Fall in Love (2019): Episode 7 Recap

Xia Mo tells reporters about Feng Ping’s multiple jobs, resulting in negative comments about her online. Jia Nan’s father arrives suddenly to deal with his son personally. Despite his engagement, Lu Qiao hasn’t given up on Jia Nan so he comes up with another plan.

(Sorry, this recap is fairly long! There’s a lot of dialogue and I included most of it in case the English subtitles on YouTube are unclear.)

Episode 7 Recap

Ming Xuan explains that she borrowed Yue Sheng’s shirt because he threw up on her last night. Since the straps of her dress are broken, she wears his shirt over it. Yue Sheng apologizes for last night but Ming Xuan smiles and says she doesn’t mind, he’s an adult and deserves to loosen up for a night.

After Ming Xuan leaves, Yue Sheng picks up the robot on the table and asks it how he could’ve done something so shameful, getting drunk and doing things he shouldn’t have in a daze.

Yue Sheng gets up and takes out a jewelry box from a drawer. It’s a necklace with a green gem. In a flashback, Yue Sheng and Feng Ping celebrate her birthday and he gives her the necklace. He explains that the necklace isn’t very valuable but it’s important to his family. His maternal grandmother gave it to his mother, and his mother passed it onto him for his future wife. Yue Sheng looks at the necklace for a moment before putting it back.

The housekeeper calls Lu Qiao. Annoyed, Lu Qiao declines the call but her aunt tries again. Lu Qiao picks up this time but before she can say a word, her aunt starts bombarding her with questions about Jia Nan getting engagement. Lu Qiao tells her aunt she’s working and they can discuss it later, and hangs up, looking distressed.

On set, Xia Yao finishes filming a scene and is then interviewed by reporters. They ask her about Jia Nan’s engagement and she says she congratulates them. When asked what she knows about Jia Nan’s fiancee, Xia Yao shares that Feng Ping is a wardrobe assistant and simultaneously works at a restaurant.

Afterwards, Xia Yao looks at her phone and sees an articles about Jia Nan’s fiancee being born poor and her multiple jobs. Smugly, she remarks that the reporters sure are quick, and smiles with glee when she sees headlines calling Feng Ping a real-life Cinderella who has latched onto a rich heir.

In his office, Hao Yun also sees the article and remembers how Jia Nan came and showed him her photo. He wonders how Jia Nan went from not knowing her a few days ago to making her his fiancee.

Lu Qiao enters Hao Yun’s office and asks him what he’s thinking about that has him so entranced. Hao Yun replies, what else could it be but Jia Nan’s engagement. Lu Qiao tells him not to worry, that Jia Nan was just being impulsive in the moment. She asks him if Jia Nan ever mentioned that girl before, and Hao Yun replies, he did once, and doesn’t finish his sentence. Hao Yun reflects that he didn’t discuss relationship matters with Jia Nan often so he’s a bad older brother. She replies that she hasn’t seen a more caring older brother than him. Hao Yun receives a call and his face becomes serious immediately.

Hao Yun and Jia Nan’s father, the chairman, arrives and Hao Yun greets him in the lobby. The chairman tells Hao Yun he wants to see Jia Nan immediately.

Jia Nan is working on something in his lab when A Jiu comes in to inform him that his father has returned. When Jia Nan asks why he’s returned all of a sudden, A Jiu replies that it’s obviously because of the engagement news. Jia Nan quickly says he can’t see his father and asks A Jiu to immediately think of a way to get the article taken down. There’s no point, A Jiu replies, since the news has already spread and the chairman has seen it.

A Jiu suggests that Jia Nan tell his father the truth about regretting the engagement and at most, the chairman will just yell at him. Jia Nan refuses, saying it would be too embarrassing to immediately call off his engagement. A Jiu notes, given his public image, no one would be surprised if he did.

Play-acting as Jia Nan’s father, A Jiu asks Jia Nan the questions that will inevitably be asked: Are you serious about the engagement? Do you know Feng Ping’s background? What do her parents do? Jia Nan stops him and says that he needs to see Feng Ping immediately.

Jia Nan arrives at Feng Ping’s door, greeting her as his fiancee and asking if she’s going to invite him in. He looks around her apartment curiously. Feng Ping asks if after a night’s sleep he’s come to his senses and begun to regret it. Jia Nan is amazed that she’s guessed so accurately. So, Feng Ping asks, what’s his plan for dealing with this situation.

Jia Nan admits that threatening her by using her own ring to propose was because he had no choice, but he never thought she would say yes. Amused, Feng Ping replies that the BC Group’s second son is the dream man of hundreds of millions of girls. She couldn’t think of a reason to decline. Laughing, he says that when hearing these words come out of her mouth, he doesn’t believe it. The entire time he’s known her, she’s never said ‘yes’ to anything. She replies that she lent him money but he says those are two different things.

Jia Nan claims he’s worried that the engagement news will impact her life negatively. In that case, she suggests he hold a press conference and tell everyone the engagement was a misunderstanding. Jia Nan replies that he doesn’t care what the media says since he has thick skin and there’s already a lot of gossip about him, but he’s worried she’ll be hurt by it. Feng Ping just smiles and says, other people’s comments are unable to affect her life. Jia Nan replies that he’s truly curious about where her confidence comes from. Regardless, she says, he caused all this.

Jia Nan asks her if it was a different guy who proposed to her, not him, would she have agreed? She hadn’t thought about that before, since any normal guy wouldn’t do something like that. Jia Nan knows she’s insulting him in a circular way. Feng Ping answers his question—she probably wouldn’t have and asks if he came here today to ask if he’s special to her. Of course not, he replies, but he says they’re kindred spirits. She says it’s fine if he thinks that way, but it’s too soon to conclude whether they’re kindred spirits. No worries, he replies, we’ll wait and see.

Sitting down next to Feng Ping, Jia Nan says he’s here today because his family knows about the engagement and they’ll inevitably have questions, so he wants to ask about her family background. She tells him there’s no need, instructing him to tell his family the engagement is a misunderstanding with no possibility of marriage, and after some time has passed, they can break up. She won’t ask him for any money, and aside from some added gossip about him, the Tang family won’t suffer any losses. Jia Nan remarks that this sounds very advantageous towards him, and Feng Ping replies, of course, if he wants to give her a breakup fee, she won’t decline.

On the topic of money, he notices, she always seems to be very straightforward. Jia Nan says, there are two types of people like that, people with a lot of money and people very lacking in money. Which one is she?  She asks him what he thinks, and he replies, she lives in a hotel and is close with the Fang family. Yet at the same time, she works those jobs, has an $800 hourly rate for dates, and doesn’t mind a breakup fee. Regardless of which type of person she is, she’s not an ordinary woman. Feng Ping laughs and says he forgot something—she’s also BC Group’s second son’s fiancee.

Jia Nan gets into A Jiu’s waiting car. A Jiu asks if he learned anything, and Jia Nan replies that he didn’t. Although Feng Ping seemed to be considerate of his situation she didn’t actually reveal anything about herself.

Hao Yun and his father wait for Jia Nan. Just as Hao Yun is about to call him, Jia Nan runs in. Without even greeting his son, the chairman asks about the woman’s history, clearly referring to Feng Ping. Jia Nan glances at his brother, who shakes his head in warning. Jia Nan places a smile on his face and asks why his dad is being so tacky. You don’t ask an outstanding person where they came from. The chairman says Jia Nan must not know his fiancee as well as the reporters do. In the past, even when Jia Nan made trouble he knew what was appropriate, but this time he’s gotten engaged to a woman with a dubious background. This exceeds what he will tolerate.

Well, Jia Nan says, it’s not like we can immediately announce that the engagement is canceled. Of course not, his father says, instructing him to behave and lay low for a few months. After the news blows over, they’ll find an appropriate reason to cancel the engagement. Jia Nan cracks up, angering his father, but he explains that his father’s thinking happens to be the same as someone else’s. His father orders him to begin working at the company from today onwards. Jia Nan replies, didn’t they say five years, but his father says it’s decided and tells his sons to leave.

Hao Yun tells Jia Nan he’s really crossed their father’s bottom line this time. When their aunt carelessly got engaged and almost caused a scandal, she was sent to live abroad. Their father and grandmother both deliberately never speak of her. Perfectly aware of this matter, Jia Nan still got engaged recklessly so it’s not surprising that their father is so angry. Hao Yun also asks Jia Nan about the five year agreement he referred to earlier, but Jia Nan asks him not to mention it because he already has such a huge headache and he leaves to go home.

In the elevator, Jia Nan thinks back to the agreement he made with his father. A few years after Jia Nan had graduated, his father had gotten fed up and wanted him to work at the company. Jia Nan said the company had his capable older brother and he had his own interests he wanted to pursue. His father offers two years but Jia Nan asks for five. His father agrees, but if after five years Jia Nan hasn’t accomplished anything, then he’ll have to work at the company.

Feng Ping receives a call from her brother, who says in a serious tone that he saw the news and asks if she was coerced. Smiling, Feng Ping replies that of course she wasn’t. He asks what kind of person Tang Jia Nan is, and she describes him as an interesting person. He understands, but that doesn’t mean her behavior shouldn’t be punished. She replies that she’s willing to accept punishment. He instructs her to quickly complete the acquisition and return to London. He hangs up and Feng Ping looks at her drawing of when Jia Nan proposed to her.

At his apartment, Yue Sheng looks at the article about the engagement and drinks. He picks up a call from Ming Xuan, who asks him to look for an earring she might’ve left in his bathroom. The earring was a birthday gift from her grandmother. She offers to come pick it up when he’s not busy and is ecstatic when he says he’ll bring it to her the next day.

Jia Nan comes downstairs the next morning to find Lu Qiao there with several bags of designer goods for him. He notices that they’re women’s goods and she says that as his fiancee, Feng Ping will need to take note of her appearance. Jia Nan is confused so Lu Qiao explains that Xia Yao said things in an interview that negatively affected Feng Ping’s image, and people are saying awful things about her online. Jia Nan laughs awkwardly and thanks Lu Qiao for thinking so thoroughly. When Jia Nan ponders that Feng Ping probably won’t care about any of this, Lu Qiao asks if he thinks her gifts aren’t good enough, so Jia Nan hastily accepts the gifts.

As Jia Nan is about to leave, Lu Qiao grabs his arm and says she knows he agreed to cancel the engagement after a while, but until then, Feng Ping’s still his fiancee and he can’t have his status lowered. Jia Nan laughs and says that was just a makeshift plan between him and his father. Feng Ping is moving into his home in a few days, and to be honest, he doesn’t want to be separated from her.

Lu Qiao is shocked that they’re planning to live together and is barely able to get a word of congratulations out before quickly leaving. Jia Nan thinks back to a childhood memory of Lu Qiao giving him a gift. After looking at it, he tells her he can’t accept it and gives it back, but she throws it to the ground and runs off.

Jia Nan asks A Jiu to help him come up with a plan to get Feng Ping to move in. Surprised at this request, Jia Nan explains that Lu Qiao came over and already knows the engagement will be canceled in a few months. A Jiu understands: Lu Qiao has expressed her interest again and Jia Nan wants to use Feng Ping to make her back off. He asks, since Jia Nan doesn’t like Lu Qiao, then why doesn’t he just make it clear with her face-to-face. This circuitous method is not his style. Jia Nan replies that he, Lu Qiao, and Hao Yun have a different relationship, having grown up together.

A Jiu concludes that Jia Nan has already used once (the engagement) and wants to use her again. Jia Nan declares he and Feng Ping are a match made in heaven. Curious, A Jiu has one more question for Jia Nan. Of all the girls who like him, why is Feng Ping the one he’s chosen? Jia Nan replies, if he picked someone who liked him, how would he get out of it? A Jiu concludes that means Feng Ping doesn’t like him. Annoyed, Jia Nan says he’s asking him to help him get her to move in, not analyze them. He’s not sure why A Jiu is being so hostile towards Feng Ping but it’s taking too much of his energy, so he leaves.

Afterwards, A Jiu takes the photo of Feng Ping and Yue Sheng out of his pocket and looks at it.

Feng Ping arrives at Er Yang’s studio for work. When he sees her, he examines her stomach to see if she’s pregnant. Jia Nan was asking him for her phone number just a few days ago, so he’s curious about what happened that would cause them to get engaged so quickly. Feng Ping says it’s because he’s Tang Jia Nan, and asks Er Yang if it were him, would he decline?

As Er Yang ponders the question seriously and answers that indeed it would be difficult to decline, Jia Nan arrives. He says he’s here to see his fiancee. Er Yang shudders and leaves, warning them not to do anything unsavory in his studio. Jia Nan says he wants to take the next step, and she replies, he isn’t trying to really get married, because that’s impossible.

Jia Nan leans over her, and she smiles and asks if he’s sorted it out with his family. He backs off and says he’s here to ask when she’s planning to move into his home. She says she wasn’t planning on it, but he argues that it’ll look bad if the reporters find out she’s living in the hotel.

He pleads with her playfully and she says she’ll agree, if he passes her test. No problem, he quickly replies.

My Thoughts
Feng Ping told her brother (who I am so curious about, by the way) that she found Jia Nan interesting, and that’s really it. Jia Nan is definitely amusing and entertaining, and I think in this episode it’s clear that he’s really grown on her.

In this episode, Jia Nan reminded me that even though he’s childish and self-absorbed, he’s not dumb. He understands that Feng Ping skillfully deflected all his questions, knows how to stay on his father’s good side, and saw right through Lu Qiao’s actions. I’m not sure how many years have passed since his agreement with his father, but I’m curious about what Jia Nan’s worked on.

Also, I would love to see a showdown between Feng Ping & Jia Nan’s father.

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