Review: Stay with Me (2016)


Chinese Name: 放弃我,抓紧我
Summary: Li Wei Wei (Chen Qiao En) and Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai) are bitter rivals in the wedding dress industry, but a long time ago, they were very much in love. Li Wei Wei has become cold and ruthless, and her employees fear her, but her childhood friend Huo Xiao (Qiao Ren Liang) has always been by her side hoping that she will one day return his feelings for her. When a near-drowning results in Li Wei Wei losing seven years of memories, the kind and lighthearted Li Wei Wei returns…
Number of Episodes: 39
Stream It: DramaFever or Viki
Recommendation: Save Yourself, Skip It (Unless You Love Wang Kai)

Quick Thoughts: This started out promising, cute and funny, but it soon began to give me a lot of whiplash, often within a single episode, and I felt like it just kept going on in circles. If I didn’t like the cast so much, I probably would have abandoned this drama.

What I Liked: 

  1. Li Wei Wei’s imagination – these parts were so funny because they were ridiculous. Wang Kai with those vampire teeth? Amazing.
  2. Leo – he was so cute and funny, and it was nice to have a character that was on Wei Wei’s side with no ulterior motives.
  3. The clothing – everyone was so fashionably dressed that it was a feast for the eyes!
  4. Chen Yi Du’s mother – I loved how much she just instinctively liked Wei Wei, and the scenes between her and Wei Wei really helped show how kind Wei Wei really was.
  5. Mo Fan – I liked the twist and that he had a solid motive for his actions. I felt like in the end there was hope for redemption for him.

Perhaps if this drama had fewer episodes, I would be more likely to recommend it, but it was just too much.

I also have to note that it saddened me when I read that Qiao Ren Liang committed suicide last year. He played his character so well in this drama.

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