To Be With You (2019): Episode 48 Recap

Mei Ya tries one more time to get some answers, while Ou Yang continues to look listless. Chen Zhe and Ou Rui’s dad continue their scheming.

If you don’t watch at least two episodes in one sitting (like the way the show airs), you’d really feel like things were developing at a snail’s pace, but hopefully we’re building up to something dramatic.

The doctor apologizes for the nurse not handling the IV. Mei Ya is remorseful that she endangered her dad’s life. Li Dong apologizes for leaving her alone, and says he will stay by her side.

Ou Yang’s dad and Ruo Nan make a stop so Ruo nan can buy some drinks at a convenience store… and it just so happens that it’s Ou Rui’s dad’s store!! Ou Rui’s dad recognizes her from the photo Mei Ya’s dad showed him and looks outside and sees Ou Yang’s dad. He takes a photo of the two of them outside.

Li Dong urges Mei Ya to eat, and then tells her to rest. I’m glad someone is taking care of Mei Ya but I’m sad for Li Dong’s unrequited love.

Chen Zhe paces in Ou Rui’s office, and then tells her they need to make some business moves. He tells her she should reconsider stepping down and that he doesn’t want to see her regret it, but Ou Rui says she’s already made up her mind.

Chen Zhe walks back to his office and angrily shoves everything off his desk onto the ground. Ou Rui’s dad calls Chen Zhe and asks about Mei Ya’s dad’s condition. Chen Zhe says they can only hope that he doesn’t wake up, but Ou Rui’s dad tells him to think fo a way to make sure he doesn’t wake up. He also tells Chen Zhe that when Ou Yang takes over the company, he’ll get rid of him. He shares that he has negative gossip about Ou Yang’s dad that they can use.

Mei Ya gets a phone call saying that she needs to come in to complete her termination papers, and finds out that Ou Yang ordered it. Li Dong arranged a full-time nurse to help take care of her dad, so Mei Ya goes to the company.

Ou Yang sits at Mei Ya’s desk sadly, looking at the pictures he drew for Mei Ya for the proposal. She walks in and they look at each other silently before Mei Ya finally speaks, asking if he asked to terminate her employment. She wants a reason for her termination. He says that now that he’s with Si Yu, it’s unfair to Si Yu for her to remain as his secretary. Mei Ya asks him to tell her what happened, what he’s hiding from her. He says there’s nothing.

Si Yu shows up to bring him food, asking if she arrived at a bad time. (This is clearly a bad time…) Ou Yang says Si Yu is his girlfriend now and she can come anytime. Tearfully, Mei Ya leaves.

Mei Ya walks to the food stall that is no longer her dad’s, and imagines her dad there instead of the random guy. Wei Wei sees her standing there from her family restaurant and comes out to find her.

While walking with Si Yu, Ou Yang stops and looks into the bakery where he convinced Mei Ya to be his secretary, thinking of those memories. Si Yu asks if Ou Yang is still hungry, and he says he wants to eat a croissant. They go into the bakery and Ou Yang eats the croissant and cries while Si Yu looks at him with concern. Si Yu says she’ll buy him something else but he says he doesn’t want it to go to waste. She asks him what happened between him and Mei Ya. He tells her not to ask anymore.

At Wei Wei’s family’s restaurant, Wei Wei and Mei Ya eat and drink together. Wei Wei rants about how heartless Ou Yang is, and wonders if Si Yu is drugging Ou Yang. Mei Ya is resolute in her belief that Ou Yang is hiding something from her.

Ou Yang says he has to meet with Si Yu’s parents to formally ask for her hand in marriage. Mei Ya calls Ou Yang, and Si Yu sees, but Ou Yang declines the call. He says he’ll block her, and Si Yu says it’s fine, she doesn’t mind. Mei Ya wants to go find Ou Yang but Wei Wei stops her.

Li Dong watches from around the corner after the restaurant has closed, as Wei Wei and Mei Ya drunkenly sing.

Ou Yang drops off Si Yu at her apartment. She smiles in front of him but looks deeply unhappy as she watches him drive away. Ou Yang returns to his office, imagining Mei Ya sitting at her desk happily.

Yikes, are Chen Zhe and Ou Rui’s dad going to be the ones that cause Mei Ya to find out the truth? Si Yu can clearly see that Ou Yang is unhappy, and she’s not pleased about it. But more importantly, does she have no feelings at all toward Mei Ya?! Mei Ya clearly looks miserable and heartbroken during the scene in Ou Yang’s office. How can Si Yu continue to pursue this relationship with Ou Yang knowing that it’s causing her best friend this much pain?

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