Review: My Girl (2020)

My Girl 2020

I wasn’t planning to watch My Girl because I’m tired of all these dramas that pair a male CEO with some kind of flaw & a sweet, innocent female lead, especially when they both look so young! However, I randomly watched a clip from this drama that made me laugh out loud, and I was intrigued. My Girl is on Viki and YouTube with English subtitles.

My Girl is funny, cute, generally not frustrating, and there are great friendships and side couples as well. Yes, the premise is really far-fetched and the female lead’s disorder being described as PTSD seems wildly inaccurate but if you can suspend your disbelief and accept the premise, this drama is really enjoyable.

Meng Hui, the female lead, has a second personality that is triggered by emotional distress, and these episodes conclude only when her goal is fulfilled. What this sets up is the opportunity for a bold, fearless Meng Hui to emerge, and this version of Meng Hui was so fun to watch and constantly made me laugh out loud. Meng Hui is likable because she has a sunny personality, but she’s not so kind, sweet, and naive that it makes you roll your eyes. Lia Jia Qi really shines in this role, and it wasn’t until I looked her up afterwards that I realized she played Xiao You in the 2018 Meteor Garden remake! She really won me over in this role.

As for the male lead, Zhao Yi Qin has had a stream of dramas come out recently but I’ve only seen him in his supporting role in Accidentally in Love. (Fake Princess aired prior to this, and Love Story of Court Enemies and Consummation aired afterwards.) Zhao Yi Qin’s character, Shen Yi, is extremely stingy, which is really funny to watch, but he’s also consumed by guilt. A major part of his storyline is the bumpy road to unraveling that guilt. I was definitely yelling at the screen at some of his actions, and at around episode 17 this storyline gets really messy. I wish it had been resolved with more honest conversations.

I loved Fan Zhi Xin as Sui An, Shen Yi’s best friend. He starred in Mountains and Ocean and had a supporting role in Eternal Love of Dream, and I definitely want to see more of him! His friendship with Shen Yi was one of my favorite aspects of the drama, and it has its own complications. I was glad this drama didn’t go the love triangle route and that he had his own romance storyline, but I thought it was underdeveloped. I didn’t see the connection and feelings forming from his side. Pu Tao (who was great in last year’s lackluster Fall in Love) was also great as Meng Hui’s friend Ah Tao, except that as a therapist, I thought she should’ve been helping Meng Hui face and resolve her issues! I loved that Ah Tao is confident and fierce, and that she falls for a soft boy, but I hated that the ending implied that as their relationship develops, their dynamic needs to change???

Wei Lei, played by He Mei Xuan, was the best surprise of this drama. I appreciate that she wasn’t a one-dimensional villain and leave it at that to not spoil anything! Also, I liked seeing Yi’s company’s employees and it was great that they were a variety of ages.

Lastly, I love the ending song 极星 (My Polar Star) by 陈雪燃 Chen Xue Ran! I thought his voice sounded familiar, and realized that he sang the opening song of Go Go Squid, 无名之辈 (Nameless Generation).

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