Fall in Love (2019): Episode 4 Recap

Two major characters are introduced in this episode. Yue Sheng continues to refuse to sell his AI company. Jia Nan finds himself in an unfortunate situation, and A Jiu makes a discovery.

Episode 4 Recap

Tang Hao Yun makes his first appearance as he walks into the BC Group office building, greeted by employees who seem to be chattering about something.

Jia Nan waits in his office, counting down the seconds until 8:30 as Hao Yun walks in right on the dot. Hao Yun remarks, no wonder all the female employees were chattering when he walked by. He sits down and asks Jia Nan what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into now. Jia Nan denies getting into any trouble and shows Hao Yun a photo of Feng Ping, asking if he knows her. When Hao Yun says he doesn’t, Jia Nan makes him take a second look and Hao Yun asks if this girl is his new target.

Jia Nan replies that she’s just a friend, causing Hao Yun to wonder out loud that he would come to his office this early in the morning to ask about a ‘friend’. Jia Nan explains that the helicopter Hao Yun sent to pick him up had picked up Feng Ping first. The rental company organized the helicopter ride, Hao Yun replies, so he doesn’t know. Satisfied, Jia Nan leaves.

Hao Yun’s assistant brings him a report on An Yue Sheng’s company. In the past six months, several investment companies have been interested, including top international companies, but Yue Sheng is young and frivolous and has rejected around ten companies. Hao Yun remarks that Yue Sheng must be ambitious. They head over to Yue Sheng’s company for a meeting.

Gary asks Yue Sheng to carefully consider what Hao Yun says during the meeting with BC Group. Their financial resources are strong and they really value the AI field. Yue Sheng tells Gary it’s a waste of time, and Gary looks very frustrated.

At the meeting, Hao Yun’s assistant makes the introductions. Gary’s title is Chief Operating Officer. Hao Yun tells Yue Sheng he hears he’s a rare talent in the AI field. He gets straight to the point and hands them a draft of an acquisition agreement. Yue Sheng flips through the agreement, confused by blank pages and two numbers. He exchanges a glance with Gary and asks Hao Yun what it means.

Hao Yun says the first number is what he’ll pay for the company and the second number is what he’ll pay for both of their shares. Gary looks pleased but Yue Sheng isn’t, replying that although the amount is very attractive he regrets that he cannot agree to it. He has no intention of selling his company. Hao Yun takes the rejection calmly, saying he’s confident that no one else has made an offer this high and the offer is open for the next six months.

Afterwards, Gary barges into Yue Sheng’s office and says he’s crazy for turning down that offer when their company has suffered major losses in the past couple of years. Yue Sheng pours a couple glasses of wine and asks Gary to remember their dream. He tells Gary he’ll find a way to raise money. Gary storms out and Yue Sheng downs his wine unhappily. Then he gets a call that Shenghong Capital’s Director Gu wants to meet with him, which raises his spirits.

Yue Sheng bumps into Feng Ping, and as they’re picking up all the dropped folders, and is surprised when he realizes who he’s bumped into. He asks her if she works at Shiguang Hotel, and she replies that she lives here. He scoffs and says, life after meeting Jia Nan isn’t the same.

Feng Ping defends herself, clarifying that she has no relationship with Jia Nan and she’s earned every penny she has. He inquires what this better job she’s found is, and when she hesitates, asks if it’s too embarrassing to say. She tells him it’s not what he thinks and they can discuss it another time, and begins to walks away. He grabs her and asks when another time is—tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in three years? She tells him to give her his business card and she’ll call him. He asks her for her phone number, and she says it’s never changed, remarking that maybe he didn’t care about her as much as he thought he did. (Strong last words, Feng Ping!)

Director Gu just returned from abroad and specifically sought out this meeting with Yue Sheng on the recommendation of an old friend. Yue Sheng asks about the identity of the friend, and Director Gu says next time he’ll arrange a meeting.

Yue Sheng gets home, and thinking about what Feng Ping said, looks for his old phone and old charger. A sketchbook in the drawer catches his eye, and he reminisces about how he and Feng Ping met when she stopped and asked him for directions. He ignores a call from Gary. Yue Sheng finds Feng Ping’s number in his old phone but can’t bring himself to call her.

At her hotel apartment, Feng Ping receives a call from the front desk that Jia Nan is here to return money. She has him sent up, and he observes that she and the Fang family must have a special relationship to have an apartment in the hotel, but she says it’s an employee perk. He wants to look inside but she stops him. He jokes that someone who sees the security video footage might think something unsavory is going on but she says only he would think that way.

Jia Nan hands her the money he owes her, and playfully says he’ll invite her to a meal as interest. He finally gets her phone number, but he doesn’t leave, saying he needs his favorite jacket back immediately. They agree to have dinner together that night and while he backs away saying goodbye, he runs into the wall. Jun Hao appears around the corner and witnesses this moment with a smile on his face.

Once Jia Nan is gone, Jun Hao approaches Feng Ping and she asks how long he’s been there. He jokes that he witnessed all their flirting. She asks him if he knows what privacy is and threatens to file a complaint. He says it’s a public hallway and they were so blatant he could hear even if he didn’t want to.

They walk into her apartment and Jun Hao remarks that it seems like in only two days, her relationship with Jia Nan has changed. He reminds her that Jia Nan is a playboy, but she says she knows Jia Nan isn’t good enough but she feels carefree when she’s with him.

Getting to the point of why he came to find her, Jun Hao says he and his dad reviewed her evaluation of Yep! Studio (Er Yang’s fashion company) and had no issues with it. When Shenghong’s Director Gu returns, they’ll discuss it with him. Then he moves closer to her and asks if she’s really going to invest in Yue Sheng’s company, since they have a past. She just smiles and replies that business is business. He also tells her he was unable to find her ring, and she looks saddened to hear this.

Jia Nan spends a lot of time getting ready for the dinner, putting on cologne and blow drying his hair, but then he goes downstairs and finds his housekeeper chatting with a young woman, Lu Qiao. When she gets up and turns around, he’s shocked, saying it’s been so long since he’s seen her.

Jia Nan says he has a reservation at a restaurant, and it happens to be a restaurant they went to together when they were young. Lu Qiao assumes her aunt (the housekeeper) told him she was coming and made the reservation for her. She says she’s missed the food there and he’s the one who really understands her, so he doesn’t have it in him to tell her the truth.

Feng Ping is already getting ready for the dinner but she forgets her phone on her way out. At the restaurant, Jia Nan tries to call Feng Ping. When she doesn’t pick up, he leaves a message saying he needs to cancel their dinner. Lu Qiao notices that Feng Ping looks distracted but he deflects.

Feng Ping arrives at the restaurant and sees Jia Nan and Lu Qiao at the table eating. Lu Qiao turns and sees her, and after asking Jia Nan if she’s his friend, suggests that she join them. Feng Ping walks up and says she was just stopping by to use the restroom, and walks away. Jia Nan is mortified.

Feng Ping leaves, remembering Jun Hao’s warning about Jia Nan being a playboy. She abandons his jacket on a statue outside the restaurant. Jia Nan walks out after she’s gone and sees the bag with his jacket in it.

As A Jiu drives Jia Nan and Lu Qiao home, she notices that he’s distracted and asks if he was meeting the other girl for dinner. She apologizes for misunderstanding and ruining his date, but he says it was just meeting a friend for dinner.

A Jiu rolls his eyes as Lu Qiao says they didn’t have to celebrate her return tonight. She’s worried the other girl misunderstood. Jia Nan says it’s not a big deal, just a matter of buying a gift and apologizing. He asks when she’s going to tell his brother she’s back, and she replies that she’s going to surprise him in the morning.

At his house, Jia Nan tells Lu Qiao the guest room is prepared for her, but later she tells her aunt she’s leaving to stay at her own home. She asks her aunt if she’s forgotten who made her leave the country years ago. Lu Qiao explains to her aunt that if she stays at Jia Nan’s home, they’ll look down on her and she wants to move in the rightful way.

Feng Ping goes to a restaurant to eat dinner and Yue Sheng sits alone a few tables away, but they don’t see each other. The waitress brings Feng Ping her usual order, and she looks up at the photos on the wall for the photo of her and Yue Sheng. Yue Sheng reminisces about telling Feng Ping that using all four seasonings will make the pasta taste better. He still lines up the seasonings on the table like he did in his memory. Meanwhile, Feng Ping remembers a happy moment here as well.

A Jiu walks up outside of the restaurant and sees Feng Ping looking up at the wall of photos. Yue Sheng leaves without seeing Feng Ping. She turns and sees the seasonings lined up on the table he was sitting at.

After Feng Ping leaves, A Jiu walks into the restaurant and looks at the wall of photos. He sees the one of Feng Ping and Yue Sheng and picks it up.

My Thoughts
Oh boy, two major characters are introduced in this episode! Jia Nan’s brother Hao Yun seems smart and capable, and the two brothers have a good relationship. On the other hand, there seems to be something that happened in Lu Qiao’s past—who forced her to leave the country and why? I’m disappointed that Jia Nan didn’t clarify things with Lu Qiao, but I guess it would’ve been out-of-character if he had. Also, I’m suspicious of Gary and love Jun Hao!

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  1. This a helpful set of recaps! I’m not thinking magical for the bracelet but something more like AI/robot girlfriend. We’ll see . . .

    1. Thanks so much! I’m so glad my recaps are helpful. 🙂 I didn’t expect the bracelet aspect at all so I have no idea where this story is going!

  2. I am really happy that you are posting the recaps! The subs on Youtube are really bad, only after reading your comments we can fully grasp whats going on!

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