Halfway Point Review: Our Glamorous Time (2018)

Our Glamorous TimeOur Glamorous Time is a currently airing Chinese drama that can be streamed in the US on Viki. The drama stars Zhao Li Ying (Princess Agents, Rookie Agent Rouge, Noble Aspirations) and Jin Han (Princess Agents, The Princess Wei Young) in his first leading role.

I was initially intrigued by this drama because I’m still hopeful of finding a modern drama I like, and I liked Zhao Li Ying a lot in 2014’s Boss and Me. I find her very charming but haven’t seen her in anything else – I tried Princess Agents but it just didn’t appeal to me. I was even more hopeful about this drama when I discovered it was adapted from a Ding Mo novel. I enjoyed Love Me If You Dare and When a Snail Falls in Love, both of which were also adapted from Ding Mo novels. However, both of those dramas were light on romance and centered around crimes and police cases – Our Glamorous Time is very different.

Our Glamorous Time focuses on the business world, specifically the fashion industry, and the source of its drama is corporate rivalry and sabotage. Li Zhi Zheng is a former soldier who steps into a leadership role in his family’s company upon the death of his older brother and Lin Qian is a budding young fashion designer who wants to create her own original work. Both are very good-hearted people, and their romance is very sweet and easy (no love triangle, no endless misunderstandings, etc). Unfortunately, I find Jin Han’s acting really boring and I’m not sold on their chemistry. One of the other characters is absolutely awful but gets SO much screen time. There is another potential couple in the drama that I love though…


The gangsters storyline. Sorry if they’re not gangsters, I’m not sure how to refer to them exactly. I understand that in the first episode, it helped introduce Lin Qian and Li Zhi Cheng’s characters and gave them a ~fated~ storyline. But the continuation of this storyline just seemed to show up arbitrarily so much later.

All the camo. I get it, Li Zhi Cheng’s military background is a big part of his character and it affects Lin Qian because he saved her but wow there is a lot of camo incorporated in both their wardrobes All The Time.

Ning Wei Kai. In the beginning, I thought he was an interesting, layered character. He’s hardworking and determined to the point of ruthlessness. That’s fine. But what drives me crazy is his hypocrisy. He’ll sabotage Lin Qian’s hard work but then help save her from the gangsters? He treats Grace very aggressively and yet at the fashion show seems to win her over with his heartfelt words? (Grace deserves better.) He repeatedly confronts Li Zhi Cheng about the flooded warehouse and says he won by luck… blatantly disregarding his own hacker sabotage???? Ex-cuse me? I can’t stand his holier-than-thou attitude. Also, it makes no sense that he chose his right-hand guy as his model in the fashion show. He relies on this guy to be his spy! Li Zhi Cheng confronted him and fought him after realizing he was being followed and even took down his license plate number. Now this guy shows up front and center at the fashion show and no one even mentions it???

Lin Qian and Li Zhi Cheng’s relationship. I like that it’s sweet and drama-free but it just feels meh to me. It’s built a lot on him continually saving her life, I guess? The moment that really turned me off from their relationship though was the fashion show. The fashion show has a rule of no phones, but she has to take his call right before she’s supposed to explain her work? I know that plot-wise it was necessary to lead to the “he promised to be here but he’s missing so something must be wrong” storyline BUT for someone wanting to be taken seriously as a designer, to just disrespect the rules of the competition like that felt out of character.

Lin Qian and her brother. I LOVE. It feels like he does have her best interests at heart. I am curious about their family’s background because he seems very well-off and LOOK AT HER HOUSE. Her house is huge. Even though her online store was struggling, clearly she wasn’t worrying about rent…

Chen Ya Yi the assistant. She’s a real scene-stealer, and I love when she gives Lin Qian advice. But what I love more are her scenes with Chen Zheng!! Initially, I thought Chen Zheng was going to be paired off with Li Zhi Cheng’s sister since they seemed to have chemistry but I guess Gu Ting Zhi is eventually going to win her over. But this is fine because Chen Ya Yi is even better and I love that she keeps putting him in his place. Fingers crossed that they get some good development. I also like Chen Zheng because despite some of his business tactics, he’s not anywhere near as manipulative and conniving as Ning Wei Kai, and even came across as naive when he didn’t realize Ning Wei Kai sabotaged his company.

Li Zhi Cheng’s soldier team. They’re so cute and loyal. I have no idea what the actors’ names are but I will definitely be keeping my eye out for a couple of them…

So yeah, there’s a lot driving me crazy and I don’t care about corporate sabotage but at least the main couple’s relationship is drama-free, so I’ll keep watching until the end.

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