Review: Lucky’s First Love (2019)

The World Owes Me a First Love 2019

Also known as The World Owes Me A First Love, this 24-episode modern drama is available with English subtitles on Viki. It stars Xing Zhao Lin, best known for The Eternal Love, as Xia Ke, the CEO of a gaming startup, and Bai Lu, best known for The Legends and Arsenal Military Academy, as Xing Yun, the startup’s first employee.

I like that this drama doesn’t begin with our two leads meeting, but after they’ve worked together for a couple years. Since they already know each other so well, Lucky’s First Love is about overcoming familiarity and realizing that you’ve fallen in love with someone who is already by your side.

That being said, it takes quite some time for the romance between Xia Ke and Xing Yun to develop. In the beginning (and this is not a spoiler since it the storyline happens immediately), Xing Yun dates someone else and since it’s her first time dating, she’s not familiar with what to expect. There are huge red flags that she rationalizes due to her lack of experience. I was cringing so hard. Then almost immediately afterward this storyline, there’s another “obstacle” between her and Xing Yun, and it was even worse. Although most reviewers called this drama “light and fluffy” it actually stressed me out because I was waiting so long for them to get together.

However, I did for the most part enjoy the supporting characters and there were a lot of humorous moments. Although Xing Zhao Lin’s acting isn’t always that great, and Bai Lu’s wig gets a little annoying (it just drives me crazy that she has that center braid hairstyle the entire way through!), I thought the two of them had good chemistry and I loved their scenes together.

If you haven’t watched this drama, here’s the trailer:

Additional thoughts with some minor spoilers follow!

WARNING: There are some minor spoilers below!

I loved Xia Ke’s best friends He Yu and Yao Qing. He Yu is a rich playboy, and his playful, laidback personality is the opposite of Xia Ke’s. I don’t fault him for not giving up someone he liked just because his friend *might* like her, too. However, I think he crossed the line when it became clearer that Xia Ke and Xing Yun liked each other and he began to deliberately sabotage Xia Ke.

Yao Qing, on the other hand, is the first second female lead that I have loved and respected! I want to applaud the words she said on the ferris wheel because they were so rational and emotionally intelligent. Given all the Chinese dramas that have second female leads who refuse to give up and turn to drastic, manipulative measures, Yao Qing was a breath of fresh air. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Chen Lanlan’s next drama!

Xing Yun’s parents were so fun, and I loved Xia Ke’s sister Shen Qing. I was glad that Shen Qing had a full storyline of her own and her son was adorable. It felt bizarre to me that Xia Ke’s grandmother did not factor into the storyline as much, and even in the end, (as far as I remember) there was never a scene where she met Xing Yun. Instead of the final storyline with a whole new character, I would have loved to see a storyline about Xia Ke’s grandma getting to know Xing Yun, maybe even both families getting to know each other!

I do want to say that I liked that Xing Yun called Xia Ke out on his need-to-be-in-control behavior and needing to be equals. I think that was extremely important since they’d had an employer-employee relationship for so long. I also liked that Xing Yun trusted Xia Ke, and had career goals. I really enjoyed the storylines where they worked on her game and when the company faced issues with investments. Sometimes office romance dramas get boring when it comes to the actual office storylines, but this was not one of those!

Verdict: Not entirely satisfying but had some memorable and cute moments.

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