To Be With You (2019): Episode 55-57 Recap

Chen Zhe’s actions escalate as the shareholder meeting nears. Ou Rui learns the truth about her father and makes a choice. Ou Chang Lin announces his successor. Meanwhile, Zi Jie shows Ruo Nan the truth.

These episodes focus heavily on Chen Zhe and Ou Rui and there’s barely any Ou Yang and Si Yu.

Episode 55

Li Dong asks Mei Ya if he can treat her to a meal.

Wei Wei shows up in the theater Ou Yang and Si Yu are in and buys the seats of the couple behind them by telling the couple she needs this opportunity to pursue her love. (lol.) Wei Wei leans over in between Ou Yang and Si Yu and offers them snacks and drinks from her bag while they look annoyed.

Zi Jie takes Ruo Nan to Li Dong’s restaurant and reports to her about Li Dong. He steps outside to call Wei Wei, saying he couldn’t tell Ruo Nan and wants her to just see for herself. He asks if Li Dong and Mei Ya are going to the food stall, and while Wei Wei calls her brother to confirm, Ou Yang and Si Yu take advantage of the distraction and leave.

Once Mei Ya and Li Dong arrive across the street, Zi Jie shows Ruo Nan but she doesn’t want to believe him. She drinks and he tells her she hasn’t fallen too deep she can walk out of this.

She runs out of the restaurant and goes to Li Dong and Mei Ya’s table, with Zi Jie trailing behind her. Ruo Nan says that as Mei Ya’s sister, she has to ask, is Li Dong in love with her sister. Li Dong says with zero embarrassment that he is but so far it’s one-sided. Ruo Nan says if Mei Ya really married Li Dong then she won’t have to worry about her. Ruo Nan and Zi Jie leave and Li Dong turns to tell Mei Ya her sister is so different from her.

Ou Rei declines Chen Zhe’s call again, thinking about her parents’ warnings about him. Chen Zhe waits in the parking garage for Ou Rui and follows her to her apartment, waiting until she has the door open to convince her to let him in. She gives up and lets him in, and he claims her mom made him do these things to fight against her dad. Ou Rui opens up an empty suitcase and says she’s moving back to her parents’ house. He tries to convince her to fight for the chairman position, escalating into yelling. She tells him she loved him and thought she could rely on him but she realizes she was wrong and doesn’t understand him at all. She breaks up with him, saying she’ll take care of the baby herself. He grabs her and begs her, arguing that the baby needs a father but she doesn’t change her mind.

Enraged, Chen Zhe follows Ou Rui and becomes cruel, saying he gave up Mei Ya for her. Their fight becomes physical and Ou Rui fights him off and tries to run away but he shoves her hard into the ground.

Ruo Nan and Zi Jie drink together. He says he admires her for letting her sister have Li Dong. She says Mei Ya has been through a lot, having fallen in love with her brother. Zi Jie says he loves her even more for being able to put her sister first.

At the hospital, Ou Rui finds out she lost the baby. Chen Zhe sits outside the room nervously as Ou Rui’s parents arrive. Ou Chang Lin asks him how this is taking care of his daughter and he replies that it was an accident. Her parents enter and Ou Chang Lin asks what happened. Ou Rui says it was an accident, too. Her dad says if Chen Zhe wronged her then he will punish him for her. Then he gets an urgent call. Ou Rui tells her parents to go home and they leave without saying a word to Chen Zhe. He realizes Ou Rui must not have told them what happened, and walks into the hospital room to ask Ou Rui. She says she didn’t say anything because her pride has been shattered and she didn’t want them to know the relationship she had defended wasn’t worth it. She tells him to leave. 

At home, Ou Chang Lin is shown some leaked reports. He asks his lawyer if the papers he’s prepared are ready since the shareholders meeting is approaching.

Mei Ya and Tu Dou go to the fish market to give her contacts a heads up about her upcoming absence.

At the hospital, Ou Rui sees the leaked news on her phone. Chen Zhe arrives and says she didn’t tell her parents so they could part amicably but she was wrong. Chen Zhe doesn’t know what she means and she shows him the news. He shows her that the timestamp was during their argument, but there is something he’s been hiding from her. He wants to bring her to meet someone.

While unpacking vegetables, Mei You tells Tu Dou she doesn’t know when she’ll be back but she’s entrusting him with the food stall.

Episode 56

Chen Zhe takes Ou Rui to her dad’s convenience store. Flashback to Chen Zhe talking to Ou Rui’s mom about Ou Rui’s dad leaking the news. It’s Chen Zhe’s idea to have Ou Rui meet her dad because he’s the one left who can convince her to fight for the chairman position. 

It’s a dramatic moment as Ou Rui walks into the store and watches her dad tearfully.

Meanwhile, Ou Rui’s mom meets with her brother. Her brother accuses her of knowing this news would come out so she gave him the stock that has now lost value. She reassures him that she’ll repay him in the future. 

Ou Rui and her dad sit down. She asks him what happened since her mom said he had died, why is he appearing now and why didn’t he look for her before? The day of his alleged car accident was her birthday so she hasn’t celebrated her birthday since then. Her dad tearfully apologizes and tells her not to blame her mom. Only thinking of Ou Rui carried him through the past 20 years. She asks why he was in jail and he says because of tax evasion he was reported by a friend: Ou Chang Lin.

Ou Chang Lin is about to sign a resignation letter when Ou Yang comes and asks what’s going on. Outside the boardroom, Ou Rui’s mom and her brother overhear shareholders talking about losing faith in Ou Chang Lin’s leadership.

Ou Rui’s dad tells her that her mom secretly married him because her parents wouldn’t accept him unless he had a successful business. He and Ou Chang Lin started a company. but the year she was born they had disagreements about the direction of the company. Her dad left and after two years his company was doing well but the marriage was falling apart. Ou Chang Lin’s company was about to go broke when Ou Rui’s dad’s company was investigated. Ou Rui’s dad admits he had done some shady things, but doesn’t believe that Ou Chang Lin’s hands were clean. Ou Rui remembers Chen Zhe reporting what he discovered in the finances. She asks if he leaked the info and if Chen Zhe was helping him. Ou Rui’s dad is just repaying Ou Chang Lin and at this critical time she needs to step up and take over Oushi. Ou Chang Lin wouldn’t have his successful company if he hadn’t betrayed Ou Rui’s dad. Ou Rui’s dad asks his daughter to listen to him, calling Ou Chang Lin their biggest enemy. 

Ou Yang and Ou Chang Lin arrive at the shareholder meeting. Ou Rui’s uncle gets straight to it and asks Ou Chang Lin to explain the tax issues that were reported. Ou Chang Lin replies, that’s the primary purpose of this meeting. The news on the web is true. 

Chen Zhe drives Ou Rui to the shareholder meeting, reminding her that it’s all Ou Chang Lin’s fault that her dad wasn’t able to see her for 20 years and this is what OCL deserves. She doesn’t say anything.

As OCL explains himself, Ou Rui arrives at the meeting with Chen Zhe. Basically, he invested his own money in the company and already paid the taxes he owed. His brother-in-law says he’s still caused the company to lose so much money, which leads to OCL’s second announcement. He informs everyone that he has cancer and must step down from the company. He announces that the chairman position is being given to Ou Rui and smiles happily while everyone else except Ou Yang is shocked. Ou Rui stands and thanks everyone for their support but declines, admitting she had knowledge of the tax issue. OCL says it had nothing to do with her but she says she doesn’t have the right to take the position when there’s someone more suitable, Ou Yang. She’ll remain at the company to help him. 

A flashback reveals that Chen Zhe met with OCL’s brother-in-law three days ago to convince him to oppose if Ou Rui declines the chairman position. The brother-in-law asks Chen Zhe what he gets out of this, and Chen Zhe admits that he wants the chairman position, and if he gets it he’ll be loyal to the brother-in-law. OCL’s brother-in-law stands up at the meeting and reveals that Ou Yang and Mei Ya are brother and sister. He also shares that Mei Ya’s twin sister has done time in jail, and all this will reflect poorly on the company if Ou Yang becomes chairman.

Ou Rui realizes this is Chen Zhe’s doing and gives a lovely speech about how they one family and should respect and appreciate each other, winning the shareholders back onto her side. She tells everyone they’ve seen Ou Yang’s growth since entering the company and he’s the right person for the job.

Meanwhile, Wei Wei tells Mei Ya not to worry about their furniture and shares what happened at the movie theater. Mei Ya tells her not to do this kind of thing again. 

Episode 57

Li Dong arrives just in time to overhear Mei Ya telling Wei Wei she’s going to focus her efforts on her brother, hoping that one day she’ll fall for him. It wouldn’t be fair to him if she agreed but didn’t love him. Wei Wei replies, there’s no hurry and she won’t bother Ou Yang and Si Yu anymore. Li Dong approaches, pretending he just arrived. Mei Ya gives her home one more look before they leave.

Chen Zhe returns to his office to find HR and security waiting for him, telling him to clear out his office. Instead, he heads to Ou Rui’s office and says his contract isn’t over. She says he leaked confidential company info and schemed with shareholders, and she doesn’t want any of the belongings she left at his apartment either. Chen Zhe changes tactics and gets on his knees and apologizes. He struggles with words, asking for another chance and says he’ll never do anything like this again. She replies that he lied to her and used her for his ambitions, and she should have realized what kind of person he was when he broke up with Mei Ya so easily. Chen Zhe becomes angry, claiming he did it all for her. Ou Rui reveals that she knows he went to Mei Ya after finding out Ou Chang Lin is her father, and Chen Zhe leaves her office angrily.

Mei Ya and Li Dong move her things into his friend’s home and she’s surprised by how nice it is for the price. He says he knew she wouldn’t agree to the price so he negotiated a higher price for her. (LOL.)

Ruo Nan and Zi Jie are working out and he’s about to pass out. She asks for the address of Li Dong’s gym, saying she’s been looking for somewhere to train.

Chen Zhe collects his things from the front desk. He sees Ou Rui’s uncle in the lobby and chases after him. Chen Zhe asks for a job at his company but the uncle says no company will want someone like him.

Mei Ya, Wei Wei, and Li Dong eat at the food stall. Li Dong puts his hand on Mei Ya’s and Wei Wei smiles happily. Zi Jie seeks out Mei Ya to talk to her privately. He knows Ruo Nan will yell at him if she finds out, but he’s known Ruo Nan so long and never seen her like anyone but she fell for Li Dong at first sight. When he showed Ruo Nan that Li Dong liked Mei Ya, he thought she’d fight Mei Ya for him but she wished them well. Ruo Nan’s life was just as difficult as Mei Ya’s so he asks her to let Ruo Nan have Li Dong. She says she knows what she needs to do.

Mei Ya returns to the table and Li Dong gets a call. He informs them that Ou Yang was announced as the new chairman of the company and invitations were sent out for his wedding with Si Yu in a week. 

Ou Rui and her mom sit with Ou Chang Lin and they reconcile as Ou Yang and Ruo Nan listen from upstairs. Ou Rui tells her parents she met her dad before the meeting and knows about what happened. OCL says he’s sorry to him, his wife, and their daughter. Ou Rui says she hates that he broke up her family but knows her dad has made bad choices as well. She’s seen what he’s done for revenge and had to end the cycle. She’s learned to appreciate family and reaches for her mom’s hand—they can both move forward and live happily. Ou Rui says from now on she’ll treat Mei Ya and Ruo Nan as her sisters and hopes her mom will do the same.

Mei Ya and Wei Wei eat breakfast together, and Wei Wei senses that something’s bothering Mei Ya. She figures it must be what Zi Jie said and asks Mei Ya about it but Mei Ya claims it’s just nerves about leaving for America.

At the Ou house, Ruo Nan tells her dad she overheard the conversation yesterday. OCL tells her to consider his wife her mom and Ou Rui as her sister. She says she heard he’s sick, and he says he finally understands that friends and family are what’s most important. Wherever he wants to go or do, Ruo Nan wants to accompany him.

Wei Wei seeks out Zi Jie and asks him what he said to Mei Ya. He initially lies, but she gets the truth out of him and yells at him for getting between Mei Ya and Li Dong.

First of all, it’s not a competition between Mei Ya and Ruo Nan—the one with the most pitiful life doesn’t just get Li Dong as a prize. Zi Jie is so out of line with his words. I’m impressed by how observant Wei Wei is these days though.

The shareholders scene exceeded my expectations, and I’m so glad OCL chose Ou Rui. He has valued her all along. I have so much respect for Ou Rui for not falling into the cycle of revenge. After everything that’s happened, I wouldn’t necessarily blame her if she became angry and bitter but it’s refreshing to see someone make a rational choice and move forward. I would love to see Ou Rui and Ou Yang mend their broken relationship as well.

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