Review: Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019)

Put Your Head On My Shoulder 2019

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a 24-episode Chinese drama that aired in April-May 2019 and is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

The story centers around two college students pursuing very different fields, who find themselves living together due to their mothers being friends. As graduation approaches, they make decisions about their futures and fall in love with each other. This is a light and fluffy series with very little drama. If anything, the leads’ biggest obstacles are themselves, learning what they want and how to communicate it. It’s very much about navigating a relationship for the first time.

I really loved the first half of the series and found it charming and funny, but in the latter half I lost interest (a mix of it being slow, frustrating, and boring). While it was enjoyable, I don’t think this drama will make any of my best-of-2019 lists nor do I think I’d watch it again.

The female main character, Si Tu Mo, is played by Xing Fei, who is best known for starring in Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017). (I really like her and will be keeping an eye out for her future dramas.) Si Tu Mo is an accounting student whose true passion is advertising. I loved that she pursues her interests and works very hard. She’s a very warm person, kind and friendly.

Lin Yi makes his drama debut as the male main character, Gu Wei Yi. An extremely smart physics student, Gu Wei Yi is focused on his studies and has a strong sense of fairness, but isn’t close with other people. It’s by chance that his roommate is friends with Si Tu Mo that brings her into his life. Gu Wei Yi frequently searches on Baidu to figure out how to do things, and falling for Si Tu Mo is a huge learning experience for him. There are a lot of these ‘silent genius’ type of characters in Chinese dramas, and what makes Gu Wei Yi likable is that he actively makes efforts to take care of and understand Si Tu Mo.

The aforementioned roommate of Gu Wei Yi is Fu Pei, portrayed by Tang Xiao Tian. Fu Pei starts out as being part of Si Tu Mo’s storyline, which I really enjoyed as it felt authentic and relatable. It really endears you to Si Tu Mo from the start. Later on, his storyline branches off into his relationship with Si Tu Mo’s friend, Wang Shan, played by Ying Chen (her first drama role).

Fu Pei and Wang Shan get a lot of screentime in this series and I’ve seen a lot of reviews that mention disliking their storyline and skimming through their scenes. I didn’t mind their relationship as a contrast to Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi’s, I appreciated that Fu Pei experiences a lot of growth throughout the series and Wang Shan is nice and likable (perhaps a tad boring, but that’s better than annoying!).

I really enjoyed the scenes with the larger group of friends, and I wished there had been more! Friendship is one of my favorite themes in dramas, and unfortunately for me, Put Your Head On My Shoulder really focuses on the two couples, especially in the latter half.

The laboratory scenes were fun, especially the professor and the male classmate giving Gu Wei Yi advice on how to confess to Si Tu Mo. I especially want to call out the female classmate though, Xie Yu Yin, played by Zhou Zi Xin. She’s smart and, of course, has a crush on Gu Wei Yi. It’s nice to see that she wasn’t a clingy/obsessed character though; she makes an effort to get Gu Wei Yi to notice her and is even straightforward with Si Tu Mo about it. I respected her character.

Lin Zhi Cun, played by Zhou Jun Wei, is a supporting character introduced towards the end—a great addition just as things were getting a little boring! Lin Zhi Cun is an actor hired by the advertising agency that Si Tu Mo works for, and he takes a liking to her and low-key helps her out. I appreciated that this didn’t turn into some kind of guys-fighting-over-a-girl storyline.

Overall, this was a very fun, relatable drama set in college about falling in love for the first time and making career decisions. It’s light in that there are no love triangles, no parents disapproving, no dramatic accidents/twists. Its weakness is probably that it’s too simple, and due to it being the first relationship for both main characters, they sometimes act rather immaturely.


My biggest gripe with this drama is that in the middle, once Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo realize they like one another, it takes way too long for them to tell each other. Gu Wei Yi tries his best, but his roundabout efforts drove me crazy. There are also other scenes where they give each other the silent treatment instead of communicating, make (wrong) assumptions, and act in a petty manner due to misunderstandings. I know we all act immaturely at that age and do things we cringe looking back on, so I don’t want to be harsh about it, but I got the impression they weren’t learning from these experiences and growing from them. Towards the end, I was really forcing myself to finish the series rather than excited to watch the next episode.

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