To Be With You (2019): Episode 49-51 Recap

Things are finally happening. More people learn the truth, Mei Ya begins to move on, and Chen Zhe reveals his true colors. Despite all the pain of recent episodes, there are some bright moments like this fun amusement park scene.

I’m combining these recaps because not enough happens in one episode, and there are still 14 more episodes left for me to recap.

Episode 49

Ou Chang Lin goes to Ou Yang’s office, where Ou Yang slept and ate instant noodles. He wants Ou Yang to come home and says what’s happened is all his fault, but his son is facing all the consequences. He asks if Ou Yang told Mei Ya, but he says he couldn’t. Ou Yang would rather Mei Ya hate him and never find out who her father is. His dad advises him not to be hasty, to wait to find someone else he loves. Ou Yang replies that only if it’s Si Yu will Mei Ya give up on him, and at least this benefits the company. He wants to hurry up and proceed with the wedding arrangements.

Ou Chang Lin pays Li Dong a visit at his hotel. He asks if Li Dong knows about Mei Ya and Ou Yang, and says that he’s decided not to recognize Mei Ya as his daughter since Ou Yang doesn’t want to hurt her. Li Dong confesses that he is in love with Mei Ya but previously, she was with Chen Zhe and then with Ou Yang so he never had a chance. Ou Yang’s dad asks him to take care of Mei Ya in his stead, and that he would be glad to see Mei Ya marry him. Li Dong says he’d like that as well, but the choice is ultimately up to Mei Ya and he will respect whatever her choice is. He asks if Ou Yang’s dad is really not going to tell her. Ou Yang’s dad asks Li Dong not to give up on Ou Yang as his friend, and Li Dong says he won’t.

Wei Wei and Mei Ya wake up and Li Dong watches as the two of them drink hangover soup, reprimanding them for drinking so much. He shows them photo evidence on his phone and tells Wei Wei he’s keeping the photo for her to keep her in line in the future. (omg this photo is amazing.) Mei Ya brings up the nurse that Li Dong is paying for and promises to pay him back, even though Wei Wei tells her not to worry about it. (Mei Ya always talking about paying him back is SO annoying.)

The three of them go to an amusement park and this is the best scene in ages. Mei Ya tells Li Dong if it weren’t for him and Wei Wei, she wouldn’t have survived these difficult times. Wei Wei steps away deliberate to give Li Dong the opportunity to confess his feelings, and he tells Mei Ya he is willing to wait until the day she forgets Ou Yang. He doesn’t want to put any pressure on her and she doesn’t have to reply now.

Ou Yang’s dad asks Yi Long to take Ou Yang out to relax. He asks him to fight with Ou Yang.

Si Yu gives Ou Yang’s mom a necklace, showering her with flattery. She asks Ou Yang’s mom if something happened between Ou Yang and his dad. Ou Yang’s mom says she never liked Mei Ya in the first place. Suddenly, Ou Yang’s mom receives a message with the photo of Ou Yang’s dad with Ruo Nan.

Ou Yang is fighting multiple guys at the gym when Yi Long arrives and tells him to stop. He hands Ou Yang his ringing phone and tells him to answer his sister’s call. Mei Ya says she just wants to return something to him and then she’ll leave. He agrees, and then calls Si Yu and tells her to come to the gym.

When Mei Ya arrives, Ou Yang is happily teaching Si Yu. (Yi Long is watching, poor guy always stuck in this awkward position.) Mei Ya returns the ring, telling him he put it on her finger so he should take it off now. She walks out and rain begins to pour.

Si Yu sees how heavy the rain is and tells Ou Yang it’s difficult to call a car here but Ou Yang ignores her. They leave the gym, and Si Yu spots Mei Ya in the middle of the street but Ou Yang passes her.

Episode 50

After Ou Yang drives past Mei Ya, he sees her collapse in his rear-view mirror and stops the car. He and Si Yu run over and they take her to the hospital where the nurse says if they’d been any later there would have been serious consequences. Si Yu goes to buy some food, and Ou Yang apologizes to Mei Ya at her bedside, saying ‘your brother will watch over you’.

Yi Long informs Ou Chang Lin about what’s happened, and Ou Chang Lin comes to the hospital and also says to her ‘your dad will stay by your side’. Ou Yang’s mom shows up at the hospital, and angrily bursts into Mei Ya’s hospital room. She shows him the photo she received and starts loudly accusing Ou Chang Lin of having an affair. Ou Chang Lin pushes her out of the room.

Si Yu returns to see them going into another room, and follows them. She listens outside as Ou Chang Lin is unable to tolerate Ou Yang’s mom accusing him of having an affair with his son’s girlfriend. He tells her the truth about Mei Ya and Ruo Nan being his daughters. Ou Yang walks up behind Si Yu, understanding that she now knows the truth.

Outside, Si Yu asks Ou Yang if this is the quickest way to make Mei Ya give up on him. She had actually thought he had developed feelings for her. She says that even knowing this, she can’t reject him. She puts on a smile in front of him and kisses him, but as she walks away the tears fall down her face. (But I still don’t feel bad for her.)

Li Dong and Wei Wei come see Mei Ya at the hospital and chide her for not asking them to go with her or pick her up. They take her to the food stall, which Li Dong has bought back for her. Wei Wei compliments her brother on being so romantic.

Ou Chang Lin gathers his family, including Chen Zhe, and informs everyone that Ruo Nan is his daughter. After this news, Ou Rui’s mom tells Ou Rui she needs to take the chairman position. Ou Rui asks Chen Zhe is he regrets breaking up with Mei Ya now that it turns out she’s the one who’s Ou Chang Lin’s actual daughter.

Episode 51

Si Yu calls Mei Ya and they meet a cafe. She asks if it weren’t for Ou Yang would they still be friends. Mei Ya replies that if that’s what Si Yu wants to talk about, she has other things to do and stands up to leave. Si Yu says this time has been difficult for her and she’s been thinking of their times in Paris. She says Ou Yang has his own reasons for breaking up with her and thinks it’s best to keep it from her.

She asks if Mei Ya has ever thought about who her father is and tells her about Ou Yang going to Thailand to find Ruo Nan. They did a DNA test and found that she and Mei Ya are Ou Chang Lin’s daughters. 

Mei Ya doesn’t believe it but Si Yu says that Mei Ya’s dad told Ou Chang Lin this the night they met. Ruo Nan is living at OY’s dad’s house; Mei Ya can confirm the truth with her. Si Yu says she thinks it’s unfair for Mei Ya not to know and that it would be pretty nice to have Ou Yang has a brother. Si Yu says she knows she hurt Mei Ya but asks if they can return to being best friends. Mei Ya leaves, and remembers how Ou Chang Lin looked at her after he spoke to her dad, and what Ou Yang said to her. 

Ruo Nan gets a call from Mei Ya, and she tells Mei Ya in Thailand. But Mei Ya is right outside of the Ou house watching her and knows she’s lying. 

Ruo Nan and her friend go to a club and he’s enthusiastic about taking advantage of their newfound wealth. Ruo Nan reminds him she sees him as a brother and not to get any ideas.

Mei Ya and Ou Yang meet in the roof, and he asks her how she found out. With a positive attitude, she says she knew he wasn’t that kind of person and at least they found out in time. Out of all the reasons Mei Ya wondered it could be, this is one she never imagined. She finally understands why he broke up with her so decisively. She tells them they can return to the way they were when they were strangers on the plane. She tells him of an imagined, alternate timeline for the two of them and then wishes him well and walks away.

~more flashbacks of their relationship highlights ok let’s get on with things please ~

Ou Yang enters his office to find Si Yu there, who says she just signed a contract with HR to become his secretary. (Um, what…) He asks her why she told Mei Ya the truth. She says that Mei Ya is an adult and had a right to know the truth so that she could accept her place and move on.

Ruo Nan and Zi Jie buy a car and this entire segment is basically an ad.

Mei Ya is working at the food stall with Tu Dou and says in a voiceover that after seeing Ou Yang’s tears that she understands now she needs to show him how she’s moving on with her life.

Wei Wei is gleefully testing Mei Ya’s dishes at her food stall. Chen Zhe comes to the food stall and asks to speak to Mei Ya privately. Mei Ya says they can speak there because there’s nothing between them that others can’t be a witness to, but moves to another table. Chen Zhe offers to help her find a new job but she declines. Li Dong arrives and joins Wei Wei in watching. Chen Ze asks why Wei Wei is there and if she’s bullying Mei Ya again. Mei Ya says if he came for an idle chat he should leave. He asks if they can return to the way they were before. Li Dong speaks up and tells him to get lost. Mei Ya replies, if I wasn’t Ou Chang Lin’s daughter would you still come look for me. She tells him he’s changed and asks him to leave. Li Dong’s face expresses his surprise that she knows.

After Chen Zhe leaves, Wei Wei asks Mei Ya if it’s true that she’s Ou Chang Lin’s daughter. Li Dong asks who told her and Mei Ya replies that it was Si Yu. Wei Wei rants about Chen Zhe. She says she admires Mei Ya for how she’s dealt with all these things that have happened. Wei Wei and Li Dong tell Mei Ya she still has them.

At her dad’s bedside Mei Ya tells her dad she finally understands. 


Thank goodness Mei Ya finally learns the truth so she can move on, but we all know Si Yu’s reasons for telling Mei Ya are selfish. She wants Mei Ya to accept her place and stop looking like the pitiful, hurt one in this situation. Becoming Ou Yang’s secretary is so bizarre though; instead of trying to replace Mei Ya she should just be herself…

Chen Zhe continues to be the worst. At one point I thought maybe he had some real feelings for Ou Rui but unfortunately all he cares about are his ambitions, and Ou Rui deserves better.

Also, what is Ruo Nan doing with her time? Now that she’s come into wealth and support, I wish she would pursue something for herself for the first time. As a character, she’s really underutilized and doesn’t form a relationship with anyone or really do anything.

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