To Be With You (2019): Episode 46 Recap

To Be With You Episode 46

With no word from Ou Yang, Mei Ya feels lower than ever even with Li Dong and Wei Wei by her side. Ou Yang seeks out Si Yu, and then finally confides in Li Dong.

In the most painful storyline of the show, the Li family stands out as heroes. I say, hurry up and reveal the truth already.

Ou Yang comes to the hospital but hides around the corner watching Mei Ya and Li Dong. Mei Ya tells Li Dong she’ll pay him back but he says he’ll be hurt if she keeps saying that. Li Dong tells Mei Ya he’s there for her and will help take care of things. Mei Ya says she wants to see Ou Yang again even if it’s from afar. She tells him that Ou Yang and Si Yu are getting married, which seems like news to Ou Yang. Li Dong helps wipe her tears.

Ou Chang Lin asks Ruo Nan if they can bury her mom here.

Ou Yang receives the DNA test results, confirming that Ruo Nan is Ou Chang Lin’s daughter. Yi Long also brings the results to Ou Chang Lin. (*sigh* I’ll take whatever glimpse of Yi Long I can get.)

Ou Yang seeks out Si Yu, who runs out happily to meet him. He asks her why she told Mei Ya they were getting married, and Si Yu says his father asked her to. He asks her if she’ll be his girlfriend, even if it’s just giving it a try. Si Yu asks what happened with Mei Ya and he tells her not to bring Mei Ya up. Si Yu asks if he likes her, or if his father is forcing him to do this. Ou Yang faints.

Si Yu has a doctor check on an unconscious Ou Yang, whom she has brought into her home. Later, Ou Yang wakes up and is confused. Si Yu tells him not to worry, the doctor said it was anxiety. She asks him what has happened that is causing him such severe anxiety. He plays dumb, so she disregards it for now and asks him if he meant what he said before he fainted. He says of course he meant it so Si Yu gives him her reply: she agrees to be with him.

She hugs him happily, but Ou Yang doesn’t look happy at all. (Don’t you just want to wipe that smile of her smug face?)

Li Dong takes Mei Ya back to his house. In the car, Li Dong looks over at Mei Ya with concern. She’s thinking that she could never have imagined that her best friend and the person she loves would betray her.

Mei Ya sits at the pool alone while Li Dong watches from afar. She wonders what she should do now, what else the gods have in store for her, and how complicated life is. (The only thing more annoying than these contemplative voiceovers is the excessive voiceovers.)

Wei Wei joins Mei Ya at the pool and scolds her for not telling her what happened. She rants about Si Yu and Mei Ya’s aunt, but Mei Ya says she believes in Ou Yang and as long as he doesn’t give up, neither will she. No matter how difficult the road ahead is, they’ll walk it together.

Inside the house, Li Dong’s mom brings him a plate of watermelon and says it’s not for him, it’s for Mei Ya. She says he’s never brought a girl home before. He tells her not to misunderstand but she says he’s her son and she knows him well. She makes it clear with him that she completely approves of Mei Ya and advises him not to miss this opportunity. He takes the watermelon outside but doesn’t want to interrupt her and Wei Wei.

Mei Ya tells Wei Wei there’s another possibility: maybe Ou Yang’s been in an accident. Otherwise, why would he disappear like this all of a sudden? She cries, saying she doesn’t think she can take it anymore. She really misses Ou Yang.

Ou Yang arrives outside Li Dong’s house and calls him. When Li Dong gets to the doorway, Ou Yang says he has something to talk to him about. Without a word, Li Dong walks up to him and punches him in the face. He says it’s for Mei Ya. He asks Ou Yang about his promises to protect Mei Ya forever, asks him if he knows what she’s been through—selling the food stall, her aunt’s debt, being homeless, and worst of all being told by her best friend that his dad agreed to their marriage. Where was Ou Yang during Mei Ya’s most difficult times? He says since Ou Yang has come here, he must have feelings for Mei Ya and if he’s a man, he will go inside right now and explain things to her clearly.

Empty looking this entire time, Ou Yang replies that he can’t see her right now, and asks Li Dong to help him take care of her. Li Dong says he’s already doing that so Ou Yang clarifies that he means for the rest of his life. This angers Li Dong even more and he says Mei Ya’s not a toy that he can just throw away when he’s tired of it; she’s a human being with thoughts and feelings. Ou Yang says he knows but he can’t be with her. Li Dong demands a reason, so Ou Yang finally tells him that Mei Ya is his half-sister. Li Dong is stunned. He asks Li Dong not to tell her because he’s worried she won’t be able to handle it.

At breakfast, Li Dong’s mom tells Mei Ya her children are always saying good things about her and she thanks Mei Ya for helping save Wei Wei in Thailand. She tells Mei Ya to stay for a while, but Mei Ya says she can’t trouble them like that. Li Dong’s parents say they will do whatever they can to help her and her dad. Wei Wei tells Mei Ya to eat more since she’s looking thin, and her parents comment that Wei Wei has really grown up and knows how to care about others now. Li Dong’s mom tells Mei Ya she’s such a good influence on those around her, even Li Dong has become more carefree. Li Dong comes and says he has to work today but Wei Wei will stay with Mei Ya. (Wei Wei’s facial expressions are amazing.)

Mei Ya receives a phone call from the doctor saying they can schedule the surgery for today. Li Dong’s parents and Wei Wei say they’ll accompany her to the hospital. At the hospital, Mei Ya tells Li Dong’s parents they don’t need to stay so only Wei Wei stays.

Li Dong brings his lawyer to meet with Mei Ya’s aunt and the debt collector. He tells the debt collector that he’s looked into their company and it’s breaking the law with outrageous interest rates. He could report them if he wanted to. He confirms the correct amount that Mei Ya’s aunt owes, and she looks smug, assuming that he’s going to pay it off for her but Li Dong says he won’t. She can work the payments out with the debt collector and leave Mei Ya alone from now on. She leaves, but Li Dong asks the debt collector to stay for a moment. He tells the debt collector he will pay her debts but not to tell her. He wants to teach her a lesson.

Although initially I felt like Mei Ya is naive for continuing to believe in Ou Yang, it’s actually quite reasonable of her. For 30 episodes they’ve built a solid relationship and she knows what kind of person he is. He’s never let her down like this and the possibilities she thinks of are rational. Unfortunately, Ou Yang’s let us down with his actions. When Li Dong punches him and yells at him, he’s absolutely correct. After all of Ou Yang’s promises, to just disappear at a time like this is cruel. But still, the truth is something Li Dong never would’ve guessed and he’s shocked into silence.

Ok, but SI YU. She’s concerned and curious about why Ou Yang and Mei Ya broke up but clearly cares more about herself and pursuing Ou Yang. Even though Ou Yang looks awful and even faints, she happily accepts him. Does she really think it wasn’t serious between Ou Yang and Mei Ya? I mean, Ou Yang even proposed to her! I really hope she shows some growth during this story arc, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Also, the Li family is THE BEST. Undisputed.

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