Favorite Chinese Drama OST Songs

There are a lot of beautiful and heartbreaking, and fun and catchy Chinese drama soundtrack songs, and these are my all-time favorites. I’m more likely to find an OST song memorable if I also loved the drama itself. It’s hearing them again and again, tied to the themes of the dramas, that really secures their place in my heart.

I’ve chosen to include live performances of these songs instead of MVs because they’re so beautiful.

《一念执着》Hu Ge & alan – Scarlet Heart

The theme song to Scarlet Heart (2011) makes me want to cry every time I hear it, and initially I didn’t realize it was sung by Hu Ge! (He’s not in Scarlet Heart.)

《红颜旧》Liu Tao – Nirvana in Fire

The entire Nirvana in Fire (2015) OST is amazing, but my favorite is this emotional insert song that was played during so many heartbreaking moments between Mei Changsu and Nihuang (played by Liu Tao).

《雪落下的声音》Lu Hu – Story of Yanxi Palace

If you’re looking for another song to wreck you, look no farther. This song from Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) is so beautiful and it’ll make you weep in memory of Fuheng and Yingluo.

《叹云兮》Ju Jingyi – Legend of Yunxi

Ju Jingyi is a member of the girl group SNH48 and she proves both her singing and acting chops with Legend of Yunxi (2018). Although she also sings the lovely opening theme song, 落花成泥, it’s this ending song that totally devastates me.

《凉凉》Zhang Bichen & Aska Yang – Eternal Love

The ending theme song to Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017, aka Eternal Love) is a stunning duet. Zhang Bichen has sung a number of beautiful OST songs and truly has an incredible voice.

《心之火》F.I.R feat. Julia Peng – The Journey of Flower

I didn’t love The Journey of Flower (2015), which starred Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying, but the opening song is beautiful.

《微微一笑很倾城》Yang Yang – Love O2O

Ok, here’s a song that’s not heartwrenching and just plain sweet. This ending/insert song from Love O2O (2016) is a perfect match for the drama-free relationship between the leads. The opening song ‘A Smile is Beautiful’ (一笑倾城) and the ‘A Little Sweet’ (有点甜), both by Silence Wang, are also fun, upbeat songs. (Zhang Bichen has a sweet OST song here, as well!)

Did I miss your favorite Chinese drama OST song? Let me know in the comments!

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