Review: Find Yourself (2020)

Find Yourself 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese drama Find Yourself, which is available on Netflix! It had me laughing out loud, loving almost every character, and relating to so many different storylines. I personally loved the Victoria Song & Song Weilong pairing, but there’s a great balance of other storylines aside from their romance. Although, I did find the ending rushed and would’ve loved more depth from certain characters.

Find Yourself centers around He Fanxing (Victoria Song), a 32-year old woman who has never dated, and the intern 10 years her junior, Yuan Song (Song Weilong) who pursues her. Although Fanxing genuinely likes him, she is aware of what family friends and society would say about their relationship. Her parents are anxious for her to get married, while her twin brother He Canyang (Zhang Yujian) has a never-ending stream of girlfriends. Meanwhile, her two best friends, Xiao Xue and Song Xue, have different relationship situations. At work, He Fanxing faces uncertainty as the company she works for is potentially being acquired.

Yes, He Fanxing is naive and sometimes quite silly, and you will shake your head at some of her actions. But not everyone has the same experiences at the same age, and she does learn from her mistakes. Plus, her silliness is exactly what Yuan Song likes about her. Yuan Song approaches the relationship with the passion of youth; I love his fearless pursuit of Fanxing even though I knew he couldn’t truly understand the societal and familial pressure she feels. However, I thought him being an intern at the company she works at would have probably been a bigger issue than the age difference!

I loved Fanxing’s relationship with her family – I was quite surprised to see Zhang Yujian play her twin brother, He Canyang, but I loved it! Their dynamic was hilarious and heartwarming. Zhang Yujian’s deadpan delivery and side-eye glances were on point. The one storyline I could not believe though was his romance storyline. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and felt out-of-character. Fanxing’s parents reminded me so much of my own parents and I related to Fanxing’s situation so much.

I loved Fanxing’s two best friends Song Xue and Xiao Yu. I was glad that both friends had their own storylines: Song Xue is dedicated to her career and in a long-term relationship but doesn’t want to have children, while Xiao Yu is married and pregnant with her second child. I would’ve loved more of their storylines, especially Song Xue’s! It felt rushed at the end.

There are also so many great office scenes, and I loved Fanxing’s colleagues, especially Cong Xiao and Chang Huan. Cong Xiao was a great contrast to Fanxing; whereas Fanxing is naive when it comes to love, Cong Xiao is quick and sharply in tune with the dynamics of modern relationships. I loved her insights and advice.

I liked the second male lead Ye Lu Ming (David Wang) much more than I would have expected. His character is so funny, slightly over the top and somewhat strange, but he’s also driven and smart. If he had met Fanxing before she fell for Yuan Song, I honestly think he would’ve had a chance. I didn’t like some of his actions (like deliberately meeting her parents) but mostly he was a guy who went in 100% for what he wanted. Also, his cousin/assistant was really funny and I loved her.

As for Yuan Song’s friends, Cai Minmin (Esther Yu) was such an over-the-top spoiled and childish character, but at the same time, I would totally believe someone like her exists… I was glad to see her experience some growth throughout the series. Her friend Zhanni was so down-to-earth and loyal, another gem of a supporting character.

I do admit, it’s ridiculous what a small world it feels like in this drama. That aspect was 100% unrealistic but SO fun and entertaining. To be honest, dramas that are too realistic sometimes stress me out, so I loved the balance of realistic situations and laugh-out-loud coincidences.

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  1. Hey, i love your reviews. I love how you explained the reasons behind your perspective. I love your writing style. Website bookmarked!

    1. Great review! I agree with everything you said. I enjoyed the show as it is very entertaining and fun. Dramas are not meant to be realistic but more or less reflects people’s life during that time and place. I’ve bookmarked your website and will visit for more reviews. Thank you!

      1. I absolutely loved this drama…in a perfect world I would have gone with my first love unfortunately our lives couldn’t fate that way!! So in live we try to find that next someone..who’s just as good..I think the ending could have gone a little farther than it did. I would have liked to see what would have happen after Yusan came back from Sweden… Having the family except him to planning the wedding and finally living together following both of there dreams… Also some details to fill in about Fanxings brothers relationship that would be great too. I just wanted as a viewer to see just a bit more from all the actor’s and actress’s..a better ending!!! ❤️ the show loved Fanxing and Yusan together absolutely beautiful… #SongWeilong #gorgeous such a hunk, he is a great actor at such a young age…

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