Fall in Love (2019): Episode 9 Recap

Yue Sheng seeks an answer regarding past events, but is unsatisfied with Feng Ping’s answer. A Jiu confronts Feng Ping with the photo he found. Jia Nan and Feng Ping spend some quality time together.

Episode 9 Recap

Ming Xuan walks in, happy to see Yue Sheng, and introduces them. Neither Feng Ping nor Yue Sheng mention that they already know each other. Yue Sheng puts his arm around Ming Xuan and says that Feng Ping must be very happy about getting engaged to Tang Jia Nan.

Feng Ping turns back to the work of art she was looking at. Ming Xuan approaches the work and tells Feng Ping she specifically asked the artist about the meaning of this piece. He said, in this era people will easily walk along different paths, and gradually become farther apart from each other. Ming Xuan had replied that she still didn’t understand, so the artist said it was because she’s too young and hasn’t had enough life experience. Yue Sheng chimes in, agreeing with the artist’s words and adding that sometimes, you entirely can’t understand the person in front of you. However, those people who leave without saying goodbye are able to walk along easily without even a look back.

When Yue Sheng asks what Feng Ping thinks, she replies that out of 1000 people there are 1000 Hamlets who think their own reasoning is right.

In his apartment, Yue Sheng thinks back to his memories with Feng Ping. Feng Ping tried to feed him but he was too busy with work. Feng Ping prepared a meal while he was sleeping, but he woke up and left for work without taking a bite, causing her to angrily throw the food out.

In Jia Nan’s lair, he asks A Jiu to help him think of ways to get out of the acquisition project. Unhappy that A Jiu isn’t paying attention to him, A Jiu sits down next to him and strokes his cheek (lol) and Jia Nan pushes him away. A Jiu notes that acquiring the AI company shouldn’t be difficult for him, but Jia Nan replies if he succeeds his father will have even less reason to let him off. He doesn’t want to stay at Bei Chen Group.

There’s something A Jiu has seriously wanted to ask: has Jia Nan has been building his image as a self-indulgent rich heir and doing all these unreliable things in order to make sure the company is passed on to his brother? Jia Nan looks at him and says he’s strayed away from the problem, which is how to remove himself from this acquisition project.

Jia Nan suddenly remembers the matter of Yue Sheng’s previous girlfriend and asks if A Jiu has discovered anything. A Jiu says he has but is still confirming some details. Jia Nan badgers A Jiu for the name but Feng Ping walks in, asking if she’s interrupted something. She asks if Feng Ping wants to go out for dinner. They leave, and A Jiu breathes a sigh of relief.

Jia Nan says since the food poisoning incident, they haven’t had a meal together so he’s making it up to her now. He says he heard from Er Yang that she has design talent and wonders why doesn’t she start her own business. She replies, does he feel the same way as Ming Xuan in thinking that her working for Er Yang causes the Tang family to lose face? Of course not, he replies, the person causing the family to lose face is himself.

Jia Nan remarks that he’s known Er Yang for a long time, and for Er Yang to admire her she must be pretty outstanding. She says she doesn’t have any plans for starting her own business at this time, and he offers her funding if she needs it. She says that actually she doesn’t have any special design talent, she just has a lot of experience and knowledge.

Jia Nan says she gives him a funny feeling. If any other girl said what she did, he’d think she was pretentious, but when she says it, he believes it.

Feng Ping asks what happened that night that caused him to suddenly propose to her. He hesitates in replying, so she asks if it were another girl, would he have proposed? He quickly replies, of course not. So she concludes that he chose her, and he says they were brought together by fate since he needed to propose and she appeared. She was the right person at the right time.

In the car, Feng Ping gets a call from someone asking to meet. When Jia Nan asks who it was, she says it was a friend. A Jiu, in the driver’s seat, listens intently.

A Jiu follows Feng Ping from the house to a mall. Feng Ping seems aware that she’s being followed and deliberately loses him. 

It turns out Feng Ping is meeting is Yue Sheng, and he says he’s ready to hear her explanation for why she left without a word. She says the past is in the past, why keep rehashing it, but he still wants to hear a reason. She tells him that in his heart he already knows the answer.

He replies, maybe she didn’t know, but at the time he was running around looking everywhere for investors. When he needed her the most, she left without a word. How can he find a reasonable explanation for this?

Perhaps what he’s brooding about isn’t that she left but the method by which she left, Feng Ping replies. No matter what he thinks, her relationship with him is the most beautiful memory of her life. She left because she valued their feelings, and didn’t want it to be worn down by trivial things.

Yue Sheng is unhappy with her explanation, telling her how hard he had looked for her. He even worried she’d been in an accident. Feng Ping admits that her methods back then were childish and selfish, and apologizes sincerely. He asks if an apology is enough.

She says he doesn’t have to believe her, but her feelings were real. Growing up she didn’t have many friends and didn’t know how to interact with other people, and he’s the first person she loved. She wants to hold on to a happy memory and doesn’t want him to keep hating her. She asks him to let the past go.

He interprets her words as meaning, now that she is engaged to Tang Jia Nan, a wealthy son with a prominent family background, she doesn’t want him to use past events to hinder her. He gets up angrily and leaves.

Feng Ping thinks back to the day she left Yue Sheng. He said he had to go meet with an investor, forgetting that it was their anniversary until she reminds him. She sees him at the restaurant with a woman who seems to be flirting with him. Angry, her bracelet sparks and the windows behind her shatter.

When Yue Sheng returns to their apartment, she confronts him about the woman. Angry that he keeps brushing off her questions, Feng Ping causes a glass to shatter as he reaches for it, cutting his hand.

In the hospital, Feng Ping sits in the waiting area crying, as Yue Sheng has his hand bandaged. She thinks, she’s still unable to control her moods and her powers will hurt those closest to her. She calls Jun Hao to pick her up. When Yue Sheng’s done, he looks for Feng Ping in the waiting area but she’s gone.

When Feng Ping gets home, A Jiu holds up the photo and tells her he’s been waiting for her for a long time. He asks what her relationship with Yue Sheng is, and she replies by asking him if Jia Nan asked him to investigate her. A Jiu notes that she doesn’t seem to care if this photo will cause someone emotional pain. She replies, for Ming Xuan? She concludes he must not have shown it to Jia Nan or he would be the one asking her these questions. He says he needs to further confirm her relationship with Yue Sheng, so she smiles and tells him when he’s confirmed everything, to let her know as well.

Feng Ping moves to walk away but A Jiu grabs her arm—just as Jia Nan walks by. Seeing Jia Nan, A Jiu drops his hand immediately and shoves the photo into his pocket. Jia Nan walks over and asks what the two of them are doing.

Feng Ping looks between the two of them and says A Jiu is confessing his feelings. Jia Nan shoots daggers at A Jiu with his eyes. (LOL.) But Feng Ping smiles and continues her sentence, A Jiu is confessing his feelings in Jia Nan’s place. Jia Nan believes it and A Jiu lets out a breath he was holding.

The next day, Jia Nan asks Feng Ping if she’s free, but she says she has plans to play with kids. He goes with her and there’s a montage of them teaching a drawing class and playing on the playground. She explains that the kids have hearing impairments.

The housekeeper complains about how much clothing A Jiu needs washed, and finds the photo of Feng Ping and Yue Sheng in his pocket. She rushes over to Lu Qiao’s house and says she’s finally found some dirt on Feng Ping. She explains that she found the photo in A Jiu’s clothing, and speculates that A Jiu must be investigating her. Jia Nan doesn’t seem to know. The aunt suggests they leak this info to make Feng Ping look bad, but Lu Qiao replies they can’t be connected to this in any way.

Looking closely at the photo, Lu Qiao sees a date in the corner that shows it was taken three years ago. She pulls up an article on Yue Sheng, where he’s pictured with Gary. She says she’ll look into it starting with Gary.

Yue Sheng is drinking along in his apartment when Ming Xuan calls. He ignores the call but she shows up at his door. She’s been looking for him, and upon seeing the mess he’s made, asks why he’s drinking this much. She stops him from drinking any more, makes him put on some clothes, and takes him out.

Ming Xuan takes Yue Sheng to a boxing gym and he takes out all his emotions on the punching bag. Then Ming Xuan takes him to karaoke, where she dances and sings happily as he sits sullenly and drinks.

Next, they go to a bar and have staring contests to determine who has to drink. Ming Xuan makes funny faces to make Yue Sheng lose, and he laughs happily. During the last round, Yue Sheng’s vision gets hazy and he leans over the table to kiss Ming Xuan, to her delight. 

Gary walks into the bar and witnesses the kiss, thinking in his head that Yue Sheng’s already gotten entangled with BC Group.

My Thoughts
First of all, I admit that Jia Nan has some depth that I didn’t expect. He does act childishly, but to a certain extent it’s deliberate because he doesn’t want his father to consider handing the company over to him. He’s carefully built his image, which is why we’ve never seen him flirt with girls. A Jiu and Jia Nan have such a great relationship, and it’s a highlight of the show. Feng Ping and Jia Nan spend a lot of time together in this episode, and I felt the progress they’ve made in their relationship.

I didn’t expect Feng Ping’s ability/power to be the reason she left Yue Sheng, and although her reasoning wasn’t terrible, it was selfish of her and it’s nice to see that she’s reflected and acknowledges it to Yue Sheng. It’s too bad that he just can’t let the past go. It’s nice of Ming Xuan to get Yue Sheng out of his apartment BUT why do they end up drinking when that’s what she was stopping him from doing in the first place?! The boxing was such a good idea that I was disappointed to see it followed by drinking again. I guess it was just to get to that kiss, but still.

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