First Impressions: The Love by Hypnotic (2019)

The Love By Hypnotic 2019

I’m pleasantly surprised by The Love by Hypnotic, a historical romance web drama currently airing on Tencent (concluding next week on November 13). The first few episodes had me laughing out loud non-stop, and I have reached episode 15 (out of 36) in just a few days. I’m watching on YouTube with English subtitles via Tencent Video. If you’re looking for a fun romance-centered historical drama, definitely give The Love by Hypnotic a try!

Li Ming Yue (played by Ling Mei Shi) is a princess from Xiyue who is brought to Beixuan to marry Li Qian (played by Alen Fang), a prince. Li Ming Yue has the ability of hypnosis, and after using it on Li Qian, he discovers that he is able to recover lost memories from his childhood.

For a historical drama, the plot so far has been very focused on their romance. Ming Yue is playful and spirited, in opposition to Li Qian’s calm and serious demeanor and their interactions are so fun to watch. Yes, I’ve seen so many dramas recently with cold/stony male leads, but I don’t consider Li Qian one of them because he does show emotions. (Also, the sleepwalking is hilarious.)

There’s been little political storyline, aside from Li Qian’s brother, Li Xun‘s, efforts to undermine him in front of the emperor. This power struggle between princes is a very typical of historical dramas, but so far Li Xun has had very little screen time. He’s in love with a girl* who is in love with Li Qian, and I actually feel sympathetic towards him. I wouldn’t mind him getting his own storyline and being more than a villain.

*I don’t want to talk about this girl because she’s one of those classic refuses-to-give-up types, even after being clearly and politely rejected multiple times.

There are fun supporting characters though! Li Qian has two friends, Si Kong Zhen and Song Jin Yu, who joke around with him but also give him heartfelt advice. Li Qian’s sister Kang Le becomes Ming Yue’s friend, and Ming Yue also has the loyal Tan Li at her side.

Although there is a second male lead, I think his storyline adds to the drama’s depth and I really like how thought-provoking it is. By the time he’s introduced, I think Li Qian will have already won you over. Personally, I’m not torn at all.

The hypnosis storyline is apparently not in the manhua this drama is adapted from, but I like that it gives this historical drama a unique spin. It’s a mystery as to what Li Qian’s memories will reveal. There’s another layer to the hypnosis aspect of this drama but I won’t mention it here because I don’t want to spoil anything!

I’m just under halfway through the drama, so there’s plenty of time for this drama to disappoint me… but so far I’ve really enjoyed watching it!

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