Favorite Moments in Le Coup de Foudre (2019)

As I was writing my Le Coup de Foudre review, I remembered all the fun and moving moments in this drama. I laughed out loud so many times! I’ve picked out my favorite moments here.

(I’ve embedded clips or included links for most of these!)

Episode 5: Qiao Yi changes into the wrong uniform to join Wu Yi in getting scolded
Friendship goals! Even though Qiao Yi and Wu Yi were in the middle of a fight, Qiao Yi is still there for Wu Yi when she needs her. ❤️ (Watch clip on YouTube)

Episode 11: Yan Mo participates in a supermarket contest to win an insulating bucket for Qiao Yi
Qiao Yi does a great double-take when she walks by this supermarket event and sees Yan Mo dancing on stage. It’s so out-of-character for Yan Mo, but he’s willing to do it for Qiao Yi. Despite his rather unfriendly demeanor, Yan Mo truly cares about his friends and family. (Watch clip on YouTube)

Episode 18: Yan Mo and Da Chuan at the supermarket
Da Chuan lectures Yan Mo about not socializing with others at the office. During their conversation, Yan Mo says that if there are people who like Da Chuan’s personality, there will also be those who like his personality. At the checkout line, Yan Mo smiles at a little girl, who immediately covers her face, which makes Da Chuan laugh. Yan Mo is so serious throughout the drama that it’s funny when he breaks out that slightly sinister-looking smile of his. (Watch clip on YouTube)

Episode 21: Yan Mo and Guan Chao confront Qiao Yi, thinking she’s pregnant
This scene cracks me up so much I’m embedding it below as well. 😂Yan Mo and Guan Chao urgently burst into Qiao Yi’s apartment and question her as she looks confused and then has to think quickly to come up with a story that doesn’t give away Qiao Yi’s secret.

Episode 24: Da Chuan wondering if he’s in love for the first time, rolling in the blanket
Da Chuan happily thinks out loud about his feelings for You Mei (Alicia) while rolling around as Yan Mo looks on wondering if he’s lost his mind.

Episode 26: Da Chuan sets up a surprise for You Mei (Alicia)
Although some of Da Chuan’s plans for winning over You Mei are misguided, this one is really cute!

Episode 30: The three girls get drunk and call Yan Mo and Guan Chao to curse at them
Qiao Yi, Wu Yi, and You Mei have a fun night out eating and drinking, and when Qiao Yi says there’s something she wants to do, the other girls support her. After calling Yan Mo, Wu Yi wants to call Guan Chao as well. I love Yan Mo and Guan Chao’s confused, surprised faces. And then Yan Mo calls Wu Yi to find out where they are to help them get home safely. Aww. (Watch clip on YouTube)

Episode 33: Qiao Yi and Guan Chao bicker when he declines to split the cost with her
Qiao Yi and Guan Chao have a mix of emotional and funny scenes throughout the drama; they have heart-to-hearts but also bicker. At the jewelry store, they quickly rattle off insults: he says she was a lottery consolation prize, she says he was a freebie that came with toothpaste.

Episode 34: Qiao Yi gets drunk at karaoke and tells Guan Chao how much she loves him
At her bachelorette party with Wu Yi and You Mei, Qiao Yi sings her drunken heart out and tells the two employees that her husband is Jay Chou. When Guan Chao arrives, Qiao Yi grabs his arm and apologizes that she’s getting married soon, telling him he’s the person she used to love the most. The employees exchange amused glances and he quickly clarifies that he’s her brother. Yan Mo finally arrives and says, ‘you got drunk again? you’re the best’ and picks her up. So cute! I’ve included a clip below so you can relive this scene, too.

(It’s just a bummer that Da Chuan doesn’t come pick up You Mei!)

Hope you enjoyed this list, and let me know if I missed any of your favorite moments!

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