To Be With You (2019): Episode 52-54 Recap

Mei Ya and Ruo Nan have a sisterly moment. Wei Wei is on a mission to sabotage Ou Yang and Si Yu. Many are scheming to have the Oushi chairman position handed over to Ou Rui. Ou Rui begins to question her relationship with Chen Zhe. Ou Yang secretly helps Mei Ya, causing Si Yu to resort to desperate measures.

A lot is building up…

Episode 52

Ou Chang Lin waits for Mei Ya outside of her dad’s hospital room, and says he heard from OY that she knows the truth. He apologizes and says he wants to give her everything he owes her, but Mei Ya says she has a dad and a good life. Ou Chang Lin says he wants to give them a better life. He can send her dad to a better hospital abroad. He’s also the one to break the news about her mom’s death.

Ou Yang’s mom drinks alone at the restaurant again, and Ou Rui’s dad meets her there. He’s shocked to hear that Ou Chang Lin has two daughters. Ou Yang’s mom tells him she wants to see Ou Rui take over the company. 

Mei Ya seeks out Ruo Nan to find out how her mom died. She apologizes, feeling responsible since Ruo Nan only encountered the criminals because of her. Ruo Nan asks Mei Ya to move in because she’s lonely in the house and could use a companion, but Mei Ya says she already has a family. Ruo Nan tells her not to be so stubborn and refusing money. This is the life they should have had all along. Mei Ya says she would rather respect her mother’s wishes. Ruo Nan tells Mei Ya she’s never gone through truly difficult times, so she doesn’t know what Ruo Nan and her mother went through. She and her mother never lived an easy day, but now she can have everything and it’s pretty great. They tell each other they’ll take care of each other from now on.

Chen Zhe sits at Mei Ya’s dad’s bedside telling him that he feels like he’s being punished, that he left Mei Ya to get ahead in life and done all these terrible things. ~ flashbacks to their good memories ~ He says he wishes Mei Ya’s dad would wake up because he doesn’t know who else he can talk to but he’s also afraid of him waking up.

After they leave the restaurant, Ou Rui’s dad calls Chen Zhe and questions him about why he didn’t tell him that something this big happened and informs him that Ou Rui’s mom is going to do everything she can to get Ou Rui the company.

Ruo Nan tells Ou Chang Lin about the money Li Dong loaned her and wanting to pay him back immediately, and he says he’ll give her the money.

Ou Yang goes home to see his dad. Ou Chang Lin noticed that his son hasn’t eaten with Ruo Nan even once since she’s moved in, and understands that it’s because she is identical to Mei Ya. Ou Yang asks his dad about a doctor that Mei Ya’s dad can see for treatment in America. Ou Chang Lin tells him Si Yu’s dad has invited them to dinner and asks him if he’s certain he wants to go forward with this. Ou Yang says he’s thought things through.

Ruo Nan dresses up in a dress and heels that she’s clearly not used to and meets Li Dong at his hotel. It is extremely awkward, as she first spits out coffee and then burps after a large gulp of sparkling water. She returns the money with interest, and he suggests that she have dinner with him and Mei Ya. She says she’s free right now but he meant in a couple days. She talks to herself not realizing she’s in front of the flimsy screen wall of Li Dong’s office and he can see her.

At Si Yu’s home, everyone looks happy about the engagement except for Ou Yang.

Meanwhile, Ruo Nan is drinking at the club and cringing at the memory of her actions in front of Li Dong. Zi Jie comes to join her but she says she wants to be alone. He asks if Li Dong rejected her.

Episode 53

Ruo Nan asks Zi Jie to follow Li Dong and report back to her about him. Offended, he leaves but then turns back and agrees, unable to deny her anything.

Si Yu walks Ou Yang out after the dinner and says she knows he’s been pretending to smile. She says she doesn’t mind because she knows Mei Ya’s place in his heart is only temporary.

Li Dong tells Mei Ya about the doctor in America. He says he’ll pay for it and anticipating her response, says she can repay him later on. He says he’ll even go with her. She feels like she’ll never be able to repay him but he says he’s no doing these things to win her over, he truly wants to help her and for her to be happy.

At the breakfast table, Wei Wei is on her phone looking for social media updates about Ou Yang and Si Yu. She tells her parents her brother has confessed his feelings to Mei Ya. Her mom can’t believe Ou Chang Lin is her father. Her dad warns that if the news comes out about his daughters, it’ll be bad for Ou Chang Lin’s company. Just then Wei Wei reads that Ou Yang and Si Yu announced their wedding and booked a venue already. She says she will not let Si Yu win and runs off.

Ou Yang’s mom signs her shares over to her brother. Her brother says the agreement with Si Yu’s family company is good news for them and wonders why she’s so adamant about it being Ou Rui when Ou Yang is her son, too. She says that once things fall apart between her and Ou Chang Lin, he won’t care about Ou Rui anymore so she has to protect her. Ou Yang’s mom departs and calls Chen Zhe to inform him that she’s done her part.

Chen Zhe returns to his office to find Ou Rui waiting. She’s seen a document on his computer and asks him what he’s trying to do. He says he was following her mom’s plan and tells her about the shares being transferred to her uncle. She asks if he wants her to be chairman that badly. She tells him not to use her like a chess piece. He says he’s doing it for her and her child, but she replies that it’s because of her child she can’t let him do this. She can’t be with someone who has no bottom line. She tells him to stop or face the consequences.

Ou Yang sees Mei Ya’s update about saying goodbye to her home and calls Yi Long to look into if Mei Ya is selling her home. Si Yu overhears and looks unhappy. Meanwhile, Zi Jie waits in Li Dong’s hotel’s lobby, since he agreed to follow him for Ruo Nan.

Wei Wei comes to Ou Yang’s office to bring him lunch and bickers with Si Yu. She tells Ou Yang she’s here to save him and that he can marry anyone except Si Yu. Ou Yang gets a call from Yi Long and says he’ll head over immediately, taking Si Yu with him.

Ou Yang calls Li Dong and asks if he’s told Mei Ya about the doctor. At the realtor’s office, Ou Yang arranges to buy Mei Ya’s home. The realtor asks if he’s buying it for his girlfriend, which is an uncomfortable moment for Ou Yang and Si Yu. Afterwards, Ou Yang meets Li Dong at the gym and they train together while Si Yu waits unhappily. 

Wei Wei arrives at the gym and stumbles across Zi Jie. She asks him what he’s doing there. Zi Jie asks if Li Dong frequently goes there so Wei Wei guesses that Ruo Nan likes her brother. He’s shocked that she figured it out. Wei Wei is gleeful and says she admires him for following someone for the person he likes. She tells him some good news, her brother has liked someone for years so Ruo Nan has no chance.

Li Dong and Ou Yang take a walk outside and discuss Mei Ya selling her home in order to pay for the trip to America. Ou Yang asks Li Dong not to tell Mei Ya he’s the one who bought her house. Li Dong tells Ou Yang he’s going to America with Mei Ya. 

Wei Wei enters the gym and approaches Si Yu, remarking that staying beside someone who doesn’t like her must be painful. They get into a physical fight and are on the ground when Li Dong and Ou Yang return and pull them apart. Wei Wei goes to her car and Zi Jie approaches her again for a ride. He notices her hair’s a mess now and asks if she fought Si Yu in there.

Ou Yang tells Si Yu not to argue with Wei Wei since she’s just immature. Si Yu asks if Ou Yang if he’s going to keep doing things for Mei Ya. She asks if he’s ever going to be able to say anything aside from ‘I’m sorry’.

Episode 54

Si Yu says it’s painful knowing he doesn’t like her and is doing things for his sister. He apologizes again and she yells at him not to apologize anymore. She says she’s his fiancée and they’re about to get married, and begs him not to let her live in Mei Ya’s shadow for the rest of her life.

Wei Wei treats Zi Jie to dinner at her family’s restaurant. They see Li Dong helping out at Mei Ya’s food stall, Zi Jie asks if the person Li Dong likes is Mei Ya. He says if Wei Wei tells him, he’ll help with Ou Yang since he lives in the Ou house. Wei Wei realizes this is a difficult situation because if they tell Ruo Nan it’ll cause a rift in the sisters’ relationship but if they don’t tell her, she’ll sink even deeper into her crush. Wei Wei asks Zi Jie to keep an eye on Ou Yang and Si Yu, and she’ll keep an eye on Li Dong.

Ou Yang has passed out drunk and Si Yu tells the driver to take them to a hotel. Ou Yang wakes up in the morning confused about where he is. Si Yu comes out from the bathroom.  He asks if anything happened between them and she says if he forgot she’ll remind him: he has to take responsibility for her. Si Yu flashes back to a memory of the previous night, when she was about to kiss him he called out Mei Ya’s name and asked her not to leave him. 

Chen Zhe paces in his office and then calls Ou Rui but she declines it. He leaves her a message saying he knows he went too far and asks if they can meet. She flashes back to a message she received from Li Dong about how Chen Zhe went to find Mei Ya after finding out she was Ou Chang Lin’s daughter.

Ou Rui gets into an argument with Ruo Nan about the volume of her music. Ou Chang Lin comes and asks to speak to Ou Rui. He asks Ou Rui if she fought with Chen Zhe since she hadn’t come home in a while. He tells Ou Rui to give Ruo Nan some time to adjust. Ou Rui asks if she shouldn’t come home and just give up her place for Ruo Nan. She asks if Ou Chang Lin considered her mom’s feelings about Ruo Nan living here. She says she understands that he feels like he owes them for 20 years but that those beside him for all these years haven’t felt his love either.

Chen Zhe sits in his office, his knee bouncing as he looks at a document. He remembers his last argument with Ou Rui. Ou Rui’s dad calls him asking why he hasn’t released the info and tells him to hurry up.

Zi Jie informs Wei Wei that Ou Yang didn’t come home last night. She sees Si Yu’s social media update about waking up with Ou Yang. It must include her location, because Wei Wei finds the restaurant where Ou Yang and Si Yu are eating lunch and joins them. Wei Wei refuses to leave so Ou Yang and Si Yu leave, but Wei Wei continues to follow them to the movie theater.

Mei Ya calls the realtor to sell the house and is told there’s already a buyer so she heads over and signs the papers.

Mei Ya sits at her dad’s bedside telling him their plans to go to America for his treatment. Chen Zhe lurks outside the room watching. She turns to the window and sees him. She asks if he’s here to see her father, and Chen Zhe asks if she’s taking her dad to America and when they’re leaving.

Mei Ya goes to the pawn shop and retrieves the necklace her aunt pawned. Returning home, she packs up her things and Li Dong stops by. She tells him she sold her home because she felt bad about owing him so much. Li Dong offers to hire a moving company to help. 


Mei Ya constantly trying to pay back Li Dong drives me crazy. She always has to harp on that. As for Ou Yang, rushing into marriage is an awful idea. I understand he wants to give it a try and attempt to move on, but they could just DATE. And from the moment they started drinking together, I knew what she was going to do.

I’ve always thought that Mei Ya or Ou Yang isn’t Ou Chang Lin’s child and it seems like it’s going to be Ou Yang so I’m just waiting for this to be revealed, and the sooner the better so we can finally get rid of Si Yu.

Although Ou Yang’s mom explained why she’s so adamant about supporting Ou Rui for the chairman position, I still feel like it overlooks Ou Yang. It’s not like he’s going to be unkind towards his own sister. Does his mom have that little faith in him?

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