Review: Love Me, If You Dare (2016)

Chinese Name: 他来了,请闭眼
Summary: Jenny (Ma Si Chun) takes a translating job for Simon (Wallace Huo), a criminal psychologist who has recently returned from the U.S. As he begins to assist the police on cases, her role grows into assisting him, and they fall in love. (I know, this is a short summary but I’d rather give less away!)
Number of Episodes: 24
Stream It: Viki

Quick Thoughts: This felt like a mix of the BBC/PBS series Sherlock and the CBS show Criminal Minds so if you like either of those, definitely give this a try. The cast and characters were very strong and compelling – I especially appreciated that Jenny wasn’t weak and useless. The cases were serious and sometimes gruesome, and really made the series riveting.

Just a couple more thoughts:

  1. I really liked Zi Yu (Yin Zheng) and especially loved his friendship with Simon.
  2. Ok, I confess, I love Wang Kai so I was happy to see him here.
  3. To be honest, I cared less about the romance than I cared about seeing Simon come to terms with his new feelings and figuring out what to do about them.
  4. Pretty random but it was a little strange that when Simon and the FBI agent spoke, he spoke in Chinese and she spoke in English – but I guess that was easiest, so I can accept it.

If they do make a second season, I would watch it.


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