Review: Boss & Me (2014)

Boss and Me 1Chinese Name: 杉杉来了
Episodes: 34
Quick Summary: Xue Shan Shan’s (Zhao Li Ying) rare blood type brings her into the life of her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han), whose sister also has the same blood type. (I’d rather not give any other details away!)
Recommendation: Watch it!

I read a review of Boss & Me that said it was really cute, and it was right! Boss & Me was so sweet that I don’t know how it’s taken me so long to discover it. The greatest strength of Boss & Me is that it won’t piss you off. After Royal Sister Returns, I was not about any ridiculous, overdramatic storylines, and Boss & Me delivered. I loved all the main characters. Even the “villainous” characters were not entirely awful.

I loved that Shan Shan wasn’t the brightest, but she worked hard, had a positive attitude, and stayed true to herself. Even in the crucial plot moments, I found her very reasonable and not over-the-top in her reactions. Zhao Li Ying is seriously adorable. Zhang Han is just okay, and I didn’t particularly love Feng Teng, but he was acceptable.


I loved Feng Yue, Feng Teng’s sister, and how supportive she was. Even though Shan Shan may not have been who she had in mind for her brother, she truly wanted her brother to be happy. She could’ve easily been a villainous character, especially since Li Shu is her best friend. Sure, Li Shu pissed me off, but she was still relatable and redeemable. She and Zheng Qi were so cute together so it all worked out for her!

Speaking of villains, the colleague who also had the panda blood (can’t remember her name) definitely gave off villainous vibes in all her scenes, but I was relieved when it turned out she was just a regular self-interested human. Chinese dramas have made me too suspicious!

I loved Shan Shan’s best friend and cousin, and how they remained consistent throughout the drama. It drives me crazy when the leads become too busy for their friends once they start dating. They were also both very smart and rational.

I watched the scene where Shan Shan finds out about Li Shu. I thought her reaction was spot on. Sure, after some time, it’s obvious this is not a major obstacle in her relationship with Feng Teng since he never had feelings for Li Shu, but in the moment, with the betrayal of everyone keeping something like this from her and how she had seriously treated Li Shu as a friend when she had been trying to sabotage her, I felt like her every word was perfect. 👏👏👏

Also, I loved Shan Shan’s growth, especially towards the end. When she becomes dedicated to studying, when she embarks on the business with her cousin, and how she deals with the pressures of being with Feng Teng – I was impressed with how she had matured, while still being her silly self.

Overall, despite not totally loving Feng Teng, I loved Boss & Me and am adding it to my list of favorites! ❤️

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