Fall in Love (2019): Episode 30 Ending Recap

The final episode of Fall in Love is fast-paced and ties up the drama’s storylines neatly and pleasantly.

(Ok fine, it felt very rushed but I lost interest many episodes ago so I’m not bothered by it. Review post coming soon!)

Episode 30 Recap

It’s Lu Qiao’s aunt, the housekeeper, who apologizes to Feng Ping and Jia Nan tearfully. She claims her part of the responsibility for Lu Qiao’s actions. 

Jun Hao wrestles with a pillow in Feng Ping’s apartment, thinking about his last conversation with Qiu Tian. Feng Ping arrives and says his father said that he’s been acting unusual lately and she knows why—because of Qiu Tian. He says he doesn’t want to hear her name. Smiling, Feng Ping says she knows he likes Qiu Tian and tells him if he doesn’t make his move, not to come crying to her later. He runs out of the room.

Jun Hao waits for Qiu Tian by his car. She arrives on her motorcycle and asks him why he called her if his car has broken down. He says he remembered she could fix cars and even if he’s not her boss anymore, they’re still friends. He tells her the toolbox is in the trunk, and she opens it to find it full of roses. He nervously awaits her reaction. She turns to him and asks what the heck he’s doing, before turning back to the flowers and smiling briefly. She closes the trunk and asks him if he’s trying to confess to her. He says the flowers are for the hotel, and she leaves. (I’m shaking my head at Jun Hao.)

A few months later, Lu Qiao is released from prison and apologizes to her aunt (we don’t actually see it; it’s a voiceover over a shot of the prison).

Hao Yun returns to BC Group in his wheelchair. He receives a letter from Lu Qiao, who apologizes to him. She tells him the gifts he sent her while she was abroad gave her strength, and asks him to forget her.

Jia Nan and Feng Ping sign the agreement to collaborate on the Airi project. 

Outside the Tang house, Ming Xuan asks Yue Sheng to come inside, saying that her grandmother wants to meet him. He declines but invites her to the beach at his hometown. He says his grandmother wants to meet her. They hug happily.

Yue Sheng invites Jia Nan to a jewelry store. Jia Nan thinks it’s weird for two guys to browse at a jewelry store together, and Yue Sheng tells him he’s planning to propose to Ming Xuan. Jia Nan suggests a ring to Yue Sheng before making his own purchase. Yue Sheng asks why he’s buying a ring, and Jia Nan explains that he’s proposing, too, because the previous engagement was an accident. Yue Sheng asks if that means Jia Nan and Feng Ping aren’t engaged, and Jia Nan replies, what’s it got to do with you? LOL @ prickly Jia Nan.

At an amusement park, Jia Nan sets up lights in the shape of a heart on the ground in front of a carousel that suddenly lights up.

Jia Nan appears on the carousel and proposes to her, for real this time.

Yue Sheng brings Ming Xuan to his hometown and introduces her to his grandmother before bringing her to the beach. He gets down on one knee and opens the ring box, and she says yes before he event asks the question, LOL.

Back at the Tang home, Ming Xuan’s grandmother, father, and Hao Yun disapprove of her getting married so young. Her father reminds her that she had agreed to study abroad after college. Ming Xuan says if they don’t let her get married, she’ll starve herself. Her grandmother gives in and says she wants to meet Yue Sheng.

Ming Xuan tries on wedding dresses at Er Yang’s studio. Jia Nan and Feng Ping arrive, and he asks Ming Xuan what’s going on. He asks her how she could get married without telling him. She says the date has been set and it’s been on the news. Jia Nan looks at the ring, in disbelief that Yue Sheng picked that one. Feng Ping stops Jia Nan from bickering with Ming Xuan and congratulates her. 

Feng Ping and Jia Nan are casually hanging out on the couch when he gets a message from someone who is waiting for him at the Shiguang Hotel. He tells her he has a meeting and she says she does, too, and it’s a secret. 

It turns out Jia Nan is meeting Feng Ping’s brother. Jia Nan reassures him that despite the scandals that have surrounded him, his love for Feng Ping is true. (They never show his face and I’m disappointed that he never factored into the plot.)

Feng Ping is at the Tang home meeting Jia Nan’s grandmother. Jia Nan’s grandmother says she knows they are in love, but sometimes love isn’t in love—for example, Jia Nan’s parents. Feng Ping asks her to believe in them.

Ming Xuan and Yue Sheng’s wedding day arrives. After the ceremony, Feng Ping runs into Hao Yun, who stands up and thanks her for using Airi’s technology and her ability to help him. He says he’s happy his brother met her and wishes the two of them well.

Jia Nan and Feng Ping jokingly have an argument about her going back on her word to dance with him. They ask Jun Hao for his opinion, but he quotes Er Yang’s words about couples not showing off their love in front of single people. Feng Ping says it’s his fault for not telling Qiu Tian he likes her. Then Qiu Tian walks up to him and greets him.

(Ok, pause for a moment. It seems strange for Jun Hao and Qiu Tian to be in this wedding… Logically, they’re just not close to Yue Sheng and Ming Xuan.)

Later, Qiu Tian is massaging her foot when both Jun Hao and A Jiu approach with a rose in hand and say they’ve come to confess. She asks if they’re crazy and runs away.

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