Review: Love Is Deep (2019)

Love Is Deep 2019

YIKES. After I wrote such a positive First Impressions & Episode 1 Recap, Love Is Deep turned out to be overwhelmingly disappointing. This drama is frustrating 40 episodes long because the same issues kept arising but the characters never seemed to learn and grow from them. I began watching half-heartedly in the second hand and the final storyline was awful. I can’t believe how they wrote the ending.

Ding Ding, the female lead played by Kang Ning, dreams of designing pet toys and finally begins pursuing her dream, facing the challenges of running an online shop and creating original designs. I loved that this was a major storyline that didn’t get pushed aside for the relationship. In fact, Ding Ding actually put her work first at times, which I really liked. That’s a valid choice! 👏

Ning Wei Jin, the male lead played by Hu Yun Hao, is a talented young surgeon, and although unexperienced with love, he is reliable, caring, and mature. I personally didn’t swoon over him but he was excellent boyfriend material. I liked his relationship with his younger sister Ning Wei Xuan and his best friend Gao Ren. He (and his sister) have a difficult relationship with their father.

The real highlight of this drama was Ding Ding’s best friend Xiao Feng, who gave the BEST advice. You could always count on him to call her out on her behavior. Basically, every time Ding Ding’s ex-boyfriend re-appeared in the storyline (which was way too many times), it would cause an issue between Ding Ding and Ning Wei Jin. It made Ning Wei Jin feel like Ding Ding wasn’t letting go of her ex, and Ding Ding never seemed to understand or care about how he felt. It seemed hypocritical on Ding Ding’s part given how she felt when she saw Ning Wei Jin with his close female friend.

As for the supporting characters, Ning Wei Xuan is a really energetic and lighthearted, and relentlessly pursues her brother’s best friend Gao Ren. Their scenes initially are so much fun—another highlight of the drama for me—and had me laughing out loud. However, there was a point when she really crossed the line and I no longer found her antics funny. I really wanted her to reflect over her actions and grow up a little. Also, while I loved Gao Ren, the introduction of the other doctor really showed how immature he was in comparison. (That other doctor deserved better.)

In conclusion: If you start to feel like you want to drop the drama, especially because of the storylines with the ex, then you should probably drop it before the last few episodes.


Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!

At first, I wondered if the relationship between Ding Ding and her ex-boyfriend, Chen Xun, could be salvaged. I liked that she clearly told him how she felt—that he had just gotten used to her being around but didn’t care deeply about her the way he loved his ex. When he couldn’t even name a single food she liked, I knew it was over for him. Later on, running the company alone, I think he realized what an impact she was on his company and life as a really competent employee, but not necessarily as someone he was in love with.

Wen Zixin, Chen Xun’s ex, was initially so awful! I hated how she deliberately wanted to give Ding Ding the wrong idea but pretended to be so nice in front of Chen Xun. I was surprised by what a turn her character takes. She truly loves Chen Xun and is very devoted to helping him with his company.

Ding Ding… oh Ding Ding… I did understand her instinct to want to help the company she’d worked at for many years, and helped build from the ground up, when it was in trouble. I didn’t mind her helping out and thought Ning Wei Jin was even a tad overbearing at times. The issue is that Ding Ding and Ning Wei Jin didn’t communicate, and I never felt like Ding Ding made an effort to respect how Ning Wei Jin felt. When Shu Yi Ran was always trying to be possessive around Ding Ding, it made Ding Ding feel awful, so I wanted to see her realize the parallels.

The final storyline was the last straw for me though, I couldn’t believe there was no one else who could take care of Chen Xun! It’s not Ding Ding’s responsibility, and it clearly made Ning Wei Jin deeply unhappy. Ding Ding didn’t even have time to notice Ning Wei Jin was facing a difficult situation in his own life.

But anyways, I enjoyed Ning Wei Xuan and Gao Ren more anyways. When she made him put on that costume for the cafe! 😂I thought it was very brave when she confessed her feelings to him, but I couldn’t tolerate her behavior after he repeatedly rejected her kindly. She basically stalked him and would not leave him alone, putting him in an uncomfortable position since he’s best friends with her brother. I really wish that she had reflected over her actions, but the storyline seemed to justify her actions. He did end up realizing he missed her once she wasn’t around, and then their roles reversed and he became the one pestering her. I guess they are somewhat equal in their immaturity so perhaps that makes them a great match after all.

Now… the last episode. When Ning Wei Jin leaves for a year and Ding Ding misses him at the airport, couldn’t she have just hopped on a flight at any time during that year to see him? She could finally make a move for once! But not only does she not do that, but she doesn’t reach out to him at all for an ENTIRE year? How can you claim to love someone and just leave things like that? He comes back and he’s the one who apologizes to her?! And she was considering meeting someone she chatted with online, seemingly as a new love interest??? She never even suspected that all this time Ning Wei Jin used such a method to keep in touch with her. I’m mad that in 40 episodes, Ding Ding never learned how to express her feelings and be considerate of someone else’s feelings, but just moped for an entire year and didn’t even try to speak to him when he returned. (Yes, Shu Yi Ran came back with Ning Wei Jin and he was cold towards Ding Ding, but if you really loved him, would you give up just like that???)

Big sigh @ this disappointing drama.

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  1. THANK YOU! This is exactly how I felt. The fact that Ding Ding and Ning Wei Xuan opened up the cafe and became partners was one of the biggest things that attracted me to this drama. I thought it was so cool to see them being independent career women doing what they love but when it came to both of their relationships man I could not stomach the things they would do or say. As you pointed out, Ding Ding is actually pretty cruel and inconsiderate for someone that went through such a horrible one sided relationship…and I feel like there was so much opportunity to see Ning Wei Xuan grow into such a cool level headed girl while still having a semblance of self. (Realizing that she can’t change herself for a man or try to be “mature” for someone instead of herself). This show in general has the most one sided relationships I’ve ever seen. It was definitely a train wreck in that area. It was cute at first how Ning Wei Jin wanted to learn how to be a good boyfriend for Ding Ding, but the constant chase gets tiring. I would’ve liked to see everyone realize that they can love and still be themselves.

  2. I am totally in agreement with your opinion. And Rumirie’s too.

    The first episodes were fun and nice to watch (obviously, that the male lead always appears where the female lead needs him is part of the drama), but it got boring after a few episodes. That everyone seems to be in a one-sided relationship is definitely not how the world works.

    The point of DingDing leaving ChenXue shows maturity and contrast with other dramas where they usually let the lead being cheated on and then dump the guy. This time, it was before and it was so realistic! Love that part. Though, every time she was called back to help the company, she would give in. Seriously, not a way to portray a lead, you can show compassion for your former job in other ways, not “dirtying your hands” for them. That also shows the inability of the rest.

    Also, I agree with WeiXuan’s attitude. Stalker type. She didn’t even understand or learn after he multiple times told her no. But, it was so obvious that they would end up together, I didn’t enjoy it, I felt GaoRen’s pain when trying to refuse her at the beginning. You don’t want to hurt her but want to be away from it.

    What annoyed me the most was Shu YiRan. Girl! 21st Century! I understand Chinese culture is more into parents matching children and follow their instructions but c’mon! One of the best doctors’ at the hospital! You should have spoke your feelings and then, moved on! NOT healthy… That’s the other side of the coin: or you’re like DingDing and suffer while trying to be happy or like YiRan, bitter and almost vengeful about it.

    XiaoFeng stole the show for me! The first time a male best friend is not after the lead and, as you said, gave some pretty good advice!

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