First Impressions: Sweet Dreams (2018)

Sweet Dreams 2018

Chinese Name: 一千零一夜
Brief Summary: A chance encounter inspires Ling Ling Qi (Dilmurat Dilraba) to dream of becoming a florist, and she idolizes Bo Hai (Deng Lun), the founder of a well-known floral company. Meanwhile, an experimental bracelet causes Ling Ling Qi to meet Bo Hai in her dreams.
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After watching the first few episodes, I was concerned that this was going to be a bust for me – I can’t stand dramas with a lead character who is hopelessly obsessed with someone. Luckily, this passes quickly, and there’s a lot I’m liking about this drama!

The Cast:
I like Dilraba but I find that she plays characters too pitiably. The worst was Pretty Li Hui Zhen, which was based on a Korean drama that I loved. The way she played the female lead was unbearably cringy. In Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, her supporting character fell under the aforementioned hopelessly-obsessed category, and I’ve only watched half of The Flame’s Daughter (abandoned it for now). Despite some cringy moments where Ling Ling Qi becomes embarrassed too quickly, I’m liking her a lot in this drama!

I liked Deng Lun a lot in Because of You so I was excited to see him as the Bo Hai, the male lead. I think he plays the character well! He’s so boyishly cute.

The supporting cast is great, and although I’m not familiar with any of them, I hope to see more of them!

The Characters:
I really appreciate loyal friendships in dramas, so I love Ling Ling Qi’s best friend Bao Ni! Their friendship with Mo Nan is a lot of fun. Bo Hai’s friends are also very loyal to him. I can’t say that I like Xin Yan, but I love Chen Mo & Bo Hai’s friendship.

The Dreams:
Initially I was skipping through the dreams but once the leads meet, the dreams become more interesting.

The Story:
There’s a lot of potential for the various storylines – I’m on episode 13 so it’s too soon to tell if they will be satisfying. I am really hoping to Ling Ling Qi will have a chance to show her talent. I’m always a fan of characters who work hard to achieve her dreams, and she seems underutilized in her job!

I’m definitely going to keep watching, and regrettably I’ll be caught up before DramaFever finishes adding the episodes so I’ll have to suffer through an episode a day. -_-

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