Go Go Squid! Episode 2-4 Recap

Although I find Tong Nian (Yang Zi) to be cringey at times, I love Shang Yan’s (Li Xian) ice-cold stare and the K&K team members. It’s become clear which of the K&K team members are being focused on, and they bring so many humorous moments to the drama. There also seems to be a substantial storyline centering around Shang Yan’s old team, Team Solo, and what happened to cause their split.

By the way, this isn’t a full recap but a recap of highlights—key moments and favorite scenes. I meant to group episodes 2-5 together but episode 4 turned out to be so eventful. Definitely don’t abandon Go Go Squid! before episode 4!

Episode 2

Ou Qiang’s guest is none other than Wang Hao aka Solo, SP’s China leader. Upon seeing him, Shang Yan leaves. Solo is also here to recruit Shao Fei (aka Xiao Mi), telling him that Ai Qing (aka Appledragon) already joined them half a year ago. Although initially Xiao Mi says he has no intention of joining either team, he ends up joining Solo, saying that Solo was his first team captain and he’ll be his last team captain.

Solo seeks out Shang Yan at his hotel. Apparently, the competition a few days ago was the first time Solo had seen Shang Yan in years. Solo informs Shang Yan that Xiao Mi has signed with SP. Shang Yan refuses to chat with him, and it seems there’s something major in the past that Shang Yan holds against Solo.

A flashback shows that when Team Solo won the national championship, Shang Yan glared at Solo and refused to celebrate. When Shang Yan was interviewed for being named MVP, he announced that he was withdrawing from the team and retiring. Later, the other team members are having dinner in low spirits, and Xiao Mi announces he’s retiring as well because there’s no point if the team is missing a member. Shang Yan shows up and punches Solo. The next day, Shang Yan makes him swear he’ll never be a team captain again.

Dou Nan tells Tong Nian that he found Shang Yan’s username from the internet cafe’s video camera footage and has borrowed his friend’s high level account. They look up his user ID and see that his name is Grunt. Tong Nian mentions she knows of the game because she’ll be competing to record the theme song soon. They try to play with Grunt in the game.

But… Grunt is the name of a member of the K&K team (pictured above) and he’s annoyed by the amateur he’s encountered.

Speaking with 97 (pink hat), Demo (black cap), and One (black hoodie), Grunt says he noticed Shang Yan using WeChat for the first time and asks if their boss is dating. They’re perplexed that he not only went to an internet cafe but added a random WeChat account.

In the middle of the night, Shang Yan can’t sleep and feels nostalgic about the days in which he and Team Solo played games together. He logs on with Grunt’s account. Wu Bai returns and remarks that it’s been a long time since Shang Yan’s played games, and that he looks handsome playing. (WU Bai has a low-key sense of humor and I love it.) Shang Yan assumes Tong Nian is a kid borrowing someone else’s high level account; he tells her to just hide in the corner and his team plays as 4 vs. 5.

Episode 3

The K&K team studies their rivals, SP, beginning with an analysis of the legendary Team Solo, pioneers of CTF. (Apparently, Solo never served as the leader for another team but has remained in Chinese CTF circles all this time.) 97 gives the presentation and describes their boss as a genius and very handsome. When he’s done, a couple of the K&K team members remark that their boss is quite pitiful now that his four former teammates are all his rivals now. They clearly admire and love their boss, despite his cold exterior.

Tong Nian is on a trip to Guangzhou for an event related to her singing. At the Guangzhou airport, Tong Nian spots the K&K team, thinking they’re a basketball team. Then she sees Shang Yan and tries to follow them, but their bus leaves before Shang Yan sees her. However, some of the team members see her and wonder whose fan she is.

Tong Nian is ‘Little Squid’ on Weibo and this is a fan signing event she’s doing with her friend Lan Mei. Afterwards, Tong Nian asks Lan Mei if there’s some kind of competition nearby. Lan Mei doesn’t know of any but her husband is obsessed with a CTF competition being held nearby so Tong Nian heads there.

Grunt is suffering from serious stomach pains but insists on competing. Dramatically, he gets up and tells Shang Yan that even if he dies from the pain, he’ll die on the battlefield.

Tong Nian tries to talk her way into the competition without a ticket, with no luck. It just so happens that Ai Qing walks by and approaches her. Tong Nian says she’s a fan of Grunt and just wants to see one glimpse of him, so Ai Qing kindly brings Tong Nian in with her.

Tong Nian sits down and turns to find Shang Yan sitting at the other end. As Tong Nian gazes at Shang Yan, he turns and sees her. He approaches her and asks her if she remembers him but seeing her speechless reaction, he assumes she’s afraid of him and stands up to leave.

Tong Nian grabs his arm before he can go and finally gets some words out: ‘at the internet cafe you won the prize’. 😐 Wu Bai watches them curiously.

Three K&K members watch their interaction as well, shocked that their boss is talking to a girl. They recognize her from the airport and wonder if she’s his girlfriend. This scene is SO funny. (They remark that even their manager is married, in case you’re wondering if she’s a potential love rival for Tong Nian.)

Tong Nian finds out the K&K team is done and won’t come back, so she leaves the venue. Right after exiting she overhears someone saying Grunt has stomach pains, so she tries to get back inside. Security refuses to let her back in but a kind fan gives her a ‘Grunt Love’ sign. She walks around to the side of the venue right where the K&K team lounge is.

97 spots her and happily brings her in, saying Shang Yan must be waiting for her. When the others ask 97 who she is, he calls her ‘sister-in-law’. 🤣Seeing Grunt lying on the couch (but not seeing his face), Tong Nian tells him she heard about his stomach pain and asks if he’s okay. Grunt turns to look at her and asks who she is. Just as Tong Nian is confused about this, Shang Yan shows up outside the lounge, and 97 runs out to tell him that sister-in-law’s been waiting for her. Shang Yan says, what did you call her? (LOL.)

Entering the lounge and seeing the sign for Grunt in her hands, Shang Yan thinks they must know each other and questions them.

Shang Yan speaks to Tong Nian outside alone, questioning her about how she knows Grunt. Tong Nian can’t tell him she came here to look for him so she pretends she stumbled across the competition and was just checking it out. He doesn’t believe that she doesn’t know Grunt when she came to the lounge to see if he was okay.

The team members come to tell Shang Yan they’re hungry (after trying to eavesdrop) so he goes back inside, telling 97 to bring the kid outside (Tong Nian) to the hotel.

Shang Yan asks the manager if Grunt has a girlfriend and she says it seems complicated. He explains that this girl came to look for Grunt, and he suspects they’re involved but she won’t say anything to protect him. The manager says he’s so intimidating, of course the girl won’t say anything.

Episode 4

97 brings Tong Nian onto the team bus and introduces her as sister-in-law. She asks him not to call her that, but it’s too late—the name has spread. The kids gossip about their boss, wondering if he dated secretly and speculating he’s afraid they’ll follow his example and be distracted by dating.

After Shang Yan storms out of a meeting that includes Solo and Appledog, the manager mentions it’s her fault that Team Solo split up. What does she mean?! The plot thickens.

A flashback to 10 years ago shows Team Solo in Beijing for the first time after winning their first championship. They’re excited to pursue their goal of becoming world champions.

The K&K kids bring Tong Nian to a table and introduce themselves.

The manager brings Tong Nian to Shang Yan’s room, but it turns out Grunt is there as well and it’s part 2 of the interrogation.

Grunt gets up to ask Tong Nian to tell the truth, saying he’ll do anything except accept her as his girlfriend. He notices her looking at Shang Yan and asks if she came here for Shang Yan. Feeling vindicated, he tells Shang Yan not to push his love entanglements onto him and encourages Tong Nian to tell Shang Yan how she feels. He mentions that never mind having any women around, the boss doesn’t even allow female animals. 

Finally, Shang Yan lets Grunt go and asks Tong Nian why she likes him, and she finally tells the truth about why she was at the event venue. He really enjoys these intimidating in-your-face confrontations, and I’m enjoying it. 😅

Tong Nian happens to take a radio interview in Shang Yan’s bathroom, the key moment being when asked about what her ideal type is. Tong Nian describes him as handsome, cold when he’s not speaking but warm when he smiles.

In the elevator, Shang Yan offers Tong Nian candy and they’re interrupted by Demo, who is nervous to be on the elevator with them and wonders (in his mind) if he’ll be silenced to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Shang Yan is thinking a bigmouth like Demo is going to spread this.

In the restaurant, Demo joins a table and shares his elevator encounter, as well as mentioning that when the boss eats candy it means there’s something troubling him. (Good to know.) I love these little gossips. 

Shang Yan thinks Tong Nian must be too afraid of him to eat so he makes two of the K&K kids join them. 97 and Demo join them and are an energetic pair, asking her name, encouraging her to eat more, and asking what she does. Tong Nian shares that she’s an online singer. The two look her up and are impressed by the number of fans she has. They noticed her dual engineering degrees, and she shares that she’s a graduate student now and started university at the age of 15.

The K&K kids continue gossiping about Shang Yan, and when he shows up, Wu Bai asks to speak to him alone. Wu Bai tells his cousin their grandpa wants him to call, and when he does, grandpa yells at Shang Yan for still playing games and not getting married. He informs him that he’s booked a flight arriving the day after tomorrow and will find Shang Yan a wife.

At her hotel, Tong Nian looks up Shang Yan on the internet and then goes to Lan Mei’s room to ask her husband for information about Shang Yan. It’s cute how much Lan Mei’s husband idolizes Shang Yan. She specifically wants to know the gossip, and Shang Yan says the rumor was that Solo had an illegitimate daughter, causing him and Appledog to break up. But some said Shang Yan was the third party that caused Solo and Appledog to break up and some people say Shang Yan created K&K to win Appledog back. Very intriguing…

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