Review: My Girlfriend is an Alien (2019)

My Girlfriend is an Alien 2019

This was such a fun drama and despite some flaws, is one of my favorites of 2019.

The summary I’ve seen for My Girlfriend is an Alien makes it sound so bizarre but the basic premise is: the female lead, Chai Xiao Qi, is an alien who gets stuck on Earth unintentionally and needs to get her homing device back from the male lead, Fang Leng, a CEO who happens to suffer from a specific kind of amnesia that causes him to forget the women in his life when it rains.

Wan Peng and Hsu Thassapak were so great as the leads and had a lot of chemistry. I thought Wan Peng really pulled off the clueless boy-crazy alien without being annoying. (Maybe a hint of cringeyness at times, but overall I thought she was endearing!) They had plenty of cute moments and kissing scenes, and I laughed so hard when Xiao Qi kept trying to touch his chest. I really loved that this story wasn’t instalove for her (just instalust, lol), and she approached everything with a positive attitude.

If you watched the web drama Fall in Love from this summer, you’ll recognize Wang You Jun as Fang Lie, Fang Leng’s brother. (I felt like his acting improved here.) His friendship with Xiao Qi offered a lot of fun, playful scenes and I enjoyed the moments between the two brothers as well. I also liked Fang Leng’s doctor and assistant, and the “villains” in this drama provided solid obstacles for our leads.

However, the storyline was a little uneven at times. During episodes 9-13 it felt like the plot was going in circles. While I really loved the two leads and their relationship, I just didn’t feel the emotional impact in the last 8ish episodes. Sometimes a moment would occur between them and I would forget how they reached that point. In the last three episodes (26-28), certain storylines seemed to just be set aside. These episodes were definitely intended to be emotional, but I just didn’t feel it. Regardless, I think the writer(s) did their best to provide a satisfying ending! 28 episodes was a good number, and there are definitely scenes I’d rewatch.

By the way, the behind the scenes clips on YouTube are really fun to watch! It seems like they had a lot of fun filming.

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  1. I am in love with this drama o don’t know but I think it gives a great lesson about love . Their chemistry is just beautiful. I wish for 2 part too with same funn,love, romance ….♥️♥️

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