Weekly Update: June 2019 Modern-Day Chinese Dramas

There are so many dramas these days, who can keep up?! I finished To Be With You (and will continue posting the rest of the recaps this week) and started Put Your Head On My Shoulder. It’s so funny and I’m loving it so far.

Today I’m taking a look at the modern-day dramas currently airing. I’ve included trailers whenever I’ve been able to find them. If you recommend any of these, let me know! I’m probably going to look for Gank Your Heart, Chasing Ball, and Fall in Love first, although I think “Your Highness” Class Monitor and Blowing in the Wind are the more popular ones.

“Your Highness” Class Monitor began airing on May 30 and is available on YouTube with English subtitles. It stars Xing Fei (Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me, The Faded Light Years, Put Your Head on My Shoulder) and Niu Junfeng (supporting roles in Love O2O, The Brightest Star in the Sky). The title made me think it was another high school drama but it actually takes place in university and is a hate-to-love and rich-boy-poor-girl story. I spotted the best friend from About Is Love and the marketing director from The Brightest Star in the Sky in the supporting cast.

Blowing in the Wind began airing on June 6 and is available on Viki and on YouTube. This drama about mountain climbers starring Xing Zhaolin (The Eternal Love) and Eleanor Lee (The Big Boss, My Poseidon).

Unrequited Love (橘生淮南·暗恋) is one of two adaptations of a novel by Ba Yue Chang An, who also wrote the novels that school dramas With You and My Huckleberry Friends were based on. This one, however, is set in university where the two leads meet but it turns out the girl had a secret crush for several years (thus, the title of the drama). This premise sounds painful to watch, perhaps I should try reading the novel first. This stars Zhao Shun Ran and Zhu Yan Man Zi.

Gank Your Heart (陪你到世界之巅) began airing on June 6. This e-sports drama is about a gamer and a live streamer starring Wang Yibo and Wang Zixuan. Although I first knew of Wang Yibo because of the Korean/Chinese boy group he’s part of (UNIQ), I saw his supporting role in Joe Chen and Tong Dawei’s 2017 drama Love Actually and loved him! I’m excited to see him in a lead role. The trailer starts off as a romantic comedy and then totally turns into intense drama.

Chasing Ball began airing on June 17 and is about university students who are dedicated table tennis players. It stars Kris Fan Shiqi and Bu Guanjin (Suddenly This Summer), and I also saw Huang Shengchi (Luo Xi in Summer’s Desire 2018) and Li Wenhan (Smile) in the supporting cast. Li Wenhan is actually also part of UNIQ with Yibo, as well as the new group UNINE formed from iQiyi’s second season of Idol Producer.

Cheat My Boss began airing on May 23 and stars Charlene Chen Yumi and Lu Yongzhuo. I’ve never heard of either of them before but this could be a fun romantic comedy to watch if I can find it somewhere. This drama has a hidden-identity plot.

Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) began airing on June 11, adapted from a novel by Shen Cangmei. Shen Cangmei also wrote the novel that 2017’s The Fox’s Summer was based on. I enjoyed The Fox’s Summer so I’d give this a shot. I watched an ad for this and couldn’t tell if it leans more toward drama or comedy but there’s a side couple as well. It stars He Hua and Wang Ruichang (who played a supporting role in The Eternal Love).

Before I get to the last dramas, which are a little different, I want to mention a few more dramas that I don’t feel like writing up: A Little Love Song, a youth drama about tennis players; May I Love You, about a male nurse and the new intern; My Beluga Boyfriend, which has a memory loss storyline with a fantasy twist. There’s also Smile Time (aka His Smile), which I’m intrigued by because it’s an interactive drama that branches into 21 preset storyline options.

Deep In My Heart is actually a mystery/suspense drama about a murder case, so very different from the others on this list. It just began airing on June 19 and is on YouTube. I haven’t watched a Chinese drama of this genre in ages so maybe I’ll give it a try.

Bureau of Transformer began airing on June 5, and I’m including this one because it’s not what I was expecting to find while writing this post, LOL. The main characters work for the titular bureau in keeping the peace between humans and monsters (who apparently descended from aliens). It looks like a comedy and stars Olivia Wang and Chen He. I liked Olivia Wang in When a Snail Falls in Love, found her annoying in Ode to Joy, and don’t even get me started on how awful Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool was. I probably won’t watch this one but I keep hoping I’ll like one of Olivia Wang’s dramas again.

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