To Be With You (2019): Episode 58-60 Recap

A lot of reconciliations in these episodes! Mei Ya prepares to leave for America. Li Dong clears things up with Mei Ya and Ruo Nan. Ruo Nan gets into some trouble, and Ou Yang and Si Yu’s wedding day arrives.

There are only five episodes after this!

Episode 58

Wei Wei tells Zi Jie if he wants Ruo Nan to be happy, then help her find someone who loves her. She wants to speak to Ruo Nan but Zi Jie blocks her efforts.

Ruo Nan trains at Li Dong’s gym and Mei Ya comes to speak to her. She tells Ruo Nan she doesn’t have feelings for Li Dong and won’t let him accompany her to America. 

After leaving the gym, Mei Ya meets Li Dong at his hotel. She tells him she’s thought it over and wants to go to America with her dad alone, saying that the company and Wei Wei need him more. Surprised by the sudden change of heart, he asks if something happened. She thanks him for everything he’s done and has one request for him, to help take care of her sister. He says he understands and won’t deny her any wish. She also wants the contact info for the debt collector so she can repay the debt for her aunt. Her aunt’s number has been disconnected and she can’t get in touch with her.

Li Dong takes Mei Ya to see her aunt completing training to be a security officer at Oushi. Her aunt apologizes to her and says she was too ashamed to see her. Li Dong’s security team was full so he asked Ou Yang to get her this job. Mei Ya’s aunt plans to divorce her husband so he can be happier, and she can’t believe Mei Ya is still willing to help her pay off her debt. Mei Ya asks her aunt to work at the food stall, but her aunt says she feels better staying at Oushi where people are keeping an eye on her so she won’t be tempted to go back to her old ways. Mei Ya tells her aunt she’s taking her dad to America and doesn’t know when she’s returning.

Li Dong visits Ou Yang in his office, telling him he stopped by to bring Mei Ya to see her aunt. He asks why he hasn’t seen Si Yu and Ou Yang replies that she’s preparing for the wedding. (This friendship has become so awkward.)

Li Dong tells Mei Ya he didn’t tell her about her aunt because he didn’t want her to worry. He tells her that her persistence in immediately paying him back makes him unhappy. 

Ou Yang stands outside the company building waiting for his driver and runs into Ou Rui. She asks if he hates her for the way she treated him in the past and asks how he feels about his upcoming wedding. They wish each other happiness. He asks if she wants to go home together. (Aww.)

Chen Zhe goes to the food stall and Tu Dou serves him, but not happily, saying he should be sick of these dishes already. As he eats, Chen Zhe thinks back to happy moments with Mei Ya and her dad and cries. (Ok enough of this, no one has any sympathy for him at this point. Also, I know I caught an unflattering moment in the screenshot but whatever. He deserves it.)

Li Dong is thinking about Mei Ya’s words, causing Wei Wei to ask why he looks so sad. He tells her that Mei Ya wants to go to America alone and will pay back the money ASAP. Wei Wei asks if she mentioned Ruo Nan and says she knew it. Wei Wei tells him to go to America and she’ll take care of Ruo Nan. She asks him for Ruo Nan’s number but Zi Jie picks up and then blocks her number on Ruo Nan’s phone.

Mei Ya looks at the necklace Ou Yang gave her and thinks back to when Si Yu gave her the suitcase and when Ou Yang gave Si Yu the necklace.  Meanwhile, Ruo Nan trains at the gym and Li Dong shows up. 

Si Yu is looking at wedding dresses when she gets a call from Mei Ya asking to meet. Mei Ya comes to the dress store with the suitcase. Si Yu is in the middle of trying on her wedding dress and asks Mei Ya to wait. The store attendant suggests she send a photo to her fiance so she asks Mei Ya to help take a photo for her. Mei Ya picks up her phone and sees the background photo of Si Yu and Ou Yang. (What a knife to the heart.)

Episode 59

Si Yu sends Ou Yang a message asking what he thinks about her dress, and then asks Mei Ya as well.

Wei Wei shows up at Ou Yang’s office to discuss something with him. She fills him in on Zi Jie asking Mei Ya to let Ruo Nan have Li Dong, and that she’s worried about Mei Ya. She tells Ou Yang he should look out for his sister and find someone else among his friends for Ruo Nan. If he helps her, Wei Wei will stop trying to get between him and Si Yu. After she leaves, Ou Yang zooms in on the photo from Si Yu and sees in the mirror’s reflection that Mei Ya took the photo. 

Si Yu finally sits down by Mei Ya and asks why she wanted to meet. Mei Ya says she’s returning the suitcase, but Si Yu says when she gave Mei Ya the suitcase she had already said the suitcase wasn’t right for her. Mei Ya explains that the suitcase is the reason she met Ou Yang so she’s returning to Si Yu what’s rightfully hers. She also returns the necklace, saying Ou Yang only gave it to her in the first place to make Wei Wei angry. She wishes Si Yu happiness and says she’s grateful for her friendship in Paris. Si Yu asks if Mei Ya will attend her wedding and Mei Ya says no.

Ruo Nan finishes training and sits with Li Dong. He says he wanted to ask her to a meal in the past but hasn’t had time until now. They sit at a large table at opposite ends. He informs Ruo Nan that Mei Ya all of a sudden decided she didn’t want him to go with her and deliberately distanced herself from him. He point blank asks Ruo Nan if she likes him, and she admits she has from the moment they met. Li Dong asks if Zi Jie knows this, and when she says yes, he explains that he understands now that Zi Jie must’ve told Mei Ya. Mei Ya asked him to take care of her and told him Ruo Nan was training in his gym. Ruo Nan thinks back to her conversation with Mei Ya, understanding now. He thanks her but apologizes, the person he likes is Mei Ya and that won’t change unless she marries someone else. He’s willing to wait for her, and Ruo Nan says her heart won’t change either. Li Dong says he won’t give her any hope. To him, she’s Mei Ya’s sister and he hopes she finds someone right for her.

Si Yu goes to see Ou Yang after her dress fitting. He asks if she went alone and she says she did since he was too busy to come. She says in the future no matter where they go they’ll go together. 

Chen Zhe interviews for a job at another company that’s below his previous position. It goes well until someone comes to speak to the interview and he’s rejected immediately afterwards. Chen Zhe gets drunk in his apartment and leaves a message for Ou Rui saying he won’t let her get away with it.

Ou Chang Lin comes to the food stall and smiles as he watches Mei Ya taking an order. He comes clean about his actions in the past and how he wronged her mother. He says he’s the reason her mom became mentally ill. He admits he was wrong and asks for her forgiveness. 

Ruo Nan drinks away her pain at the club. She beats up a few creepers who approach her at the club and she and Zi Jie end up being taken to the police station. The police bring in the three guys Ruo Nan beat up as well. The police ask her to call her family but she says she has no family and gets taken away.

Ruo Nan asks Zi Jie if he went to speak to Mei Ya. He denies it initially but eventually confesses. She says she already wished Mei Ya and Li Dong happiness, and Zi Jie’s actions only make her unhappier. 

At the Ou home, Ou Rui’s mom asks OCL if her outfit is ok for the funeral. He’s surprised she is willing to go. She tells him not to punish himself anymore. He apologizes to her, and she says she made her own choices. He sits next to her and holds her hand. 

In the morning, OCL wonders where Ruo Nan and Zi Jie are and Ou Rui says the two of them didn’t return last night. (Why is no one more concerned about this?)

Episode 60

Ruo Nan wakes up at the police station, sees the time and wakes up Zi Jie. ZJ suggests calling her dad but she says it’s probably already too late to make it to the burial. He’s worried about what’ll happen to them if they don’t sort this out.

Ou Yang and his family attend the burial together. Mei Ya arrives and wonders where Ruo Nan is. The others leave first so that OCL and Mei Ya can speak alone. OCL tearfully expresses his regret to her mother.

Afterwards, Mei Ya runs into Ou Yang. They exchange half-smiles silently before Mei Ya walks away.

Wei Wei goes to Li Dong’s office. It’s her first day of work as assistant director. She asks why he seems out of sorts and he says the burial was today but Mei Ya wanted to go alone. Wei Wei tells him there’s something she’s been keeping from him: Ruo Nan likes him. Li Dong says he knows and told Ruo Nan he’s always liked Mei Ya and always will. He says he’ll go to America with Mei Ya and leave things at the company to Wei Wei, and Wei Wei is gleeful to hear this.

Li Dong meets with Mei Ya and tells her he knows she’s distancing herself and he knows why. He says, very firmly, Ruo Nan is an adult and doesn’t need his care. He plans to go to America with her and the one he likes is her. Even if in the end she doesn’t accept him he thinks it’s worth it. Until she meets someone else, he won’t leave.

Ou Yang sits in his office in his house and OCL comes in. Ou Yang asks his father if he’s worried about Ruo Nan but he says he has Yi Long looking for her already. The one he’s worried about is Ou Yang. If Ou Yang doesn’t want to get married, he will go to Si Yu’s home tomorrow and call off the wedding. Ou Yang says he’s not just thinking of himself, he has to think of the company. Since he’s made this choice he’ll work hard to be good to Si Yu. OCL gets a call about Ruo Nan being at the police station. Ou Yang offers to go with him but OCL declines.

Zi Jie apologizes to Ruo Nan for talking to Mei Ya but tries again to convince Ruo Nan to get things sorted out so they can leave. A police officer comes to tell them they can leave, and Zi Jie says it wasn’t him.

They walk out with OCL who is in a tux. Meanwhile, at the Ou home, Ou Rui tells Ou Yang that their dad was at the police station all night sorting things out for Ruo Nan. 

Ruo Nan apologizes for causing OCL to worry and acting without thinking of others. He says he doesn’t care what happened but she shouldn’t say she doesn’t have any family. She’s a member of the Ou family. OCL asks Ruo Nan what happened but she says it was nothing, but Zi Jie chimes in that she was heartbroken. Ruo Nan asks where they’re going and OCL replies that they’re going straight to the wedding. She says she won’t go but he says it’s an important day for her brother and as his sister she should be there. Ruo Nan really doesn’t want to go, and OCL guesses that she likes Li Dong, because she brought him up last time. He reminds her, love can’t be forced and when you try to force it, you’ll only bring yourself unhappiness. All of a sudden their car is hit by a truck and OCL leans over to protect Ruo Nan. 

Ou Yang doesn’t look happy at his wedding. Just as the ceremony begins, Ou Yang receives a phone call. He informs Si Yu his dad was in a car accident and needs to leave. He tells his mom and sister and they run out. Si Yu follows. 

OCL, Ruo Nan and Zi Jie are rushed to the hospital. Mei Ya is also at the hospital, at her dad’s bedside, crying after seeing Si Yu’s post about the wedding. Wei Wei and Li Dong arrive. Mei Ya thought they were going to meet at the airport, but Wei Wei says she wanted to make sure Mei Ya didn’t change her mind. After Li Dong leaves to check on things, Wei Wei says she can tell Mei Ya’s been crying and tells her they didn’t go to the wedding out of loyalty to her. 

Ou Yang and family wait outside the operating room. Zi Jie suffered minor injuries, Ruo Nan’s injuries were serious but she’s stable, but as for OCL, the doctor asks them to prepare for the worst. OCL needs a kidney so Ou Yang offers his and goes to get tested. 

Ou Yang’s mom tells him that he needs to consider his own health since OCL is already in poor health. Ou Yang says even if it gives his father only one more day it’s worth it. However, the doctor say Ou Yang’s blood type isn’t a match. Ruo Nan’s is but she’s not in a condition to donate. Ou Yang’s mom is wondering what to do when Si Yu says there’s another person: Mei Ya.

Mei Ya, Li Dong, Wei Wei and her dad (in an ambulance) head to the airport. At the airport Mei Ya declines Ou Yang’s call, and when Wei Wei asks why, Mei Ya says she’s made her decision and doesn’t want anything to affect her. Si Yu and Ou Yang rush to the airport to try to catch Mei Ya before she leaves. Ou Yang calls Li Dong and Wei Wei tells him not to pick up, but Li Dong says what if something happened. He walks off to take the call and Ou Yang updates him about his dad and the kidney transplant. He asks them to wait for him.

Li Dong returns and tells Mei Ya to see someone before deciding whether or not to leave. Ou Yang runs through the airport yelling Mei Ya’s name. He tells her what happened and that he’s not a match and although he knows she wants nothing to do with the Ou family, he has no choice but to ask her. 

My Thoughts
OCL has really changed, going around making peace with everyone. I liked his conversation with Ruo Nan; she’s never had a father figure and in this moment OCL does a great job of being understanding and caring. I know some thought Mei Ya returning the suitcase and necklace was petty but I think for her, it’s closure and it’s symbolic, returning things to the way they should have been all along. Ou Yang’s looked depressed for several episodes and it looks like with this blood test, things might turn around for him.

I appreciate how clear Li Dong is with both Ruo Nan and Mei Ya and he’s absolutely right. He makes his feelings for Mei Ya clear with Ruo Nan, and he wants Mei Ya to know he’s not giving up. What drives me crazy is that during the airport scene, the show makes it feel like Mei Ya is making a choice between Ou Yang and Li Dong, but she’s not. The choice is whether she wants to try to save her biological father’s life.

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