Fall in Love (2019): Episode 5 Recap

Lu Qiao joins Bei Chen Group, to Hao Yun and Jia Nan’s surprise. Jia Nan looks for Feng Ping but ends up running into her and Er Yang while at dinner with Lu Qiao. Yue Sheng reminisces about his relationship with Feng Ping three years ago.

Episode 5 Recap

Hao Yun’s assistant brings him to se the New York team, and Hao Yun is surprised to see Lu Qiao among them. She apologizes for joining his company without telling him. Hao Yun asks her if she’s returning to America after this project ends or staying here. She replies that she’s just returned and he’s already trying to get rid of her. He tells her he hopes she stays, and she replies, then she’ll stay. She’s interested in the company’s AI investments, and he fills her in on his attempt to acquire Yue Sheng’s company. She offers to help.

Jia Nan walks into Er Yang’s studio, and Er Yang unsuccessfully attempts to hide from him. Jia Nan asks where Feng Ping is. Er Yang explains that Feng Ping is his muse not his administrative assistant so of course she’s not there all the time. He asks why Jia Nan is looking for her, and he says he needs to speak to her personally.

As he walks out of the studio, a couple of young women walk by remarking how handsome he is. Jia Nan receives a call from A Jiu, reporting that he hasn’t found out anything about Yue Sheng but discovered something else—Hao Yun is planning to acquire Yue Sheng’s company.

Jia Nan heads over to the company to tell Hao Yun and waits restlessly in Hao Yun’s office. He sees a childhood photo of himself, Lu Qiao, and Hao Yun and thinks back to the three of them playing together that day. In the memory, Jia Nan aims a water gun at Lu Qiao and Hao Yun, and Hao Yun shields Lu Qiao.

When Hao Yun walks in, Jia Nan starts to ask about Yue Sheng’s company but is distracted when Lu Qiao follows. Hao Yun informs him that Lu Qiao has joined the company, and Jia Nan asks her why she didn’t mention it last night. Hao Yun’s face falls upon hearing that she went to see Jia Nan first, but she explains that since she’s been away for 10 years, the first person she had to see was her aunt, her only family. Jia Nan tells Hao Yun that she secretly left his house last night and moved into her old home. They plan to hold a welcome back party for her the following night.

Er Yang tells Feng Ping that Jia Nan came looking for her and asks if he’s pursuing her, but she deflects his questions. She’s here to ask if he wants to expand his company. He says he plans to but hasn’t found the right investor, so she tells him she’s interested and knows a reliable investor. He invites her to dinner to celebrate, and it happens to be the same restaurant that Jia Nan and Lu Qiao are eating dinner at. Er Yang and Feng Ping join them. During the meal, Lu Qiao places food on Jia Nan’s plate for him while Er Yang and Feng Ping exchange amused glances.

Jia Nan notices the rope holding up a hanging light above Feng Ping is about to break, and jumps up to push her out of the way. They have a ~moment~ on the ground.

After dinner, Er Yang asks Jia Nan if he can take Feng Ping home, but Lu Qiao fakes a stomachache and Jia Nan takes her to the hospital instead. After they leave, Er Yang leans over and remarks that Lu Qiao is not simple and warns that she’ll be a difficult rival. Feng Ping laughs and says they’re not competing. Er Yang tells her that regardless, he’s on her side. (I love that they both see right through Lu Qiao.)

Lu Qiao thanks Jia Nan for taking her home, and tells him how lonely she was in America and that she missed him and Hao Yun. She sits down inside and remembers the way Jia Nan pushed Feng Ping out of the way. She calls her aunt to get the inside scoop, but her aunt’s never heard Jia Nan mention Feng Ping. Her aunt asks her to come over the next night for dinner but Lu Qiao says she already has plans. She looks through a box of old photos, smiling at the same one Jia Nan had looked at earlier. 

There’s a knock at Lu Qiao’s door, and it’s Hao Yun bringing her some things he thought she might need. She invites him in and notices his cane.

She asks if this is the little lion she drew in his homework book when they were kids, and he says he thought it was cute and had it carved on his cane. She looks unsettled, flashing back to when she drew the lion while he was in the hospital as a child. Hao Yun tells her the past is in the past and medical advances have improved. He can walk normally and just uses the cane occasionally. (What exactly happened back then?)

In Jia Nan’s giant lair, he has a special shower that A Jiu makes fun of him for. Jia Nan takes a shower in it. (This is a truly bizarre scene??? Comedic relief or a gift to fans?)

Thinking back to how Jia Nan saved her, Feng Ping gives him a call. He tells her he feels like he’s dreaming for her to be the one calling him. He apologizes for last night’s dinner mishap. She says she just wants to thank him for saving her. After hanging up, Jia Nan dances smugly, naked, and A Jiu walks in and makes a disdainful face. He’s here to bring Jia Nan the ring (Feng Ping’s ring) that the housekeeper found while cleaning, which Jia Nan had completely forgotten about. (A Jiu makes the best faces.)

Yue Sheng enters his company’s office and the sole employee present explains he’s going to finish up his work and then take his girlfriend out for a fancy birthday dinner. If he cancels on her again, she’ll break up with him. Yue Sheng stands in his office and thinks back to bringing Feng Ping home to have dinner with his family, moving into an apartment together, and going out to the movies and the mall, but also when he left her to eat alone because he was working late when the company was struggling.

He calls Feng Ping, but when she picks up, he’s unable to get any words out for several minutes. He says they need to talk, so Feng Ping tells him to meet her at the hotel cafe.

He arrives and they look at each other seriously.

My Thoughts
Ok fine, maybe I’ll stop rooting for Yue Sheng and Feng Ping. It feels like they’re so far from who they used to be. It seems clear that Hao Yun has feelings for Lu Qiao, and I think Er Yang is my favorite character.

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