Go Go Squid! Episode 8-10 Recap

Go Go Squid Episode 8

Shang Yan isn’t actually such a cold person, he just happens to be very serious and on the quieter side. He has a strained relationship with his grandpa and after Team Solo split up, so I can see how it may be difficult for him to let people get close to him. The timeline of what happened back then is still murky, but Xiao Mi makes a great point in episode 10 and I think he’s able to get through to Shang Yan. I really enjoy their friendship.

Also, I saw Hu Yi Tian’s role labeled as a “special appearance” and I now see why. He features prominently in several scenes, but he frequently doesn’t appear in larger K&K team group scenes. I enjoy his scenes with Shang Yan a lot, and although his character is very quiet as well, I find his facial expressions (confusion, amusement) to be on point.

In these episodes: Shang Yan’s grandpa has him bring Tong Nian over for dumplings. A small group of K&K and SP team members travel to Norway together for an individual competition. Ai Qing makes efforts to repair her relationship with Shang Yan.

Episode 8

Shang Yan catches Demo cooking in the kitchen and orders him to practice typing in his room after he’s done eating. Demo tries to get out of it but gives in unhappily.

Up in Shang Yan’s room, Shang Yan receives a message and Demo asks if it’s sister-in-law. It is—a message from the ‘internet cafe’ wishing him a happy new year. When it reaches midnight, Demo runs over to Shang Yan and hugs and jumps around Shang Yan. Awwwwwwww. Shang Yan tells Demo to go back to typing but this time he’s joking.

In the morning, Grandpa wakes Shang Yan up early. Shang Yan waits outside for Wu Bai, who is out jogging. When Wu Bai returns, Shang Yan tells him to run another lap so he can hide outside longer. Wu Bai agrees if Shang Yan runs with him and pulls him up. Shang Yan borrows a bike from a child, lol.

When they return, Grandpa tells Shang Yan it’s the first day of the new year so he wants his grandson’s wife to make dumplings for him. Shang Yan replies, ‘you have a grandson’s wife?’ and turns to Wu Bai asking if he’s in a relationship. Grandpa tells him to bring over Tong Nian so Shang Yan brings Demo along with him to pick her up.

In the car outside Tong Nian’s house, Demo asks Shang Yan if he’s afraid to go in and face his in-laws since they’ve been waiting outside for 10 minutes. When Shang Yan gets out of the car, Demo runs after him and asks if he’s going in empty-handed. He gives some very helpful suggestions about what to buy and mentions that it’s probably best if he doesn’t go in with Shang Yan. (Smart kid.)

Shang Yan arrives at Tong Nian’s home with a large pile of fruit, and her mother isn’t pleased to see him. Tong Nian is ecstatic when her dad comes up to tell her Shang Yan is here and gets up immediately to pick out an outfit. When she finally comes downstairs, Shang Yan tells her Grandpa misses her and asks if she’ll come over for a meal if it’s convenient. She replies so quickly that Shang Yan gives her a look, LOL.

In the car, Tong Nian is so startled by Demo popping up from the backseat that she screams. He tells her his boss has never let anyone sit in the passenger seat so it shows how important she is to him.

At the grocery store, Shang Yan tells Tong Nian if she likes something they’ll buy it. Demo asks for a bag of chips and only when Tong Nian says she wants it does Shang Yan agree to buy it. 

In the kitchen at Shang Yan’s home, Shang Yan sees that Demo and Tong Nian don’t know how to make dumplings, so he kicks them out and makes them himself.

Wu Bai comes downstairs and Shang Yan orders him to help him. Seeing that Wu Bai doesn’t know how to slice the cabbage (look at the way he holds the knife, lol), Shang Yan shows him how it’s done. Meanwhile, outside Tong Nian and Demo are entertaining Grandpa. Grandpa says he likes old-school opera songs so Tong Nian sings for him.

Grandpa comes inside and gives Shang Yan a necklace to place into a dumpling to give Tong Nian a surprise. He threatens to get mad so Shang Yan takes it.

At dinner, Shang Yan brings out the plates of dumplings and specifies that one of the plates is for Tong Nian. Demo tries to take one from that plate, but Wu Bai asks him if he dares to eat a dumpling that Shang Yan specifically made for Tong Nian, and he puts it back.

Grandpa and Wu Bai watches her as she eats, and when she eats the last one, Grandpa asks if she tasted anything different inside. Tong Nian said she didn’t so Grandpa asks Shang Yan what the deal is. Shang Yan takes the necklace box out and gives it to her. He asks if she likes it, and then straight up tells her Grandpa bought it, not him. After dinner, Shang Yan refuses to let Tong Nian help with the dishes.

Clearing the table together, Demo tells Tong Nian the team has three people you don’t dare to offend: Grunt, the King of Meanness; Wu Bai, the King of Coldness/Silence; and the boss, the Demon King. 

Shang Yan drives Tong Nian home. Arriving at her home, they look at each other awkwardly. He notes that it’s still early and asks if she wants to listen to music. (This is so bizarre.) Dou Nan interrupts them so Tong Nian quickly gets out of the car and takes him away. 

The K&K team kids return to headquarters after the holiday (there’s a fun scene when 97 wears a sheet mask). Grunt tells the others that Demo went home with the boss and is in the bathroom crying, and they corner him in the shower to ask if the boss gave him a hard time. Demo reports that the boss didn’t let sister-in-law do any household chores, from buying groceries to making dumplings to washing dishes.

At the team meeting, the manager tells them that Shang Yan will be taking Grunt and 97 to the solo competition while she stays with the rest of the team. Wu Bai is training separately but going as well.

S&P is also bringing four people, and since the numbers are small, the manager has planned for them to take the same flight. After asking if he would like her to check on his grandpa while he’s away, the manager makes an offhand comment about him being unmarried so there’s no one he’s accountable to. But this makes him think of Tong Nian and the manager notices the look on his face (pictured above).

Episode 9

Ai Qing is upset at Solo for assigning her to go to Norway for the competition knowing that Shang Yan is going, too. She says it’ll be extremely uncomfortable for her, but Solo says he hopes they can find an opportunity to make up.

In a flashback (from Solo’s perspective), Solo overhears Shang Yan and Ai Qing discussing an upcoming competition, after which Solo will be withdrawing from the team. Shang Yan remarks that there will be no meaning in the team after Solo is gone, and asks Ai Qing if she’s already forgiven Solo. He thinks she’s stupid if she can forgive him after he’s hurt both her and the team.

Shang Yan calls 97 into his room. Initially 97 is nervous to be singled out, but when Shang Yan asks him to register an account for him on a music app (that Tong Nian uses), he chatters excitedly.

Meanwhile, Tong Nian posts in the app ‘What were you all doing at the age of 11? Suddenly very regretful that I only knew to hide test papers in my backpack while some people were already champions.’ Commenters reply and speculate on who ‘some people’ refers to, when a comment from GN (Shang Yan’s screen name) appears saying that he’ll be out of the country and listing his phone number. Tong Nian is excited to see his comment.

Shang Yan asks 97 how to use the app, and 97 mentions that if you know someone on the app you can send private messages. Shang Yan glares at him, asking why he didn’t mention that earlier. 97 shows him how to watch/follow sister-in-law so she can see all her updates just like WeChat friend circles. Shang Yan tells 97 to leave but then does hit the follow button.

Tong Nian calls Shang Yan and although he’s already sleeping, he picks up. He tells her what time he’s flying back from Norway and falls asleep as she babbles on before hanging up.

Ai Qing and Shang Yan are seated next to each other on the flight to Norway, and despite her efforts to speak to him, Shang Yan ignores her. She thinks back to a time when she and Shang Yan ran back to the house in the pouring rain and then Solo personally blow dried her hair for her so she wouldn’t get sick. 

Ai Qing remarks that those with good memories suffer significantly more than those with a bad memories.

In another flashback, Shang Yan’s this time, Team Solo drinks together happily on a rooftop discussing their dreams. Sitting closely with Solo, when Ai Qing is asked about her dream she says her dream is that the person/people she loves’ dreams will come true. Shang Yan says his dream is becoming world champions and proving that there’s nothing that Chinese people can’t do. Solo says that as the team captain, his dream is helping all their dreams come true.

At the K&K headquarters in Norway, Shang Yan introduces Ai Qing and the SP members to his business partner Nan Wei, and says that he’s the husband of the K&K team manager Su Cheng. The third SP team member (not Ou Qiang or Xiao Mi) whispers to Grunt and 97 that he thought Su Cheng was Shang Yan’s girlfriend. LOL. Ai Qing replies, what are you saying, didn’t Shang Yan bring his girlfriend to the last competition. Nan Wei is surprised to learn that Shang Yan has a girlfriend and asks what kind of dummy would want to be his girlfriend.

In Shang Yan’s room, Grunt sees wine and flowers and notes that the next day is Valentine’s Day. He says he’ll take the wine and leave him the chocolates since he likes sweets. Shang Yan receives a phone call from an older lady who asks if he likes the surprise she prepared for him. She asks him to pick up a necklace for her because she doesn’t have time to go to Norway. (She seems like family, but what exactly is their relationship?)

Shang Yan picks up the necklace and calls the lady to inform her. She warns him not to lose it, saying that from childhood to adulthood he’s never spoken the truth. He just hangs up on her.

Ai Qing waits for Shang Yan in the hotel lobby, wanting to celebrate his birthday with him. She recounts one year where they didn’t know it was his birthday and thought he was just trying to third wheel their date. Shang Yan remarks that in their eyes, love is above everything else and friendship isn’t worth anything. Xiao Mi comes out and jokes that they didn’t invite him, but Shang Yan storms off. Ai Qing tries to follow him but is approached by a group of men who try to pull her over to join them.

Episode 10

Ai Qing is yelling for help and Shang Yan runs back to fight the guys who had been trying to pull her over. But then she tries to stop him, accusing him of using physical force to solve problems. He stares at her in disbelief (perhaps she’s referencing when he punched Solo in the past) and after Xiao Mi arrives, Shang Yan storms back to his hotel room angrily.

Xiao Mi comforts Ai Qing and in the lobby, the cake she ordered is brought over to her. Xiao Mi offers to give it to Shang Yan for her.

Shang Yan opens the door and tells Xiao Mi that he’s not in a good mood. When Xiao Mi sits down, Shang Yan gets up in a huff to move farther away from him on the couch. Yikes. He turns to Xiao Mi and says he doesn’t understand why between him and Solo, Xiao Mi picked Solo. Xiao Mi replies that of the five of them, they’re the most similar and only recognize Solo as their team leader. Solo isn’t just a person to him; he represents a spirit, a symbol, and the beginning of Xiao Mi’s dream. He knows the team broke up because of Solo and Ai Qing, but he can’t hold a single mistake against them forever.

He tells Shang Yan Ai Qing bought the coffee and cake for him and then dumps out a bag of first aid supplies for his hand. He wishes Shang Yan a happy birthday on the behalf of the three of them and leaves.

Shang Yan is cleaning his wounded knuckles when he receives a cheerful voice message from Tong Nian wishing him a happy birthday, and then moments later another message from her wishing him a good night and reminding him to make a wish when he blows out the candles. After blowing out the candles, he goes to Xiao Mi’s room and tells him to celebrate his birthday with him.

At the bar, Shang Yan is playing with a cat and Xiao Mi says he hasn’t changed and still likes cats. Shang Yan asks how SP is treating him, and Xiao Mi says with Solo as the boss there, it’s similar to their Team Solo days. Xiao Mi reminds him to be happy and enjoy life.

Before the competition, Wu Bai and Ai Qing exchange a glance… Shang Yan gives the three K&K kids a pep talk, reminding them it’s okay if they lose due to their skills but not to lose from giving up.

Ou Qiang wins his match, but Xiao Mi loses his. During a break, Shang Yan looks for Xiao Mi to offer some comforting words. Meanwhile, Ai Qing looks for Wu Bai, who is sitting in the rafters behind the stage, apparently a thing he does to prepare alone before matches. She wishes him luck, and he admits that he wants to win a championship in front of her because she’s the reason he entered CTF.

Wu Bai wins the championship. Having been streaming the competition, Tong Nian calls Shang Yan to congratulate him and he holds up his phone so she can hear the cheers. During the ceremony, Wu Bai looks to Ai Qing, who gives him a thumbs up.

After the competition, Shang Yan thanks Nan Wei for supporting him when he asked to start the Chinese branch a year early. Nan Wei noticed that Xiao Mi’s skill level seemed lower than the other competitors and wonders if Xiao Mi feels a lot of pressure.

So Shang Yan takes Xiao Mi and Ou Qiang out and they sing along to a song on the radio together.

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