The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019): Episode 44 Ending Recap

I was soooo excited for Huang Zitao and Janice Wu’s The Brightest Star in the Sky and even recapped the first episode. But the promising start quickly turned into a questionably-paced and poorly-written disappointment… I only made it through seven episodes and then skimmed through the last 20 episodes out of curiosity. I’ve decided to recap the final episode in case you also couldn’t finish the drama but want to know how it ends.


Yu Zi Rui is ecstatic that his performance at the contest went perfectly, and Xia Yuan is happy for him. Then he asks if Bo Xu has showed up, and Xia Yuan says she hasn’t seen him or Zhen Zhen.

Bo Xu arrives at the location the kidnappers instructed him to go to and finds himself surrounded by scary dudes with guns and… machetes?? He asks to see Zhen Zhen and they hand him an iPad showing a video of Zhen Zhen tied up and being threatened with a machete. (Ok, the kidnappers have this iPad but they’re communicating via walkie-talkies???? Does that make any sense?)

Bo Xu is near tears as he promises to give them the money after they let him see Zhen Zhen but of course they insist on the money first. After Bo Xu transfers them the money, they leave, but only after setting the building Zhen Zhen is in on fire.

Bo Xu rushes into the building and he falls, flashing back to the fire his mother died in as well as moments where his fear of fire has made him feel useless. He gets up again and unties Zhen Zhen and carries her out of the building.

Meanwhile, we see Zi Rui win the global idol competition, fireworks are set off in the city, and Bo Xu tells Zhen Zhen everything’s okay now. Ok . . .

Bo Xu dives off the cliff where Zhen Zhen accidentally flung the ring into the water. Then, sitting on the rocks, Bo Xu and Zhen Zhen are both disappointed that he was unable to find the ring.

Bo Xu says he’ll offer her a shell he found instead, but she says it’s ugly and can’t compare to the ring his mother left behind. Bo Xu gets upset but gives her another chance to take the shell, telling her about how he is from another planet and he just used his magic from the other planet to bring her a surprise. (LOL what???) Zhen Zhen takes the shell, uncovering the ring. He had found it after all.

Zhen Zhen accepts the ring this time, saying she doesn’t want to miss a second chance at happiness.

Bo Xu declares that from the moment she put the ring on her finger, he will take care of her for the rest of his life. He asks her to never leave him and stay by his side. (I got the feeling that Tao thought these lines were soooo cheesy and could barely get the words out of his mouth.) She promises that not only will she stay by his side, but she will make him the biggest star of their entertainment company.

And if you were waiting for a romantic kiss with a sunset backdrop then HERE YOU GO.

At the entertainment company, the PR director is discussing Bo Xu’s successful music video, 40% of which was news footage from Bo Xu saving Zhen Zhen. The chief director mentions Zi Rui has been doing well, too, based on his talent alone.

The CEO(?) says that they have received interest in collaborations with international entertainment companies and that he will be going to America to meet with them. He tells everyone he’s leaving the company in Director Du’s (his wife’s) hands. (Sorry, I don’t remember any of their names.)

The CEO looks up at the building sadly before he tells the driver to go, but then Director Du walks out in front of the car and gets in. (Isn’t this dangerous??? It’s dramatic but not a safe move, people!!) She asks him why he didn’t tell her about his surgery, saddened that he treated her like an outsider and carried the burden alone. She asks him to write her a song after he’s well again.

Zi Rui is in the studio recording, and after happily watching for a moment Xia Yuan calls Zhen Zhen and they make a plan for lunch. (Sorry I didn’t feel like screencapping this.)

Bo Xu and Zhen Zhen arrive at his dad’s house holding hands, but one displeased cough from his dad and Zhen Zhen drops his hand. Bo Xu’s dad tells Zhen Zhen that because of her, his son almost lost his life–doesn’t she feel any guilt? Zhen Zhen says she doesn’t because she would do the same for him. She says she knows he doesn’t like her but she’ll visit him every week to win him over. Bo Xu snarkily says that Zhen Zhen’s just like that, once she latches onto you she won’t let go, he knows from experience. (LOL.) He suggests that Zhen Zhen goes for a walk outside so he can talk to his dad alone.

Also, can we take a moment and remember that the actor who plays Bo Xu’s dad was Marquis Yan in Nirvana in Fire (aka my favorite Chinese drama of all time).

Bo Xu tells his dad not to be angry, life is long, maybe he and Zhen Zhen will even break up someday. His dad perks up at this last part–“really? when will you two break up?” Bo Xu pretends to think about it and says, probably not in this lifetime.

Outside, Zhen Zhen runs into Bo Xu’s sister, who reassures her that Bo Xu’s dad will come around.

Side note: I loved Qin Lan in The Story of Yanxi Palace and it was a nice treat to see her playing the supportive sister here.

Bo Xu asks his dad if he’s seen his music video, and his dad sings one line (aww). Bo Xu says he’s proven himself and he has to give Zhen Zhen a little credit. He says his dad is biased against Zhen Zhen but once he understands her, he will like her. He says he will do whatever his dad wants him to do, but he can’t give up Zhen Zhen or his music. Bo Xu’s dad just wants to continue the family legacy, which had already been broken once. Bo Xu replies that every generation in their family has had a dream that they’ve strived for on their own terms, and by looking at it this way, the family legacy has never been broken.

After Bo Xu leaves, his dad speaks to his right-hand man (sorry, not sure who he is) and the one thing I paid attention to is that his dad had acquired the majority of the shares of the entertainment company, but has now decided to sell them.

Bo Xu is showing Zhen Zhen what he’s added to his display cases. He puts a photo of him and Zhen Zhen in there but she doesn’t agree, so he explains that she is his biggest achievement (ok, he said it with more snark, like ‘are you actually dumb or just pretending?’). He says he’ll forgive her if she kisses him, but she playfully runs around the living room until he catches her.

And there’s another sweet kiss scene for you.

Director Du gets everyone’s attention at the entertainment company, saying she has an announcement. The new director of business is none other than Zhen Zhen. Everyone cheers at the return of an old friend. (Wow, you go girl, from assistant to director in 44 episodes!)

Zhen Zhen says she’s bringing an artist they’re all familiar with back, too, and of course it’s Bo Xu. He walks in to cheers and applause, and says he’s happy to be back. The PR director runs over, chiding Bo Xu for not returning sooner.

The other director steps forward, and Zhen Zhen and Bo Xu’s eyes widen comically as they see that she’s very pregnant!! The PR director gleefully says the baby is his. Aww. Then Xia Yuan runs over and hugs Zhen Zhen.

Zi Rui also comes over to welcome Bo Xu back, and they exchange some lighthearted words about competing musically. Bo Xu says that Zi Rui is his senior now, lol. Zi Rui turns to Zhen Zhen to welcome her back and shake her hand, but before she can accept, Bo Xu cuts in there and pulls Zhen Zhen to her side. Everyone laughs (including me).

We get a glimpse of Director Du and her husband looking happy. Then the pregnant director tells Zhen Zhen they need to hire an assistant for Bo Xu and to go interview the applicants. The show ends with Zhen Zhen asking the applicant why she wants to work there, and smiling as she listens to the answer, probably bringing back memories of her own interview there. I really like this as the end scene, as it really brings the show full circle.

And that’s it! Now I’m going back to watching Janice Wu’s new drama, Le Coup de Foudre.

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