Fall in Love (2019): Episode 6 Recap

Feng Ping and Yue Sheng meet, but are interrupted by Ming Xuan. Jia Nan deflects both Hao Yun and Lu Qiao with one impulsive action that he immediately regrets the morning after. Jun Hao and his father worry about Feng Ping.

This is definitely the most eventful episode so far.

Episode 6 Recap

Hao Yun calls Lu Qiao offering to pick her up for the party but she says Jia Nan already said he was going to pick her up. After hanging up, Lu Qiao calls Jia Nan asking him to pick her up, saying that Hao Yun is heading directly to the party.

Hao Yun and Ming Xuan head to the party, and Ming Xuan asks Hao Yun why he looks so unhappy but he denies it. She says that’s right, the girl he likes has returned, why wouldn’t he be happy. Ming Xuan asks what’s so great about Lu Qiao, declaring that she’s not good enough for him.

At the party, Hao Yun makes a toast to the New York team. Several girls crowd Jia Nan to take photos with him, and Lu Qiao cuts in to ask for a photo.

Hao Yun looks over sadly, but Lu Qiao notices and waves him over to take a photo together.

Then it’s Ming Xuan’s turn to look left out, so she takes a selfie and sends it to Yue Sheng.

Yue Sheng receives the text and quickly turns it over, explaining that it’s just a classmate, but Feng Ping says he doesn’t need to explain since they are not in a relationship anymore. Yue Sheng disagrees, saying that she never broke up with him so as far as he’s concerned, they are still in a relationship. Calmly, she asks if this is what he came to say today. He asks if she really doesn’t feel apologetic towards him at all. She replies that if it really matters to him, she’ll apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. He says there’s no need, if she apologizes she’ll have a clear conscience—he doesn’t want her to have a clear conscience. She replies that if he’s not going to accept her apology, why did he want to meet?

Annoyed that Hao Yun and Lu Qiao are chatting happily, Ming Xuan continues to send messages to Yue Sheng.

The two girls who went over to Jia Nan’s home a few episodes back run into each other at the hotel entrance and bicker. (Trouble!)

Jia Nan asks Ming Xuan why she looks so unhappy, and she glares in Lu Qiao’s direction. Jia Nan smiles, saying the two of them were always fighting back then, now that they’re adults she should let it go. Ming Xuan says her annoying attributes remain the same and asks why he’s still defending her.

Ming Xuan storms off and Jia Nan is about to follow when his two fangirls arrive. He turns to escape them but they follow him.

Hao Yun and Ming Xuan observe Jia Nan. Shaking his head, Hao Yun remarks that Jia Nan hasn’t changed his flirtatious bad habits. She asks who they are, and he says they both claim to be Jia Nan’s girlfriend.

Hao Yun is surprised when she walks away to approach Jia Nan, telling them the party’s for her. Both the girls introduce themselves as Jia Nan’s girlfriend and fight over Jia Nan with each other. After Ming Xuan toasts them insultingly, one of them pushes Ming Xuan to the ground. Hao Yun intervenes and requests that the two girls leave. Ming Xuan excuses herself to go to the restroom and Hao Yun says he’ll go with her, but then he gets a call from his father and sends Jia Nan instead.

Ming Xuan walks by the area Feng Ping and Yue Sheng are sitting in, and smiles gleefully. Feng Ping says that since he won’t accept her apology, there’s nothing left to say and stands up to walk away. She stops in her tracks when he accuses her of being unable to do anything but leave without saying goodbye.

Ming Xuan interrupts, asking Yue Sheng why he didn’t reply to her messages. Then she sees Feng Ping and asks what she’s doing there. Yue Sheng replies that she’s a hotel employee. With a smug look on her face, Ming Xuan asks Feng Ping to order a bowl of soup for her and adds that she’ll tip her. Feng Ping calmly replies that although she’s an employee, she isn’t working right now. As she starts to walk away, Ming Xuan tells her she’s a VIP client of this hotel. Yue Sheng cuts in to say that Feng Ping’s relationship with this hotel isn’t ordinary, and Ming Xuan says even the hotel’s owner wouldn’t treat a VIP client this way.

Feng Ping calls for an employee and repeats Ming Xuan’s order, even the part about the tip. She asks if Ming Xuan’s satisfied now, and after giving Yue Sheng one last scathing look, walks away. Ming Xuan tells Yue Sheng her older brothers are next door and says she’ll introduce him.

Jia Nan waits for Lu Qiao outside the restroom, asking if she’s okay. She walks out stumbling and as he tries to catch her, she ends up leaning against him. She moves closer as if to kiss him, and at that moment, Hao Yun walks by and sees them before walking away. Jia Nan sees his brother and dodges Lu Qiao’s face, thinking to himself that he’s dead meat.

Hao Yun is drinking alone when Jia Nan approaches awkwardly. He tells Jia Nan that he doesn’t mind when Jia Nan plays around but to keep Lu Qiao out of all his gossip rumors. Jia Nan explains that neither of those two girls earlier are his girlfriend and they’re just delusional. Hao Yun asks if he has anyone he likes, or if he’s been waiting for—but Jia Nan denies it before Hao Yun even says her name. He claims he already has a girlfriend and hasn’t announced it publicly to protect her. Hao Yun doesn’t believe him but Jia Nan claims he wouldn’t lie and his relationship has been stable for some time.

Hao Yun demands Jia Nan tell him her name. Jia Nan looks around desperately, and finds Feng Ping’s ring in his pocket. Joining them, Lu Qiao asks what they’re discussing so seriously and Hao Yun tells her that Jia Nan claims he has a girlfriend. Lu Qiao says Jia Nan must be lying, otherwise why would those two girls argue with her. Hao Yun asks him again if his girlfriend is one of those two girls or Xia Yao, but Jia Nan denies it.

Spotting Feng Ping speaking to the chef, Jia Nan tells the two of them to wait. He walks over and pulls Feng Ping into the room in front of his brother and Lu Qiao, saying that she is his girlfriend. Then he gets on his knee and holds out the ring, asking if she’ll marry him. Feng Ping is perplexed, but takes a look at the ring and realizes it’s hers. She leans in to tell him he’s really something for proposing with her own ring, and he replies if she rejects him he’s keeping the ring.

Feng Ping looks around and sees Yue Sheng walk in with Ming Xuan. Yue Sheng’s eyes widen at the scene before him. Taking a long look at Yue Sheng, Feng Ping makes her choice and accepts the proposal. Hao Yun, Lu Qiao, Ming Xuan, and Yue Sheng all look shocked. (LOL I love their shocked faces but Feng Ping and Jia Nan don’t even hug or anything—pretend to look happier!!)

The news of the proposal trends on the internet and BC Group employees gossip about it in the elevator. Er Yang is so surprised to see the news article about Jia Nan’s engagement that he spills his tea. Apparently the photo doesn’t show her face and the article doesn’t name her. A Jiu reads the news on the internet and takes out the photo of Feng Ping and Yue Sheng that he took from the restaurant.

The two girls who were pursuing Jia Nan call his housekeeper crying. Fed up, A Jiu unplugs the phone, and closes the curtains to prevent the photographers outside from taking pictures.

Jia Nan is sleeping but his phone is blowing up with text messages from various girls. He wakes up and is surprised to see the news article. A Jiu walks into his room and concludes from his reaction that he must not be satisfied with his fiancee. Jia Nan regrets being engaged and asks if he can take it back, but A Jiu tells him if he calls off his engagement within 24 hours it’ll definitely be a trending topic. A Jiu informs him the phone’s been ringing all morning and photographers are outside so it’d be best for him not to leave the house today. Frustrated, Jia Nan asks A Jiu why she would accept his proposal. A Jiu says no girl would say no to Tang Jia Nan, but Jia Nan says she’s not like other girls.

Jun Hao barges into Feng Ping’s room and asks how she can be calmly doing yoga at a time like this. He recognizes the ring on her hand as her own ring and checks if she has a fever. Feng Ping swats his hand away, saying she’s someone else’s fiancee now. (LOL.)

Jun Hao determines there must be bad feng shui in the room. Feng Ping says it’s just an engagement but Jun Hao replies that from her recent behavior he’s worried she’ll register the marriage tonight. Smiling, she remarks that Jun Hao seems more concerned than she is. Jun Hao says when he thinks about answering her brother’s call in five hours, he wants to jump out of the building. Feng Ping reassures him that Bing Chen (her brother’s name?) is extremely refined so there’s no reason to worry. Jun Hao is still worried, so Feng Ping suggests he gets the article taken down. Jun Hao replies that unless he takes down the entire internet, there’s no way her brother won’t see the news. Feng Ping wishes him luck.

Jun Hao leaves and gets a call from his father and says he’s heading over to see him. Jun Hao’s father asks him what’s going on, and Jun Hao he’s not clear on the details but recently Feng Ping has gotten close to Jia Nan. Jun Hao’s father reminds him that Feng Ping is the Feng family’s last descendant. 

Jun Hao notes that Feng Ping’s being relaxed about this matter and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. His father replies that he’s concerned that Feng Ping is naive and could be deceived. Jun Hao replies, they should be thanking the gods that Feng Ping isn’t out deceiving others, who could deceive her? His father warns that falling in love can make a girl lose sight of reason. Last time, wasn’t it because of a boy that she was depressed for so long? Defending her, Jun Hao notes that after that experience Feng Ping’s matured a lot. These past two years, Feng Ping has had more investment ideas and the recent investment in Yep! Studio has gone smoothly.

However, his father isn’t convinced. An engagement out of nowhere doesn’t suggest maturity to him. Actually, Jun Hao says, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—Feng Ping should to meet someone new, start a new relationship, and change her lifestyle. She can’t live in the hotel for the rest of her life. On this point, his father agrees, but he thinks the elder Tang son is mature while the second son is idle and surrounded by too much gossip. Jun Hao tells his father they shouldn’t worry too much, it’s like Feng Ping said, it’s just an engagement. His father isn’t pleased, reminding his son that an engagement is a commitment and remarking that young people these days are too cavalier.

Feng Ping takes what looks to be a very relaxing bath while thinking about all her encounters with Jia Nan. (Well, there’s something Feng Ping and Jia Nan have in common. They really enjoy bathing???)

Meanwhile, Yue Sheng wakes up in the morning and looks around confused, remembering drinking heavily the previous night and thinking that he and Feng Ping were truly over. Ming Xuan had found him while he was drunk.

Yue Sheng walks into his living room and just as he’s sat down and closed his eyes, he hears the toilet flush. Confused, he reaches behind himself and finds a dress and watches as Ming Xuan walks out of his bathroom, smiling and wearing just a shirt.

My Thoughts
YIKES @ Yue Sheng and Ming Xuan. Disliking Lu Qiao was a point in Ming Xuan’s favor, but then she lost any goodwill I had for her with her actions towards Feng Ping. She acted like a spoiled brat, and worse, Yue Sheng just watched it happen. I understand that Yue Sheng is angry that Feng Ping disappeared without a word, but after seeing the flashbacks in the previous episode, I wish he would also reflect over his own actions.

I’m excited to see what will happen with the fake engagement and hope it’ll bring us some answers about Feng Ping. This is the rare drama where I’m not watching for the romance but for the mysterious plot.

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