To Be With You (2019): Episode 47 Recap

To Be With You Episode 47

Finally, Ou Yang and Mei Ya have a conversation face-to-face. Li Dong and Wei Wei support Mei Ya, while Ou Yang agonizes alone. Ruo Nan and her dad grow closer.

This episode is a downer and it both begins and ends in the hospital. Will this show ever have a happy moment again?!

To Be With You Episode 47

In the hospital, as Mei Ya waits for her dad’s surgery to end she tells Wei Wei about how her dad being there for her during her surgeries growing up. The surgery is completed and the doctor tells Mei Ya now they must wait for her dad to wake up; it could be days or months. Ou Yang comes to the hospital but hides around the corner.

At her dad’s bedside, Mei Ya tells her dad not to worry and that she will stay by his side. Mei Ya looks toward the window, which Ou Yang is right outside of, but by the time she leaves the room to look he’s already left. She runs outside and chases after him. She asks him why he came to the hospital but didn’t speak to her. Ou Yang flashes back to a conversation with his dad. His dad doesn’t want to tell her because he thinks the truth will be even more harmful. Ou Yang tells Mei Ya that he has agreed to marry Si Yu and their companies are going to collaborate. She says she’s persisted in believing in him but he’s going to marry someone else? Declaring that they have nothing to do with each other anymore, Ou Yang walks away. 

Ou Yang runs to his car and cries as he thinks back to their good memories. (These excessive flashbacks are driving me crazy.)

In the car on the way to the hospital, Li Dong thinks about what Ou Yang said to him, as well as his own feelings about Mei Ya. He’s confused to see Wei Wei and Mei Ya sitting outside separately. Wei Wei tells her brother that Mei Ya said she wanted some peace.

Li Dong tells Mei Ya he sorted things out with the debt collectors, so she no longer has to deal with her aunt. He also got the locks changed and hands her the keys. He suggests that perhaps Ou Yang has his reasons for breaking up with her, and Mei Ya jumps on that thought, asking if he knows something. Li Dong says maybe it has to do with Ou Yang’s dad being in poor health. Mei Ya recalls something Li Dong said to her in Thailand, that if you know from the start that it won’t work out, it’s not worth beginning in the first place. Li Dong says maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

Ou Yang’s dad sits down with Ruo Nan, and Ruo Nan asks when he is going to announce that she and Mei Ya are his daughters. Ou Yang’s dad says he wants to as soon as possible but it’s not that simple. Mei Ya’s adoptive dad is still unconscious, and Ou Yang’s dad worries she won’t be able to handle the news. Also, his company is in a critical time, and he worries this news will impact the company negatively. Ou Yang’s dad asks Ruo Nan about her relationship with Su Ze Jie but she says they are just friends. He offers to help set her up and she replies that she doesn’t like other people arranging things for her.

Ou Yang is working out at the gym when all of a sudden he hears Mei Ya’s voice calling him. He looks around frantically but there’s no one there. But then he turns around and she’s there. Tears stream down his face, and Mei Ya leans in to kiss him but he backs away. He reaches out to touch her face and she disappears.

In the hospital at her dad’s bedside, Mei Ya thinks about her conversation with Ou Yang and that time she asked him what he’d do if he knew someone else better than her liked him, and he had said he’d still choose her, and when he proposed to her at the orphanage.

Li Dong walks into his family’s dining room in the morning and asks why his mom is packing up food. She says it’s for Mei Ya since she insists on staying at the hospital. Wei Wei can’t help but rant about how disappointed she is in Ou Yang, so Li Dong speaks up for him and says that Ou Yang recently found out his father has cancer. He asks them not to tell anyone. Li Dong’s mom tells him that he should take advantage of this opportunity to win Mei Ya over. Wei Wei agrees, and their dad says their entire family supports this. (THIS FAMILY IS SO PRECIOUS. Give me a TV series surrounding their family, please.)

The nurse tells Mei Ya to alert them when the IV needs to be replaced, but Mei Ya falls asleep. The doctors rush Mei Ya’s dad into the operating room. Li Dong walks into the hospital room and is alarmed to see it empty. He rushes to find Mei Ya crying outside the operating room.

Ou Yang’s dad and Ruo Nan go to a cemetery to look at a place for Ruo Nan’s mom.

Li Dong and Mei Ya waiting in the hospital

Li Dong and Mei Ya wait together silently. The doctor says that the air from the empty IV caused an issue with her dad’s heart.

I love Li Dong and his family so much, and Wei Wei has turned out to be my favorite character. Sure, she’s a little immature at times, but she’s grown a lot and her heart’s in the right place. The entire Li family is so kind and supportive and happy.

I find it strange that Ruo Nan never makes any effort to reach out to Mei Ya, at the very least to notify her that their mom has passed away. Even if Ruo Nan doesn’t want to meet with Mei Ya in person, she could just call with the update. She’s strong-willed and has a mind of her own, and just because Ou Yang secretly brought her to China doesn’t mean she can’t reach out to Mei Ya at all.

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