Ending Recap: Summer’s Desire (2018)

Summer's Desire (2018)

I noticed people are finding my blog by searching for Summer’s Desire‘s ending so I’ve written both a quick summary of the ending as well as a more detailed recap of episodes 30-36 (the final episode).

There are spoilers for the ending of Summer’s Desire (2018) in this post. Only continue reading if you really want to know what happens!

Short version: Xia Mo marries Ou Chen to save her brother Yin Cheng. Luo Xi’s last attempt to get Xia Mo to return to him doesn’t work so he tries to take his own life. Before the surgery, Yin Cheng discovers that Xia Mo married Ou Chen for him and refuses to go through with the surgery. Ou Chen has divorce papers drawn up and offers them to Yin Cheng in order to convince him to accept the surgery. Luo Xi regains consciousness but Xia Mo does not return to his side. After the surgery, Xia Mo, Ou Chen, and Yin Cheng live together happily at Ou Chen’s home. When Xia Mo discovers the divorce papers, she throws them away.

At Ou Chen’s company, the board removes him from the CEO position and replaces him with his friend David. Then they’re hit with a plagiarizing lawsuit, and Ou Chen sells all his assets, including his house, and they move to Xia Mo’s home. Xia Mo tries to assist with the entertainment business side of Ou Chen’s company, but turns down a collaboration that is conditional upon Luo Xi being the lead actor. Luo Xi holds a press conference that clears Xia Mo’s reputation before leaving to study directing abroad. Then Yin Cheng dies suddenly, and Xia Mo is unable to accept his death and falls into a mental state where she acts like Yin Cheng is still alive. Feeling powerless, Ou Chen asks Luo Xi for his help, and slowly they bring Xia Mo back to reality. After witnessing this, Ou Chen acknowledges the mistakes that he has made and understands that Xia Mo should be with the person she loves. He secretly leaves after writing her a letter, but she finds him and they live happily ever after.

Ok now here’s the more detailed version if you care about that. Sorry, I didn’t give much attention to Simon and Feng Jin Hua’s storyline.

Episode 30

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.16.23 AM

It’s the day of Ou Chen and Xia Mo’s wedding, and Ou Chen is nervous that she’s not going to show up. But she does, and a moment later, so does Luo Xi, who wasn’t invited, and Shen Qiang/Sherry. Luo Xi offers them a wedding gift—an invitation to he and Sherry’s wedding.

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Sherry tells Luo Xi that she understands what he’s doing because she’s been there before. A flashback shows that Luo Xi called Sherry for a favor, asking her to put on this act with him. She suggests that instead of these tactics, he could just straightforwardly tell Xia Mo how he feels.

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 10.25.14 AM

Luo Xi goes to the room where Xia Mo is getting ready and asks to speak to her alone. Xia Mo’s best friend Zhen En wants to refuse, but Xia Mo’s brother Yin Cheng and her friend Pan Nan agree and they leave. Luo Xi says that his words earlier were out of anger, and that he will not forgive her and Ou Chen unless Ou Chen returns her to him and she tells him she loves him. However, Xia Mo says she loves Ou Chen, and her hatred for him before was due to misunderstandings.

Outside, Zhen En is agitated because she knows about Xia Mo’s deal with Ou Chen regarding the kidney donation and she wants to save Yin Cheng, who she is in love with.

Luo Xi thanks Xia Mo for having loved him, and walks out of the room sadly. Xia Mo’s friends re-enter the room, and ask her one more time if she’s certain about her choice.

During the wedding, Xia Mo briefly hesitates at the doorway as she remembers what Luo Xi said to her, about how the two of them always leave each other (“我们是各自的逃兵.”) but she goes on with the wedding. Interspersed with the wedding, we see that Luo Xi has returned to his home and is drinking himself into a stupor. He picks up his phone and calls Xia Mo—but Xia Mo gave her phone to Zhen En to hold on to during the ceremony, and Zhen En sees the calls and ignores them. Next thing you know, Sherry and Luo Xi’s manager are rushing into his house with concern, and they’re rushing in to the hospital operating room.

Xia Mo and Ou Chen sleep separately that night, and Xia Mo wakes up with a start, remembering how Luo Xi once asked her if he was near death and wanted to see her one more time, would she drop everything and come to him?

The next day, Xia Mo and Ou Chen are at the hospital with Yin Cheng preparing for his surgery when Sherry approaches them in the hallway, accusing Xia Mo of being heartless for ignoring Luo Xi’s phone calls and messages and saying if she has any conscience she will come see Luo Xi so that he will regain consciousness. Xia Mo sits at Luo Xi’s bedside and tearfully asks him if he has done this to hurt her, in order to win. She apologizes to him and says that she has lost.

Zhen En apologizes to Xia Mo, admitting that she ignored Luo Xi’s calls because she was afraid if Xia Mo picked up then she would call off the wedding and they wouldn’t be able to save Yin Cheng. Of course, Yin Cheng overhears this and is livid. He refuses to go through with the surgery, unable to accept being such a burden to his sister that she would sacrifice the person she loved to save him. Yin Cheng walks out the room to try to wake up Luo Xi, but the guards outside of Luo Xi’s room refuse to let him in. Sherry lets him in, and she and Luo Xi’s manager watch as Yin Cheng tells Luo Xi that the person Xia Mo only married Ou Chen to save his life.

Xia Mo faints and it turns out she’s had a fever all this time. As she lays unconscious with Ou Chen by her side, Yin Cheng returns and reveals to him that he knows. Heartbroken at this turn of events, Ou Chen has his attorney draw up divorce papers. He brings them to Yin Cheng, telling him he will do anything if he accepts the surgery. Even if after the surgery, Xia Mo returns to Luo Xi, he will not regret it. Yin Cheng agrees to the surgery, and realizes that Ou Chen truly loves his sister.

During all this, there’s also a storyline where the paparazzi Feng Jin Hua is sneaking around to find out what’s going on, even trying to get into out of Simon, her ex and Ou Chen’s friend. Meanwhile, at Ou Chen’s company, David plans to replace Ou Chen in the CEO position, without Simon’s knowledge.

Episode 32

Luo Xi wakes up, and hearing that Xia Mo had come to see him, wants to immediately go to her. Xia Mo wakes up from her fever and waits for her brother and Ou Chen to return from surgery. Luo Xi comes to see her, and though relieved to see he is awake, Xia Mo only returns his keys to him.

Some time later, Xia Mo is preparing a meal at Ou Chen’s (beautiful) home. Yin Cheng, also living at Ou Chen’s house, still has the divorce papers in his possession and seemingly never gave them to his sister. The three of them are having a very pleasant meal together when Ou Chen gets a message that he ignores. Simon barges into David’s office asking him about the notification about the board meeting in the afternoon to replace Ou Chen with David, outraged by his betrayal.

During the board meeting, as the board votes to replace Ou Chen, flashbacks are shown of how Ou Chen and Simon persistently befriended and recruited David to join their company when they were students. (This is pretty sad, as I really liked the friendship between the three of them.) As Ou Chen is packing up his belongings, Simon says he will quit, too, but Ou Chen asks Simon to stay and help David. He stops by Xia Mo’s old home and bumps into Luo Xi, who calls him out on his tactics for getting Xia Mo to stay by his side. Ou Chen tells him, if Xia Mo wants to leave him, she can at any time.

At Ou Chen’s house, Xia Mo is cleaning up in Yin Cheng’s room when she stumbles across the divorce papers. When Ou Chen returns, she asks him about it and he says that she should keep them, and if she’s ever unhappy she can sign them. But she replies, too bad she already threw it away. Later, Ou Chen tells Xia Mo about being removed from his position, and Xia Mo tells him not to worry. She heard that he’s worked hard all these years without taking breaks and thinks they should go on vacation. Ou Chen tells her he wants to watch the sunset by the ocean.

Someone reports to David that another company is accusing them of copying their game code. David says it’s impossible and to ignore it.

Luo Xi tells Sherry he doesn’t want to act anymore, and wants to study directing abroad—but then he sees a news article about Ou Chen’s removal from the company.

Episode 33

David is stressed out by a number of issues at the company, from HR being unable to hire qualified employees to the lawyers reporting that the company making the plagiarizing claims has made their accusations public.

Xia Mo is researching where to go on vacation with Ou Chen, and Zhen En and Yin Cheng both point out how much he’s changed from his icy exterior to be more caring and warm.

Ou Chen tries to help David, advising that they do not go to court, but David doesn’t listen, resulting in the court ordering them to take down their game—the worst case scenario. Simon suggests to David that they tell Ou Chen what’s happening and figure it out together, but David is too proud to agree. But Simon turns around and reports back to Ou Chen immediately anyways LOL.

Ou Chen wants to sell his assets to support the case (sorry, I’m not familiar with the Chinese terms relating to this part) and Xia Mo supports him, telling him they can move to her home. Simon comes to Xia Mo’s home and brings David.

Simon, having sold his house and car, brings his luggage to his reporter/paparazzi ex’s home. He asks her to have mercy on Xia Mo and Ou Chen.

Luo Xi tries to call Xia Mo but she changed her number. He’s received two academic program acceptances but now seems hesitant.

Xia Mo decides she needs to contribute, too, and wants to re-enter the entertainment industry. Pan Nan reaches out to help. Zhen En arranges a job for Xia Mo, and they decide not to tell Ou Chen. Only after they arrive do they discover that Xia Mo’s role is for the female lead’s nanny/servant, and her scenes won’t be filmed until late night. While Xia Mo is eating a box lunch alone, Feng Jin Hua photographs her and heckles her.

Episode 34

Xia Mo asks Feng Jin Hua not to post the photos, and Zhen En accidentally lets slip that Ou Chen doesn’t know. The role ends up being cut, and in the morning Xia Mo confesses to Ou Chen about where she was, and says she wants to act again.

Xia Mo gets a text message offering her a different role, asking her to meet immediately at a hotel—but the message is actually from a paparazzi (not Simon’s ex) and he’s also sent Luo Xi a message. This shady paparazzi calls Feng Jin Hua over and tells her he’s got a juicy scoop that Luo Xi and Xia Mo are meeting at a hotel. She doesn’t believe it though, and secretly sends Luo Xi a message, but she looks up and sees that she’s too late. Luo Xi has already arrived at the hotel. After Luo Xi sits down in the cafe, he realizes he’s forgotten his phone.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo and Zhen En’s car is late. The shady paparazzi goes ahead and sends out the photos of Luo Xi at the hotel. Simon sees it and encourages Ou Chen to call Xia Mo, because even if they encounter each other by coincidence, it’ll be bad press for them both. Xia Mo doesn’t pick up Ou Chen’s call, and Simon and Ou Chen look concerned… but then Xia Mo shows up, saying that she was about to go in when she received a call from none other than Feng Jin Hua, who says she is only calling Xia Mo to save Luo Xi’s reputation.

Xia Mo makes progress helping out with the company’s entertainment business, and Ou Chen, Simon, and David find the evidence they need and give the accusing company’s one last chance to admit their plagiarizing.

Episode 35

Xia Mo turns down the collaboration with Luo Xi’s company because their condition is that Luo Xi takes the male lead role. Luo Xi comes to speak to Xia Mo alone, asking why she declined the offer, and Xia Mo says she doesn’t want to get him involved with these matters. As she walks away, he tells her that he’s leaving the country and may not return for a while, but she doesn’t turn back.

Luo Xi holds a press conference and announces that he is taking a break from the entertainment industry in order to go to school and get some rest. He says that Xia Mo never cheated on him, and says that he was the third party who broke up Ou Chen and Xia Mo again and again. He apologizes for his actions, much to the dismay of his manager, the head of the company, and Pan Nan.

Xia Mo’s old entertainment circle friends call her up asking to participate in her project. Ou Chen’s company wins the lawsuit and they celebrate.

Yin Cheng heads out for his anniversary celebration with Zhen En, when he collapses in the hallway. Zhen En is waiting for him when she gets the call, but by the time she rushes to the hospital it’s too late. Yin Cheng is gone. Xia Mo is in denial, tearfully telling Ou Chen her brother can’t be dead because she has to go home and make him dinner.

At home, Xia Mo acts like Yin Cheng isn’t gone as if in a trance, making him chicken (the last meal she was going to make for him) and talking to him as if he’s there. Ou Chen has to feed her to make her eat, and consults a doctor about what to do. The doctor suggests that someone close to Xia Mo, who knew her and her brother, could help bring her back to reality, so Ou Chen calls Luo Xi.

Luo Xi helps bring a little bit of Xia Mo back, and he, Ou Chen, and Zhen En come up with a plan to help her come back to senses entirely.

Episode 36

Zhen En tells Xia Mo there’s an acting role for her, and they bring her to an auditorium, where the director tells them the project’s story—which is Xia Mo’s story of her happy childhood, her parents’ tragic deaths, and later her brother’s death. Xia Mo rushes out, and Luo Xi hesitates, allowing Ou Chen to be the one to follow her.

Ou Chen brings her to a new home, because the doctor said a change of environment would be good for her. All her friends are waiting there, asking her if she remembers them. Even Feng Jin Hua is there, admitting that she held a grudge because when they were students, she thought Xia Mo framed her for killing her cat. She says if Xia Mo gets past this, maybe they could be friends. None of it works until Xia Mo sees her cat is missing and becomes agitated. The cat is on the a ledge on the roof, and Ou Chen climbs up to get the cat down and falls off (into a bush). Xia Mo runs to him and embraces him tearfully, saying his name for the first time since her brother died.

Xia Mo wants to act out the play that her friends wrote about the story of her life. (Sorry, I have no idea who wrote it. Ou Chen?? Luo Xi??) After the last scene, a video of Yin Cheng plays, which he recorded before the surgery in case he didn’t survive. He tells his sister he loves her, to be happy with her husband, and that he wants to be her brother again in the next life. He also tells her that he’s in love with Zhen En and to take care of her. It’s really heartbreaking, and everyone is in tears. Meanwhile, Ou Chen walks away.

Xia Mo, Zhen En, and Luo Xi scatter Yin Cheng’s ashes into the ocean. Giving Zhen En a moment alone, Luo Xia tells Xia Mo that before he was afraid, and hurt her, and he understands now that trying to possess a person will result in losing them, so he holds on to his love in his heart now, where he will never lose it. (Sorry, I did my best to translate what he meant.) They finally seem at peace with each other.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen is writing a letter saying that by the time she reads it, he will have already left the city. Xia Mo interrupts him, telling him that she has received a nomination and has been invited to an awards ceremony. She wants him to go with him, but he says he already has a meeting with the young founders of the company that had accused his company of plagiarizing.

Ou Chen sadly looks at a photo of he and Xia Mo, and removes his ring… but then he puts it back on. His bag packed, he leaves, but his butler can’t accept it and calls Xia Mo. As it is announced that she is the winner, Xia Mo leaves and rushes home and reads his letter.

He says that in the past, he made mistakes because he was afraid of losing her, and after losing his memory, he made the same mistakes but at an even worse degree. He deliberately wanted Luo Xi to misunderstand his relationship with her, using any method to break them up, and took advantage of her brother’s illness to pressure her into marrying him. When he saw her unconscious in the hospital, it ate at his conscience and he wanted to return her freedom, but since the three of them were so happy like a family after the surgery, he wavered. When her brother passed away, he realized the one who could bring her happiness wasn’t him. If he had let go sooner, if the person by her side during that time wasn’t him, was the person she truly loved, maybe she wouldn’t have fallen into depression(?) for so long. He finally understands, that only being by the side of the person you love will bring you happiness. Xia Mo, I am yours, and you are free.

Xia Mo goes to the airport but is too late to catch Ou Chen. But WAIT. Ou Chen sits peacefully at the beach when all of a sudden Xia Mo comes and sits by him. He asks her how she knew he was here. She says this is the trip she was planning for them, and tells him to hurry up and admit that he was wrong to leave her and go on their vacation alone. They kiss, and then we see all their friends living happily, including Simon and Feng Jin Hua happily together, Luo Xi directing Sherry and Pan Nan, and David and Shu Er on a date. The show ends on Ou Chen and Xia Mo walking along the beach, and Xia Mo tells him what she wanted to say during her award acceptance speech—she loves him.

Alright, that’s a wrap. Hope this is what you were looking for!

Also, I admit the OST was quite lovely. Here’s a song for you.

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  1. Thank you for the recap ending. I always wanted to know what happened but could not find any episodes past 23 with English subtitles, and now I know!!

  2. Me encantó esta serie, ame el personaje de ouchen siempre sentía que era para ella, he intentado buscar la el libro novela pero no lo e podido encontrar solo fragmentos y algunos capítulos. Si sabes xfis podrías escribirme. Saludos y muchas gracias por escribir el final :*

  3. Oh.. Big thanks for the recap.. Actually Im watching it now.unfortunately im only on episode 18.I really like the flow of this drama so i couldn’t wait to watch all the episodes.. At least you gave the summary.. I felt sad knowing that cheng died..brother of xia mo😭😭.. This drama for me is highly recommended👍.. So many lessons that we could get.. About love for family,.friends,. Gf/Bf. Work.. Achieving goals/amabitions in life..tho there are obstacles. Motto should be.. NEVER GIVE UP.

    1. Why???i hate Xia mo being with Ou chung. I prefer Lu xi more…he is more handsome and perfect than Ou chang,a little jealousy type boy, but that’s nothing. I am very disappointed. I think I shouldn’t carry on watching this drama anymore.It doesn’t have a good ending as i wished before…”Mr director,could you please made this drama part 2 “.Where ” Lu xi’ and ‘Xia Mo’is together.. Please.????.

  4. I know this from the comic, also the older version of the series, so I know how it ends. Still believe Xia Mo and Ou Chen were meant for each other from the beginning. Summer and Ocean 💕

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