, he smirks and thinks she must be following him again. Seeing his sandcastle, Feng Ping smiles and approaches him. He asks if she likes his sandcastle and offers to sell it to her for $800 (LOL, a reference to her ‘hourly rate’). She replies, how will she prove it’s hers? He picks up a seashell, marks the castle, and kneels, saying ‘my princess, from now on, this castle is yours’. She smiles and thanks him for the castle, and then for taking her home the other night.

He tells her she really should be grateful because the streetlights had all exploded and it was extremely dangerous. People who didn’t know would think she had some kind of superpower. He jokingly suggests there’s some kind of magnetic field between the two of them since there’s always a chemical reaction when they meet.

Since he saved her, Jia Nan asks if she can borrow some money since he’s encountered some troubles. She agrees, asking what he’s doing here. He initially claims to be there on vacation but she doesn’t believe him, and he sees no reason not to come clean about coming to investigate An Yue Sheng because of his sister.

Jia Nan returns to the room and complains to A Jiu about his sleeping habits. A Jiu guesses that he borrowed the money from the girl who was following him, and says if he’d known, he wouldn’t have called Jia Nan’s brother. Jia Nan scolds A Jiu for not worrying about his whereabouts and tells him to go do his investigating.

Feng Ping sets out food offerings for her parents at the site of the accident, flashing back to her mother begging her to run and save herself before the car explodes.

A Jiu returns and reports that Yue Sheng’s grandmother talked his ear off, and he discovered Yue Sheng almost married someone three years ago. They hypothesize that there’s no way there could be no trace of her unless all traces were deliberately erased. Just as A Jiu wonders if she was murdered, the door creaks open creepily, but it’s just the wind. They surmise that it can’t be simple if even A Jiu can’t find any information. The sky darkens outside, and A Jiu gets a notification that all flights the next day has been canceled. A typhoon has changed its path and is heading their way.

Jia Nan whines that he doesn’t want to stay in this creepy place any longer and tells A Jiu to call his brother. Meanwhile, Feng Ping sees the news about the typhoon on TV. Jun Hao calls her and tells her not to worry, he’ll come up with a plan.

A Jiu tells Jia Nan to hurry and pack up so they can get out of there. Just before leaving, Jia Nan hesitates and asks A Jiu, what about Feng Ping, and A Jiu replies, you’re worried about someone who’s following you? He drags him out.

Jia Nan’s brother Tang Hao Yun, who we only see from the back, arranges for a helicopter to pick them up.

My Thoughts
I still find Jia Nan self-absorbed and childish so he hasn’t won me over yet, not even with that sandcastle scene. But I can understand that, with such a tragic past, perhaps Feng Ping needs someone carefree like Jia Nan. I’m curious about timing of the accident. Does that have to do with why she disappeared on Yue Sheng? Also, I must say, Jia Nan and A Jiu are a fun pair to watch.

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