Fall in Love (2019): Episode 8 Recap

Jia Nan works hard to pass Feng Ping’s ‘test’. Feng Ping makes a decision that not everyone is pleased by, and Ming Xuan makes it her mission to educate Feng Ping on manners and style. Jia Nan’s father makes a major announcement at the board meeting.

Writing these recaps reminds me how eventful these episodes are, and I’m most excited that a new character makes their first appearance.

Episode 8 Recap

Yue Sheng meets with Ming Xuan to return the earring. He apologizes again for the other night. She replies, for throwing up on her? It’s fine. He asks, that’s all? (She explains that he stepped on her dress and that’s why the straps were torn.) He’s so relieved to find out nothing happened between them. She tells him if he wants to make it up to her, he can go to an art exhibition with her.

Jia Nan wakes up a sleeping A Jiu, who looks him up and down and asks why he’s dressed like that. Jia Nan replies that he’s going to model for Er Yang.

At Er Yang’s studio, Feng Ping smiles and hands Jia Nan a book of fabric samples. Confused, Jia Nan asks, isn’t he here to be a model?

Nope! Jia Nan is put to work at a sewing machine, and the other employees laugh at the handsome young man who has joined them. His machine stops because he’s lost the sewing needle.

Next, Jia Nan irons clothes while another employee points at all the spots he’s missed. Once he’s alone, he shuts his eyes for a few seconds and burns the clothing.

Er Yang watches as Jia Nan carries clothing, but he picks up more than he can handle and falls to the ground.

Feng Ping is working her chef’s assistant job when Jia Nan barges in, informing her he’s been fired by Er Yang. She drags him out of the kitchen as the chef yells angrily at the intrusion. Jia Nan offers to help her in the kitchen instead, but she says he can’t because the kitchen is an important place. As Feng Ping walks away, he calls after her asking for another chance. He receives a text message from her telling him to wait for her at the hotel tomorrow.

At the art exhibition, Ming Xuan tells Yue Sheng about the artwork and after wavering a couple times, wraps her arm around his. Er Yang’s assistant runs into them and says hello to Ming Xuan. Ming Xuan doesn’t know who she is, so the assistant explains that she works for Er Yang so Feng Ping is her colleague. Ming Xuan is annoyed that Feng Ping works as an assistant and she leads Yue Sheng away somewhat abruptly.

Yue Sheng drops Ming Xuan off, and Hao Yun walks up behind her as she’s watching Yue Sheng drive away. Hao Yun says he’s worried about her but she tells him to worry about her brother instead. Hao Yun reminds her not to get home so late next time to avoid getting caught by their dad.

Jia Nan complains about how tight his uniform is. Today he’s working as a waiter and mixes up the order for two tables and drips water on a customer’s arm. The customers repeatedly ask to speak to the manager. While clearing plates off a table, he drops one and it shatters.

While picking up the pieces, Jia Nan cuts his finger and Feng Ping bandages it for him. He asks her not to tell him to leave, telling her he can make it through a week. They had agreed that if he makes it through a week, she’ll move into his home. He threatens to move into the hotel and with his personality, there won’t be any peace. She replies that his sudden pestering makes her suspect he has other motives. He holds up his bandaged finger to show her his sincerity. She says she’s not the one getting rid of him; he broke the chef’s favorite plate. Jia Nan offers to replace them with the finest dishes but she says to a chef, the value of a dish can’t be measured with money.

Jia Nan’s stomach rumbles so he goes into the kitchen and cooks himself something to eat, making a huge mess. (I’m horrified by this mess…) His explanation is that he’s going to be fired anyways. She tells him these ingredients are all special ordered. He feeds her a few pieces and she admits that it’s good (REALLY?) and they eat together.

Next thing you know… they’re in the hospital because Jia Nan’s cooking resulted in food poisoning for the both of them. She tells him that since she treasures her life, she’s made a decision.

A Jiu is overseeing the movers who are carrying boxes upstairs. The housekeeper asks what’s going on and learns that Feng Ping is moving in today, displeased that no one told her in advance. She’s ranting about Feng Ping’s dirty things and about how she’s unworthy as Feng Ping walks in behind her. Despite hearing everything, she smiles gracefully as Jia Nan introduces them.

Giving Feng Ping a tour of his room, Feng Ping spots the bag with with his jacket and asks why he has it (since she had abandoned it outside the restaurant). He deflects the question and takes her to see another room.

Ming Xuan is working on an assignment when her friend calls her telling her that her rival deliberately went to Yep! Studio to order clothing from Ming Xuan’s sister-in-law. She leaves immediately for Jia Nan’s house.

Ming Xuan asks if Jia Nan knows his fiancee works two jobs and wants her to quit. Jia Nan replies that of course he knows and why should he ask her to quit. He tells Ming Xuan to ask her rivals to order their clothing elsewhere, and Ming Xuan replies they won’t listen to her. Jia Nan replies, how do you know Feng Ping will listen to me?

Ming Xuan complains that if word gets out about this, the entire Tang family will lose face. Smiling, Jia Nan replies that a rich family’s multi-skilled daughter-in-law sounds pretty good. Among the vain girls who are always comparing with each other, she stands out. Ming Xuan says, who knows what other past jobs the media will uncover?

Feng Ping walks in and rattles off a list of other jobs he’s had and says if she’s interested, she can tell her about all of them. Surprised to see Feng Ping here, Ming Xuan asks Jia Nan if their father knows that they’re living together. Jia Nan replies that their father won’t bother overseeing how many people are in his bed, and Feng Ping rolls her eyes. (LOL.) Ming Xuan wonders out loud if Feng Ping needs money that desperately to work so many jobs. Feng Ping replies that she finds value in creating rather than consuming. 

After Ming Xuan leaves, Jia Nan tells Feng Ping not to take Ming Xuan’s words to heart since she’s been spoiled from childhood. Feng Ping asks if it really doesn’t bother him that she works, and Jia Nan admits that sometimes he can’t bear for her to work for (‘serve’) other people. But as long as she’s happy, he’ll support her in anything. 

Ming Xuan calls her grandmother, who is distracted a game she’s playing. Ming Xuan complains about Jia Nan and Feng Ping living together. The grandmother says that Feng Ping knows what’s appropriate and if Ming Xuan got her act together, she’d be worry-free.

Feng Ping is doing yoga in the living room while A Jiu also works out nearby when Ming Xuan arrives. She tells Feng Ping she’s going to sacrifice a day to take her out to see the world and improve her taste, to prevent her from being made fun of in the future. While Feng Ping changes out of her yoga clothes, Ming Xuan evaluates Feng Ping’s closet and beauty products. When Feng Ping returns, Ming Xuan tells her she’s determined Feng Ping must’ve done a lot of preparation in order to attract her brother, but the magazine on her desk has outdated fashion in it and no value.

At the BC Group board meeting, Hao Yun is giving a report about the acquisition of Yue Sheng’s company. Arriving late, Jia Nan joins the meeting but watches videos on his phone. His father instructs Hao Yun to hand this project over to Jia Nan, who will officially be the company vice president beginning the next day.

Ming Xuan and Feng Ping browse clothing in a store while Ming Xuan lectures Feng Ping about fashion and not being able to wear an outfit twice. Feng Ping pleasantly says that well-known brands don’t follow trends and stick to their individual styles. People are the same, and with Ming Xuan’s looks, she’ll look good regardless of whether she’s following trends. Hearing this makes Ming Xuan happy.

Meanwhile, back at the meeting, Jia Nan’s father says he knows his decision will be questioned but sooner or later Jia Nan will be participating in company operations. The artificial intelligence group is the most newly established so Jia Nan can quickly adapt and take over. He calls the meeting to an end. (You know what, I’m annoyed that everyone at the table is male and the only women are along the outer rim of the room.)

Ming Xuan and Feng Ping are walking down the street when a motorcycle almost hits them. The rider lifts her helmet visor, and Feng Ping recognizes her, calling her Qiu Tian. Qiu Tian says she’s busy and leaves. Ming Xuan warns her not to dress like the motorcycle rider, but Feng Ping jokes that if she did, Jia Nan would like her even more.

The chairman orders Hao Yun to review the AI group team members; if they’re not qualified, then transfer some capable people from other departments. This is Jia Nan’s first project so he can’t make any mistakes. Jia Nan appeals to his father that this project is too important, Hao Yun should handle it. His father replies that he’s already announced my decision at the board meeting, and tells them to proceed with the handover. Jia Nan wants to plead with his father but Hao Yun leads him away.

At a nice restaurant, Ming Xuan tells Feng Ping she’ll observe her behavior and formulate a personalized table and social manners training for her. Ming Xuan asks if her brother has taken her to this restaurant before, and Feng Ping says she and Jia Nan haven’t gone out for dinner. Ming Xuan says she never dreamed he would choose her, and Feng Ping replies that she never dreamed this would happen either.

Everything that Ming Xuan says sounds fairly offensive, but Feng Ping remarks that she likes how direct and cute Ming Xuan is. When the waiter comes to take their order, Ming Xuan struggles to order in French, so Feng Ping saves her and places the order in French. Ming Xuan is surprised, but Feng Ping explains she’s worked in a French restaurant so she’s familiar with French menus. Ming Xuan tells Feng Ping she hopes she’ll quit her job with the chef and at the Shiguang Hotel.

Jia Nan wonders what’s gotten into their father, and Hao Yun tells him that since their father’s made his decision, they’ll have to go along with it. Jia Nan notes that Hao Yun wasn’t even successful with this project, and he doesn’t like Yue Sheng. Hao Yun reminds him that Lu Qiao is in the group, too, and they’ll both help him. Jia Nan walks off unhappily.

During their meal, Ming Xuan puts on her sunglasses and takes a selfie that she sends to Yue Sheng. Yue Sheng opens the photo but what catches his eye is Feng Ping in the sunglasses’ reflection. He replies to Ming Xuan asking what her plans are in the afternoon. Ming Xuan says she’s going to an art exhibition with her brother’s new fiancee and then freshens up her makeup at the table.

Ming Xuan introduces Feng Ping to the artwork at the exhibition and tells her that in time, her brother’s influence will help improve her taste in art. Feng Ping looks skeptical. (lol.) While Ming Xuan struggles to find cell reception, Feng Ping continues walking onwards, out of her view.

As Feng Ping stops to look at a piece of artwork, Yue Sheng walks up behind her.

My Thoughts
I wish Jia Nan would try harder in each of his tasks but at least he has no issue with Feng Ping’s jobs and respects that she has so many skills and experiences. Despite Ming Xuan’s rather rude words, it’s nice that instead of trying to sabotage Feng Ping she’s trying to help her. I know it’s to preserve the family image, but I think Feng Ping is slowly winning her over. Feng Ping is a good influence on her.

It’s unfortunate that Jia Nan’s been handed a project that’ll force him to work with Lu Qiao, who he’s trying to avoid. And lastly, if you’ve paid attention to the opening sequence, it looks like Qiu Tian will have a substantial storyline and I’m curious about what it’ll be.

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