Review: Sunshine of My Life (2021)

Sunshine of My Life (2021)

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed any dramas, but don’t worry, I have watched quite a few recently so hopefully this is a first of a spree of reviews!

Sunshine of My Life (若你安好便是晴天) aired back in March/April, and although it doesn’t offer anything new, it was an enjoyable romance drama set in the fashion industry. Although it’s 45 episodes, this drama doesn’t feel long because the lead couple have plenty of sweet scenes together and there was *almost* no unreasonable scheming villain character. I’d call this cliches done well, and I often rewatch clips from this drama when YouTube recommends them to me. This drama is available on both Viki and YouTube.

Premise / Plot

First of all, I have seen PLENTY of dramas that feature a pairing between a male CEO in the fashion industry and an aspiring fashion designer. It was just last year that I watched Love Designer and Dear Designer (some really creative drama titles..). Our Glamorous Time from 2018 comes to mind as well, but I dropped that one.

The romance between the main character Tang Ming Xuan (Zhang Han) and Mo Fei (Xu Lu) is very satisfying. You won’t be suffering for 40+ episodes to finally see them together. They support each other’s careers, they work through normal relationship issues, and they’re unfazed by others who try to stand between them. Sure, there’s some jealousy but they don’t go down the “I’m not good enough for you” route or the self-sacrificing “I should leave because it’s better for you” route. Zhang Han and Xu Lu had such great chemistry that I don’t think I can watch Xu Lu paired with Lin Yi in her new drama.

Although this drama uses a lot of common tropes, it uses them in a reasonable way that isn’t over-the-top. Aside from one specific storyline, things were resolved pretty calmly. Scheming and angst are pretty low, and I didn’t feel any second lead syndrome.

Read more for my thoughts on the cast & characters, with no spoilers!

Cast / Characters

Xu Lu ( Lulu Xu) as Mo Fei: Xu Lu has starred in a number of dramas already but this is the first time I’ve seen her acting. She plays her character here with a pouty feel, speaking with a somewhat cutesy voice that did get on my nerves a little. However, her character being likable made up. Mo Fei is confident, hardworking, and ambitious. She won’t give up her dreams for love. But I have to say… she was also pretty lucky, like when she meets Duo Duo and Cheng Yang.

Zhang Han as Tang Ming Xuan: This is the third drama I’ve seen Zhang Han in, and he’s been a CEO in all three. 😂 (The other two were Boss & Me, which I really liked, and Here to Heart, which is a miserable angst-fest that I would recommend to absolutely NO ONE.) Tang Ming Xuan is actually fairly laidback and proactive rather than one of those cold, serious male leads. This definitely isn’t a drama where you have to wait 30+ episodes for the male lead to realize he has feelings for the female lead!

Li Xin Zhe as Yang Guang: Ok, Yang Guang isn’t the second male lead but I’m mentioning him first because he was my favorite supporting character! As Tang Ming Xuan’s secretary/assistant, he gives Ming Xuan dating advice and really knows how to read Ming Xuan’s moods. Their scenes often made me laugh out loud. Yang Guang had the best lines, and Li Xin Zhe really pulled them off. (Also, Here to Heart starring Zhang Han is the other drama I’ve seen Li Xin Zhe in before. Li Xin Zhe played the female lead’s sister’s love interest.)

Hong Yao as Fang Xiao Yu: Here’s the second male lead! Fang Xiao Yu holds a grudge against Tang Ming Xuan for ~reasons~ and of course, happens to fall for the same woman. I must say, after noticing Hong Yao in Story of Yanxi Palace (in which he played a despicable character), I haven’t seen him play a single likable character, and that includes his character here. I’ll have to keep waiting, I guess!

Wu Di Fei (Jerron Wu) as Mo Fan: I know he looks unhappy in this promo poster (why did they pick this photo?!) but I loved Mo Fei’s charming younger brother. I enjoyed their bickering because it’s clear that they really care about each other. He gets his own storyline, too, as an aspiring model and it’s believable because he’s very tall.

Zhang Tian Ying as Lu Zhu: Lu Zhu is a cheery character who becomes friends with Mo Fan because she’s an aspiring model as well. I liked that even though she was from a rich family, she wasn’t a spoiled brat and genuinely wanted to do her best to succeed on her own. A genuinely sweet character.

Wang Rui Zi as Xia Xue Ling: Ah, yes, the second female lead who has been by the male lead for years and waits for him to return her feelings. Their families are friends and their mothers hope they’ll end up together. Honestly, on paper, she does seem like a great match for him. But the heart wants what it wants, and although Xue Ling does employ some childish actions, she’s not really an evil schemer, just someone who needs some take to let go of this plan and dream that she’s held in her heart for so long. Wang Rui Zi really pulls off the elegant look and I hope she plays a more likable character the next time I see her. (She had a small role in You Complete Me.)

I’m not going to feature the remaining characters. I wish Mo Fei’s friend Duoduo had been a more rational character, or at least have shown some growth in her actions. She was always so impulsive and Cheng Yang was so patient, and I found myself really frustrated with her. The one annoying character in this drama is Bai Xiao Man, from beginning to end, but it was easily to skim over her scenes because she’s not part of the main web of characters. I guess it’s believable since there will always be those who are jealous of what you have and use sketchy tactics to try to win.

Overall, this exceeded my expectations and was an enjoyable to watch if you like this sort of premise! I recommend it if you like tropes but get frustrated when they often go too far and get too ridiculous.

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  1. Thank you for your review! I totally agree with you although I am in the middle of watching (up to episode 23 now). I am sure I will enjoy the show to the end. This is the second CDrama I’m watching. The first one was the Here to Heart and I also agree with what you said about it, it was painful to watch it till the end, I have to fast forward many scenes and have no plan to rewatch. Your comment makes me laugh. I did enjoy Hans Zhang the Janine Chang’s acting and the beautiful places where it was filmed. I am following you now, keep up the good job!

  2. I agree with you on Here to Heart but I loved Janine’s character for putting up with Zhang Hans who was a bully to her, yet so in love with her. He had opportunity to find out the truth but revenge caused him to suffer. He was also a player and concerned about his wishes and on his terms. He used the second lead to the end and was arrogant to her after he found out that Janine always loved him. I guess she forgot the plan that they could stop anytime they wanted, he never planned to marry her. Even with all the turns and twist, I love this movie and watch it everyday. Janine character was outstanding. The second Lead and Zhang Hans mother was always plotting but Janine showed us that she was a strong lady and she was committed to him through out the movie.She showed them that you don’t have to hurt and trick people to win in life. Janine was respectful and treated everyone with kindness at all times.

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