Go Go Squid! Episode 5-7 Recap

Go Go Squid! is such a charming mix of cringeyness and laugh-out-loud moments, I just can’t stop myself from watching episode after episode. As I mentioned before, I love Shang Yan and the K&K kids, so these quick recaps will focus more on them than on Tong Nian. (These episodes happen to be more Shang Yan focused anyways.)

In these episodes: Shang Yan makes things clear with Tong Nian. Shang Yan’s grandpa arrives and stirs up trouble. Tong Nian finds herself in an unexpected situation. More is revealed about what happened with Team Solo in the past.

Episode 5 Recap

Lan Mei’s husband tells them there’s another competition the next day so Lan Mei and Tong Nian decide to go.

After the phone call with their grandpa, Wu Bai mentions to Shang Yan that he’s seen the girl before at a collegiate computer science competition and she wasn’t bad. Shang Yan asks why Wu Bai didn’t explain that he didn’t have a relationship with her. Wu Bai replies that he assumed Shang Yan didn’t explain in order to prevent her from being humiliated. Shang Yan also wonders about the real reason their grandpa is coming. Li Xian’s facial impressions are so quirky/strange sometimes, and Hu Yi Tian is really great as the quietly amused cousin.

The K&K team arrives at the competition venue, and some of the kids spot Tong Nian. Inside they sit down in the VIP area, and the K&K kids surround Shang Yan and pester him to bring Tong Nian in to the VIP area. They tell him he can’t treat a girl the way he treats them. Fed up, Shang Yan signals to Demo to bring her in. (There was also a moment upon entering the VIP area where Demo heads straight to the snack table and picks up a slice of cake, but he turns around and a stare from Shang Yan compels him to put it back. Sad, it looked tasty.)

After bringing Tong Nian in, Demo gets everyone together and reports that he brought sister-in-law in and she said this is only their third meeting. They’re impressed and remark that their boss has got game. (These little gossipers are too funny, even bringing their manager in.)

Shang Yan tells Tong Nian the team members like her and wanted her to see the competition, and she can clarify things with them afterwards. He plays on his gameboy instead of speaking to her.

During the competition, Tong Nian ends up sitting next to Shang Yan. When she waves to Ai Qing, Shang Yan tells her that’s Appledog. Tong Nian thinks that Ai Qing is the person Shang Yan likes, and gets up so Ai Qing won’t misunderstand. Shang Yan says he’s single and not interested in women, shocking Tong Nian.

After she sits back down next to him, he clarifies that he’s not interested in men either. (I am deceased.)

After the competition, Shang Yan tells Tong Nian he is dedicated to training the team and doesn’t have time for anything else. She says ‘see you again’ (goodbye in Chinese translates literally to ‘see you again’) and he says ‘there’s no need to see each other again’. Tong Nian looks crushed.

Honestly, Shang Yan is very considerate about not leading her on and making it clear that he’s not interested in a relationship.

At the K&K headquarters, one of the kids remarks that the tension between Shang Yan and Solo seems out of the ordinary. 97 tells the other K&K kids that Solo and Ai Qing were a couple, and Ai Qing left the team when they broke up, and then Solo left out of guilt so Shang Yan resents both of them. They observe that their boss values relationships, so it’s difficult for him to let things go. (These kids are surprisingly insightful??) Grunt warns them not to tell their manager about this, because their manager is the biological mother of Solo’s daughter.

Well, that’s a bit of news for us! That must be what the manager alluded to in the car, but it didn’t seem to feel awkward when she and Solo were both in that conference room scene.

Episode 6 Recap

It’s New Year’s, and Shang Yan gives the kids red packets and sends them off for the holiday. Finding out that Demo’s parents are divorcing and he has no place to go, Shang Yan tells him to pack a bag and go home with him. Wu Bai is surprised to see Demo join them, and Shang Yan explains that with their grandpa coming home, they need someone to humor him.

Demo is surprised that Shang Yan has a house, and Wu Bai explains that it’s for deceiving his family into thinking he’s planning to get married. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed him to return to China. LOLOL.

Demo is impressed by Shang Yan’s home and SO AM I.

Shang Yan asks him to humor his grandpa, just to talk more than Wu Bai and be better than himself at making people happy, and Demo energetically says it’s no problem. Wu Bai gives him a look. LOL, Demo is such an upbeat kid.

Shang Yan tells Demo to make dinner, but when Demo places a chicken drumstick in his bowl, Shang Yan leaves and goes to his room. 

He thinks back to 10 years ago when he joined Team Solo. Skeptical of Appledog’s skills, Shang Han competed with Appledog (playing a computer game) and the winner won the chicken drumstick. Shang Yan loses, but Solo gives him the second drumstick anyways to welcome him to the team. Solo declares that in the future when they’re successful, they’ll be able to eat all the food they want.

Skip to half a year later, they’re all living in one room with no indoor plumbing. Solo and Appledog are dating and Shang Yan mentions looking at real estate because his dream is to start a club of his own—a dream he shares with Solo. The team loses a competition because Shang Yan is too aggressive for the rest to keep up. The fans yell mean things at them, and despite their contract, their sponsor refuses to pay them and orders them to move out of the dorms. Shang Yan tells Solo that his dad left him some money when he died, and gives it to the team so they move to Shanghai into a significantly nicer space.

Episode 7 Recap

Demo brings food up to Shang Yan’s room and tries to runs away before Shang Yan sees him. He falls and Shang Yan approaches him. After Demo encourages him to eat, Shang Yan apologizes and asks him to sit with him. Demo chatters incessantly and I love it. Demo’s a sweet kid and their scenes together have been so fun.

Demo is sent inside the airport with some large signs to wait for Shang Yan’s grandpa at the arrivals exit, while Shang Yan and Wu Bai wait at the car. Wu Bai asks if Shang Yan really isn’t going to go inside, and Shang Yan replies that he’ll be yelled at whether he goes or not, he might as well not get yelled at in public and save his strength. When grandpa finally arrives, he scowls at Shang Yan and scolds him for not feeding Wu Bai well enough. (Shang Yan replies that he must be feeding Wu Bai well for him to be so handsome, lolol.)

At the house, Grandpa criticizes Shang Yan’s job and when Demo calls Shang Yan ‘boss’, Grandpa compares him to a mob boss. Grandpa sends Wu Bai off on errands and tells Shang Yan to accompany him somewhere. Meanwhile, at Tong Nian’s home, Dou Nan’s older sister has returned and her mother has arranged a blind date with a family friend’s grandson. Oh boy, we all see where this is going!

Grandpa doesn’t tell Shang Yan it’s a blind date until they get there, and Shang Yan tries to leave but Grandpa fakes a stomachache. LOL.

Shang Yan is unfriendly and cold-faced, and THEN Tong Nian finally comes downstairs. Unaware that there are guests, she’s in her pajamas and mortified to see Shang Yan in her living room, and runs back up to change.

Tong Nian’s mother introduces her to Grandpa, and upon hearing she’s a computer science student, he thinks she’d be a good match for Wu Bai. Grandpa turns and leans in to ask Shang Yan if he thinks Tong Nian would be a good match for Wu Bai, and Shang Yan replies ‘if you think they’re a good match, then they’re a good match’.

They head over to the restaurant and Tong Nian is forced to ride in Shang Yan’s car with her two cousins. Shang Yan deliberately puts his jacket in the passenger seat to prevent the cousin (the blind date) from sitting next to him.

On the ride over, the cousin suggests they introduce themselves, and scoffs when Shang Yan says he plays computers for a living. Tong Nian speaks up to explain/defend Shang Yan’s cybersecurity competition team. Shang Yan pulls over and straightforwardly says he’s not interested in the cousin, she’s not interested in someone like him anyway, and tells Tong Nian she shouldn’t pretend she doesn’t know him. Tong Nian is shocked.

Arriving at the restaurant, Tong Nian waits behind for Shang Yan and he explains that he’s not interested in her cousin and what Tong Nian said wasn’t a help. He deliberately didn’t want to explain his job and doesn’t need an outsider to do it for him. Additionally, he didn’t reveal that they knew each other to embarrass her but because the lie was not sustainable. His cousin would be arriving soon and is too direct to pretend not to know her.

Wu Bai arrives as Tong Nian is trying to dodge her aunt’s questions about Shang Yan, and she waves at her. Perplexed, he asks Shang Yan what’s happening, and Shang Yan nods in Tong Nian’s direction and says Grandpa is trying to set him (Wu Bai) up. Wu Bai says isn’t Shang Yan the one who should be set up, and Shang Yan nods towards the cousin and says he’s resolved it already.

Grandpa introduces Wu Bai and Tong Nian, and Wu Bai says he knows her. He goes on to say, he thinks she’s Shang Yan’s girlfriend. OMG, Wu Bai is VICIOUS, I was cackling so loudly. Shang Yan stands up to deny it but Grandpa will only listen to Wu Bai, who proceeds to say that the team members all call her ‘sister-in-law’. Shang Yan glares at Wu Bai, who smirks at him victoriously. Seeing that no one will believe him and just think he is taking advantage of a younger girl, Shang Yan decides to just go with it so they can proceed with their New Years’ dinner.

Shang Yan calls out Wu Bai and pulls him out of the room to yell at him and warn him to not pull a stunt like this again.

Grandpa tells Shang Yan to help serve his girlfriend food. Grudgingly, Shang Yan stands up and dramatically places a ton of food on Tong Nian’s plate, including a giant lobster head, as everyone watches in silence. Grandpa then tells Shang Yan to pour her some juice so he fills the entire glass. For his next move, Shang Yan tells Wu Bai to pack up leftovers when they’re done. Tong Nian’s dad remarks that Shang Yan has a large appetite and Shang Yan replies that there’s a small one at home. This leads Tong Nian’s aunt to think he has a child and is divorced until Grandpa clarifies that the ‘small one’ is one of the team members. Tong Nian’s mom is not a fan of Shang Yan, practically shooting daggers at him with her eyes.

Driving Tong Nian home after, Shang Yan tells her to decide when to tell her parents they’ve broken up and to just let him know in advance. Until they’ve ‘broken up’, she can reach out to him if she needs anything. He’s good for his word. Despite his prickly exterior, Shang Yan’s not a bad guy, ok! 🤣

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