My Girlfriend is an Alien: Episode 1 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien Episode 1

I started watching the currently-airing web drama My Girlfriend is an Alien because I’m always curious about storylines involving aliens, and I am LOVING it. I have watched through episode 16 and despite things getting a tad repetitive in episodes 9-12, I’m still really enjoying it. The female lead is so charming, and since she’s not familiar with human norms you can’t really fault her for her behavior. There are so many scenes of her touching the male lead’s chest, lol.

The official translated summary is somewhat confusing, but the basic premise is that Chai Xiaoqi (played by Wan Peng) is an alien who gets stuck on Earth after she’s attracted by Fang Leng’s (played by Hsu Thassapak) hormones and saves him from a car explosion, becoming separated from her spaceship and losing her communication device in the process. In order to get the device back, she seeks him out. Fang Leng is a capable CEO who secretly suffers from a psychological condition that causes him to forget the women he’s met when it rains, and he enlists Chai Xiaoqi for help in treating his condition.

The other major characters include Chai Xiaoqi’s boss, who takes her in, and Fang Leng’s younger half-brother Fang Lie, who becomes a close friend of Xiaoqi’s. (If you watched Fall in Love, you’ll recognize Fang Lie! He’s played by the same actor who played An Yue Sheng. I feel like his acting has improved in this drama.) There’s also Fang Leng’s assistant and his doctor, his father and stepmother, and an old flame seeking to get back together with him. Oh, and Xiaoqi has a talking turtle.

Episode 1 Recap

I rewatched the episode to write this and forgot how strange the first five minutes are, but keep watching and give it a chance! Xiaoqi definitely starts off as more alien-like and gradually becomes more human-like.

Fang Leng is unconscious after his car crashes, and Xiaoqi approaches him, saving him when his car explodes. The impact causes her to cough up some blood before being thrown into the water nearby. The blood solidifies in Fang Leng’s hand into a blue rock.

When he wakes up, Fang Leng doesn’t remember the accident. His assistant (I’ll just call him Assistant Han since that’s how it’s translated) reports that there’s a problem at the office. His ex-girlfriends have gathered in wedding dresses in front of his office and called the press in order to force him to marry one of them. (What a strange thing to do???) Fang Leng refuses Assistant Han’s suggestion to stay home to avoid them, and uses the company’s resources to find a way to buy each of his exes off.

Afterwards, Assistant Han asks him about the blue rock they found in his hand, but Fang Leng denies that it’s his and has the rock sent to the company’s research department.

Xiaoqi regains consciousness several days later and discovers that her secretary has transformed into a turtle and only she can understand what it says. Realizing she has lost her communication device, she draws a picture of the man she encountered but only remembers his chest, not his face.

She goes to a mall to acquire and is able to use her powers to replace the clothes she’s wearing with the clothing on the mannequins. Security spots her though, and Xiaoqi makes a run for it but becomes overwhelmed in the middle of the intersection. It just so happens that Fang Leng pulls up in front of her right before she uses her powers to freeze time. Somehow, it doesn’t affect Fang Leng and he wonders if he’s losing his mind.

Fang Leng mentions it to his doctor, who speculates that it’s due to stress. His doctor, a classmate/friend of Fang Leng’s, mentions that Fang Leng’s special amnesia occurs due to psychological drama from his mother dying during a rainstorm and that he’s kept it a secret for a long time. He reminds Fang Leng that he needs to make sure his stepmother doesn’t find out about this weakness.

Meanwhile, Xiaoqi stumbles across an event at a restaurant with shirtless male dancers, and after determining that none of them are the man she’s looking for, encounters a handsome young man singing. It turns out this is none other than Fang Leng’s younger half-brother, Fang Lie, and Assistant Han shows up to bring him home before Xiaoqi is able to approach him.

In the morning, Xiaoqi awakens in the restaurant and the owner, Sister Chai, initially assumes she’s rich. (She’s called Chai jie in the show so I’m just translating her name literally.) Sister Chai tearfully guilt trips Xiaoqi into working for her as a deliveryperson in order to pay off the amount she owes. When Xiaoqi shares her extremely long alien name, Sister Chai tells her to shorten it to Xiaoqi and gives her her own surname Chai.

Xiaoqi heads off to make deliveries and uses her teleportation ability, which Fang Leng just so happens to witness. Again he wonders if he’s seeing things.

Also, I just want to say that somehow Xiaoqi manages to still look cute in the deliveryperson outfit. It’s nice that she’s so cheery.

It just so happens that Xiaoqi’s delivery is for Fang Lie, who is being kept in his apartment by two of Fang Leng’s security detail. He asks Xiaoqi to switch clothes with him and sneaks out.

When Fang Leng arrives, he quickly discovers it’s not his brother and asks her where Fang Lie is. Xiaoqi refuses to tell him and tries to use her abilities to escape but for some reason, her abilities won’t work. (Ooooooh.) She manages to run away but Fang Leng notes the restaurant labels on the food she delivered and waits for her at the restaurant.

Sister Chai makes Xiaoqi serve him, and since the cooks are already off, Xiaoqi tries to cook but sets a fire. Fang Leng rushes over and takes off his shirt to put the fire out, and Xiaoqi realizes it’s the chest she was looking for.

Xiaoqi tries to resist his hormones this time, lol. Is it slightly unbelievable that Fang Leng isn’t more weirded out by Xiaoqi? Yes, totally, but I don’t care because it’s so much fun.

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