To Be With You (2019): Episode 45 Recap

To Be With You Episode 45

Mei Ya reaches a breaking point as her life falls to pieces, and turns to drastic measures to pay her father’s hospital bills. Meanwhile, Ou Yang is on a mission to find out the truth.

It’s at times like this that you find out who your real friends are, and luckily Mei Ya still has some loyal ones by her side.

Alone outside of her father’s new shared hospital room, Mei Ya has a terrible nightmare where she’s stuck in the middle of a crowd outside the hospital room. She sees Ou Yang, her mom, Si Yu, Wei Wei, and Li Dong but they all just smile out of her reach.

In Thailand, Ruo Nan’s friend Zi Jie is recovering in the hospital. Ou Yang shows up and Ruo Nan repeatedly yells at him to get out, blaming her mother’s death on him. Ou Yang is shocked and confused, and Zi Jie tells her to calm down since at least he’s her brother. (Yikes, not what Ou Yang wants to hear.)

Tu Dou calls Mei Ya at the hospital saying he’s in touch with the food stall buyer. Mei Ya and Tu Dou meet with the buyer at the food stall and Mei Ya signs the papers.

Ou Yang asks Ruo Nan to return with him to do a DNA test, but Ruo Nan says her mother wouldn’t lie about it. If her mother was after money, she wouldn’t have kept it a secret all these years. Ruo Nan doesn’t understand why Ou Yang doesn’t want it to be true, so Ou Yang admits that he’s in love with Mei Ya. Hearing this, Ruo Nan agrees.

Ou Yang’s dad visits Si Yu and her dad, telling them that Mei Ya and Ou Yang will not have any relationship in the future. He says he has a favor to ask Si Yu. And gosh, does that smile of Si Yu’s make me murderous.

As Mei Ya and Tu Dou rush to pay the hospital bills, Mei Ya gets a call about her dad being in critical condition. In person, the doctor tells Mei Ya they can’t wait any longer for the surgery, but the bill they’ve paid is only for the stay up until now, not for the surgery.

Si Yu shows up and overhears the conversation between Mei Ya and the doctor. She says she will pay the bill and will be there for Mei Ya. She hands Mei Ya the card but Mei Ya recognizes it as the same card that Ou Yang’s dad offered her and refuses it. Si Yu says her dad and Ou Yang’s dad have agreed to work together and her engagement to Ou Yang will be announced soon. Mei Ya is shocked.

Si Yu explains that she liked Ou Yang from the first time she met him, and when she asked Mei Ya, Mei Ya said they just had an ordinary employee relationship. She came back for Ou Yang only to find that Mei Ya and Ou Yang were together. Did Mei Ya ever consider her feelings? Mei Ya asks if Si Yu tried to warn her away from Ou Yang because she wanted him for herself, and asked him to play golf with her to get close to her. Wei Wei warned her but she didn’t listen. Mei Ya turns to Tu Dou and says she’s going to find her aunt to get the house back.

After she leaves, Tu Dou tells Si Yu off for stealing her best friend’s boyfriend. (Tu Dou is a hero, y’all.) Meanwhile, Li Dong notices the food stall’s sign is gone and calls Tu Dou, who fills him in. They sold the food stall, Mei Ya’s aunt took the house, and Si Yu stole Mei Ya’s boyfriend.

Mei Ya walks into her home with a small ax and walks right up to her aunt demanding that she hand over the house’s papers. Mei Ya’s aunt refuses, saying there’s no hope for her brother… but then the debt collectors rush in. The debt collector heard about the fake papers and makes her aunt hand over the real papers.

As the debt collectors turn to leave, Mei Ya turns the ax on them and demands the papers. Luckily, Li Dong shows up and puts an end to this madness. (The quick clip of him walking down the alley like a man on a mission is soooo good.) Li Dong hands them his card and says he’ll take care of the payments. Mei Ya’s aunt tries to speak to him but he tells her to get out. Li Dong sits Mei Ya down and she cries painfully.

The unlikely trio of Ou Yang, Ruo Nan, and Zi Jie arrive at the airport, and Ou Yang books a hotel for them. Ou Yang’s father comes to the hotel to meet Ruo Nan. He wants to see her mother if it’s okay, and Ruo Nan brings out the urn. Ou Yang’s father looks devastated and repeatedly apologizes to both mother and daughter as if in a trance. 

Oh, Mei Ya. She really lost it there with that ax, but with an aunt like that, who can blame her? I’m glad to see Ruo Nan finally return to China so we can see what part she’ll play in the story. Will she become close with Mei Ya? With her father?

I can’t believe Si Yu confessed about her feelings for Ou Yang to Mei Yaat a time like this. Her best friend’s dad is in the hospital and she’s struggling desperately with money. Could you be crueler, Si Yu?! She tried to justify her actions by saying she liked him first but that doesn’t really mean a thing, Si Yu. Furthermore… sure, she agreed to marry him but did she even wonder if Ou Yang agreed to marry her? s i g h.

Also, here’s a bonus photo of the brief scene Yi Long is in (he brings Ou Chang Lin to see Ruo Nan). Yi Long had a bigger role in the beginning of the series but he’s really faded into the background, and that’s unfortunate because I liked his influence on Ou Yang. He deserved his own storyline!

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